Air Magic

Air Element

The Magic of Air is one of the four Elements found in nature. Air is linked with chaos and uncertainty in this world. The uncertainty originates from the inability to determine an object's state. The uncertainty exists until the measurements of the state are made, in the future time until the present. The Schrodinger's cat either exists or not until the moment of opening the box and looking into it (taking measurement). The uncertainty then disappears in the present time, when a particular event from being future becomes current and actual. Thus, Air Magic is the Magic of the coming time; the work is carried out in the world of uncertainty.

There is a certain degree of chaos in this world called Primary chaos, which is not related to the events or objects in this world. When the physical world is viewed as a product of the Primary Realms, the Primary chaos is inherited. It's an uncertainty of a world that is perceived as an illusion in the Primary Realms.

Human nature is to seek certainty, something predictable, steady, and genuine. People want a meaningful and stable life, stable income, dependable friends, stable government, etc. All this refers to the Earth Element, which represents the material, physical side of the world, the echo of the Primary Realm. The Air Element is the exact opposite of that.

Mind tendencies

But it is also in human nature to be inclined to chaos, the entropy growth. For example, in the human organism, aging exists from the very moment of birth. Any process within the body is carried out with a certain degree of error, an error in cell reproduction, in nerve signals, incomplete chemical reactions, and so on. Excessive chaos in the body leads to premature aging and death. Air element increases the time of events or processes for the outside world, so it leads to "living faster". Human conduct is also sizably chaotic; they are inclined to break the rules, make a mess, be lazy, and daydream.

People with Air in their conscious tend to fall into fantasies, thoughts of the Future, new ideas, and plans. Planning and modeling future events or objects are examples of work done with the Air element, and it's inherently chaotic because of the chaotic nature of the thought process and the uncertainty of whether thoughts should come into reality. Modeling reality is not reality itself but rather a changed image in the lower energy density. When modeling, a human mind becomes dissonant with the natural world and deepens into the created reality. In theory, anything is possible, any event has some nonzero degree of probability, and that is the connection with the real world that exists in the "here-and-now." Chaos in the conscious leads to distraction, absentmindedness, and lack of concentration. Thus, socially these Airy people are in the least favorable position because, to people, it's the actual work that has value, not the imaginary.

With modern innovations of the internet and easy access to any kind of information, chaos has grown in the consciousness of many people. People are constantly bombarded with bits of information from websites, social networks, mass media, and other sources. When people have to deal with low-quality information, human attention is defocused, and so is productivity of people. This phenomenon balances the positive benefits of internet technologies, as the world became interconnected, with more bonds and links. The earth element is balanced with Air, as everything in existence strives for balance and a low energy state.

Where to start

The starting point to Magic of Air is a state of feeling lost, absentminded and lacking focus. Magi of Air element are engaged in various manipulations of future events. They are fully immersed in future events with their sea of consciousness. Any object has some Future. It may be specific or not so certain. With some errors, it's possible to predict the future state or even change it. If there's a successful businessman in the present time, one can make quite an accurate assumption that he will continue being successful tomorrow. But if it's a 10-year forecast, there is high uncertainty in the answer; maybe his business will become irrelevant and obsolete in the first five years. So the further point of prediction is from the present, the harder it is to make a prediction, and it requires greater mastery of the Air element. On the other hand, it is easier to change an object's distant Future than the near Future because of the object's inertia. For example, it's impossible to boil a kettle of water 10 seconds from the start because water cannot instantly absorb energy; some time must pass.

Anyhow, Air Mages are not specialists in probability theory but practicing clairvoyants and making adjustments to the Future. An ordinary person can make a prediction based on analysis, historical data, and logic; however, in the Future, logic is very limited by probability theory that tells "it's either this or this," which is a meaningless answer.

Mages use their clairvoyance, energy vision abilities, and intuition to obtain valuable results. Remember that intuition is the animal way of thinking, and they use it far better than humans. For example, animals flee or enter a dormant state before cataclysmic events. Then there are many financial gurus working with a futures market and Forex. They make their forecasts about the economy with a clever look on their faces, and they constantly change their estimates with the same regard. Or it's the meteorologists with their complicated math who make useless monthly forecasts.

There are many ways to predict the Future, like divination using a Tarot deck, fortune telling with coffee, crystal gazing, Wu Xing, dice rolling, and so on. These are just visualization systems for the conscious; the first requirement is to have a developed and fluid mind that may exist in chaotic conditions. It's a difficult task, as few individuals' minds can survive the chaos. It's like putting a wooden house into a tornado, only to see it pulverized. If you isolate a person entirely, then deprived of the external world's mental pressure, their sea consciousness will expand, and most will lose their minds. Using Air is contraindicated for persons with mental disorders and socially-oriented individuals dependent on the opinions of their peers.

Aeordimm (c) 2014