Energy Parasites

Parasites and parasitic life forms are everyday things in this world. Parasites feel more comfortable living in a weakened area of the system. A human gets sick and catches some infectious diseases due to parasites and bacteria that live everywhere. A human being cannot live in perfectly sterile conditions. However, some people get sick, others do not, and everybody gets exposed. Diseases are just visible parts - symptoms, and the symptoms may appear suddenly while real problems and issues would have developed over the months and years. A significant amount of parasites in the body will worsen life quality.

Similar to physical parasites in the body, there are also energy parasites in energy bodies. Energy bodies each have their plane of existence, and the spirit world contains various living things that do not have a physical body. Naturally, a human being is protected from parasites by the energy field. But most people aren't perfect; they do not live a harmonious and peaceful life. Any wrong action or reaction, emotional outburst, or strong feeling can weaken the energy bodies and make it possible for the parasites to enter. Those parasites will stick to the energy body, while the majority of humans are not capable of seeing or feeling it. Parasites will then drain the energy and manipulate behavior.

When an ordinary person does not have control and consciousness awareness over their energy bodies, they can be quickly taken over by such energy parasites. The parasites control energy, food behavior, and emotional and thinking patterns. That will use humans the same way humans use sheep or livestock.

How to detect parasites

Certain factors can help to detect the parasite. Energy parasites can stick to the energies of Chakras and energy bodies from the level of Svadhistana to Sahasrara.

Parasites on Svadhistana Chakra feed on sexual energy. Such parasites were often called the demon of adultery since ancient times. This parasite will live on the Svadhistana energy body and constantly arouse a person to stimulate sexual energy outbursts. As the sexual energy leaks out, it is eaten by the parasite, so the life force is reduced permanently.

Parasites on the Manipura chakra level cause strong addiction to food. Some people, who have grown such parasites, cannot control their food behavior. Medicine and doctors, in most cases, cannot help them and call it a “mental disease” which happens out of stress. Stress is indeed the weakness that makes the Manipura level accessible to demons.

Parasites on the Anahata level create drama and intense emotions that devastate a human. Apathy and depression are also possible signs of having a parasite that just consumed the energy of Anahata. That energy in the normal state makes a person happy and motivated.

Parasites on higher chakras may embed their thoughts in the thinking process, and most people will think it is their thought. As ideas often guide behavior, this again leads to problems. Parasites can also implant images and desires into the mind, so a person may think it is his desires and will while living in a state of human livestock for low-class demons.

Parasites of Sahasrara Chakra can have even more significant control. It is the ideology level, as Sahasrara defines the world. Egregores can have parasite qualities and may zombify people who lack critical thinking. Egregore is a form of super consciousness, and with time it can completely overwrite a person and use it as a pawn for its needs. Egregores are not seen, not perceived; they are puppeteers. They can change the course of global events. All the wars and religious fanatics exist due to this type of parasite.


Larvas are parasites that are generated by a continuous thinking process. Imagine a person who is hungry and wants food, thinking about it every day. The obsession creates an energy lifeform filled with images and desires to eat. The parasite only intends to sustain itself, so it attaches to those who have resonating desires. The powerful larva can affect the behavior and thinking process.

An interesting fact to be noted. Humans can move to any place in the physical world; however, running away from those parasites is impossible as they are attached to you. Only one way to gain true freedom is to develop yourself and your inner energies.

Neirong (c) 2013