Earth Magic

Earth Magic is the most complicated Elemental Magic to learn. The Earth element represents matter, the densest state of matter, and the Elder Reality.

The Elder or True Reality is the energy of the world that has created this universe. There is an idea that the reality we see is Brahma's dream, and while Brahma dreams, the world exists and develops. The Earth element is the energy of "that" Brahma, and the universe is based on it. Similarly, when a person visualizes an object or landscape in his mind, consciously or in a dream, it's a process of creation. The visions and the created world are based on the person's consciousness energy. The imaginary world is an illusion in the real world, but the real world is an illusion to the Elder reality. It's like video games, where the characters are preprogrammed and have no notion of the world that's created them. Like in our world, people search for "God," but he doesn't exist here, just like a computer scientist does not exist in his program.

Earth element deals with world structure manipulation, and the main difficulty is the fact that the energy density of an illusion is much lower than that of the real world. With the process of creation, one can only recreate simple models of his reality; it cannot be more complex than the original reality. The consciousness of people and even Mages are more illusionary than that of Elder reality creatures. Because of this, it's impossible to change physical reality directly with consciousness. The consciousness of a Mage must be as dense as one of the Elder reality. The consciousness density is the information density and level of intellect. To work with the earth element, one must acquire superintelligence. A scientist or an engineer may note that any mathematical description of the physical world is limited and is based on models and simplifications. Superintelligence is the ability to describe (recreate) the world as accurately as possible.

Mental nature of the world

Therefore, Earth Magic works with information, which represents natural objects. Mages of Earth are Kabbalists and Alchemists. Any object may be described as a set of characters, and so it happens in the mental world, where each object has a Kabbalistic name, and if the name is changed, the object is modified. Information is the irregular energy distribution in the time-space; each difference creates a uniqueness, value, and meaning. For example, there are 11 slots of space, and some are with energy (yang) while some are not (yin). Different configurations will have different meanings and, therefore, are information. In the binary code, it looks like a set of zeroes and ones, where a 10101010001 is different from 10101010011. We can check any information sources against the Earth element. We can take two books of 400 pages on the same topic. One may accurately, orderly, and fully describe the subject (a lot of Earth), and the other can be somewhat off-topic and have useless, low quality, or chaotic content (little Earth). The more information a sea of consciousness has, the more connected to the world it is and the more stable and massive it is. The Earth element is more potent than any other element because of the Elder energies. Other elements manipulate the energy already present in the universe, while the Earth uses higher-order powers. The higher-order energies allow the creation and materialization of natural matter from the Elder energy, only the Mages of Earth can achieve it. They can create reality, and events, while others just change the existing.

Earth Mages

Magi of Earth study various structures, networks, and systems. Those structures can be of any level; physical substances are structures made of atoms and molecules. Mages learn about materials and their properties, their lattice structures, and learn to distinguish one material from the other. Any material is visualized or sensed as an image map with a specific pattern and density. Earth Mage's consciousness is like an X-ray machine; it can see a complete picture.

Earth Mages are creators, scientists, and engineers by nature. They create complex artefacts or machines and bind Magic to physical matter. Muladhara-chakra is the frequency of the physical world and is essential as it resonates with Elder energies. The development of Earth Mages goes via an increase in the complexity of the sea of consciousness when working with different structures. It allows energy accumulation and an increase in consciousness levels. Higher-level Mages have enough energy to create large material illusions.

The predisposition to Earth Magic is as follows. It is a person of high intellect, a technically savvy individual good with manipulating large amounts of data. Such an individual is a fast learner and a genius who can quickly grasp anything. Such people are very materialistic and research-oriented. They are precise and pedantic, maybe perfectionists, or have OCD. They are very attentive to detail and have a low tolerance for errors. They like order, and if you find yourself in a dwelling of such a person, you'll be constantly watched so that you won't break anything or do anything wrong by their standards.

Aeordimm (c) 2014