Astral Travel

An out-of-body experience is characterized by the separation of energy bodies and energies, including consciousness, from the physical vessel. In some form, this practice is available to all people. Many people had spontaneous out-of-body experiences, and some do not remember them or confuse them with reality or a Lucid Dream. In the dedicated reality of ordinary people, it is considered impossible to go out of the body because "you are the body," and you cannot leave yourself. However, it is simple enough to do this and experience the truth. The human being is not a physical body and can leave it on his intent.

This practice gives a clear and solid understanding that the world is not confined to a physical plane. It is one thing to read this somewhere or to believe or not in this. Another thing is to experience it personally; such experiences change the world's perception. Going outside of a body but still being able to see, move, and experience different realities and worlds more vividly and complete than in the everyday world.

Out-of-body experiences or Astral Projections are essential for spiritual development and magical practices. Mages use this method to obtain knowledge and experience that can not be found on the physical plane.

Astral projections carry risks, which many New Age teachers are unaware of, as they never had good training in the magical tradition. Ordinary astral projections work in the physical and near physical planes, primarily safe. People see and get in contact with their illusions and mind forms and may experience different feelings.

However, it is also possible to move into one of the spirit worlds. There exist planes that are inhabited by creatures that are not human. When a human being lives in the physical body, his energy body has limited interaction with these worlds and is naturally shielded from it. Once you leave the physical body and move there, you are entirely exposed to the powers and creatures you come across in spirit worlds. It is possible to come across a powerful demon or predator. All this may end badly for a neophyte; at the least, it can damage energy bodies. People who lack third-eye ability and perception may be unaware of what happened. There are known cases of people awakening from the dream with physical abrasion marks and cracks on the skin. Some people lose energy during out-of-body experiences and feel weakened. In the best case, traveling to a spirit world will be like spending a night in the wild jungles; you will have a thrill. A human can return to his physical body as he is connected with it by the Silver Cord. However, if that silver cord is cut, a person will experience death. He will not be able to return to the physical body anymore, and the physical body disconnected from energy bodies power will start to rot and decompose. The damage to the silver cord might cause a coma state.

Mages do these practices with a clear purpose and explore and study those worlds. A Magus is nothing like an ordinary human; it is a specially trained and prepared entity armed with offensive and defensive spell systems. Magi has developed energy vision and perception to recognize all interactions in subtle worlds. They can heal and restore their energy bodies from traumas if those are received. In Demonology, mages hunt evil spirits and demons and study and tame some of those. They use this to gain experience and inaccessible qualities in the physical world.

Learning astral projections require skills in relaxation, concentration, and Qi manipulation. Energy vision and sensitivity are also essential and instructions about spirit worlds and how to apply yourself there. In Magic, self-development goes steadily, step by step. A person starts a particular practice when he is ready for it. 

Neirong (c) 2012