Energy Pathologies

The most common view of a human energy structure divides the entity into seven chakras or seven bodies. Energy body pathologies or traumas are disorders on the respective levels or charkas. Unlike the awareness of the physical body, there's no awareness of energy bodies, and it's hard to tell if the energy body has any damage.

Energy traumas and pathologies go unnoticed for a long time. The event that caused trauma is forgotten, but the trauma itself does not go away.  When a cultivator starts the practice of discovering the pathologies, he may remember all these events.

The body uses energy and recreates itself consistently using stored genetic information. Any disruptions from higher energy bodies will gradually but inevitably affect the physical body.

Svadhistana Pathologies

Svadhistana Chakra has two parts yin and yang. On this level, there will be an exchange of sexual energy between a man and a woman. If one has improper sexual partners, or changes partners too frequently, the chakra will not be able to adapt and have harmonious energy exchange, wear off and eventually damage. Damages here speed up ageing or develop infertility. 

Manipura Pathologies

Manipura chakra or Astral body is damaged when an individual experiences stress, tension, or an intense desire for something. Any strong feelings or attachments may devastate Manipura chakra. Stress can create unstoppable eating habits. There is even a phrase, to eat the stress away. Eating disorders are the result of this level of energy damage as it is directly linked with the digestive system in the physical body. These traumas may also feel like tension, fear or tremor in the body.

Anahata Pathologies

The body of Anahata chakra or emotional body is damaged when there are strong negative emotions. It is possible to drive a car happily throughout life, and then suddenly crash fatally. Similarly, the emotional body when going overdrive becomes vulnerable and gets damaged. Depressions and bad mood could also be a sign of weakened Anahata.

Vishuddha Pathologies

The level of Vishuddha is the mental plane. The state of this chakra influences intelligence, critical thinking, decision making, and reaching your objectives. It gets damaged from unrecovered failures, limitations and barriers in life. For instance, a kid goes to school, where his thinking is forcefully dulled and limited, that will affect his ability in the future to develop. Vishudha produces thoughts, so damages here will make the thinking process biased, and delusional.

There can be a considerable amount of pathologies and damage on all levels. If somebody got used to being resentful, Anahata trauma develops, and it becomes a permanent bias that affects perception. If you make a habit of expressing anger and a resentful attitude, it will become a permanent part of your sea of consciousness, and you will no longer be able to live without those negative emotions.

Evil Eye is damage to Energy Field, like a hole in a glass of water, it will create energy leakage.

Fixing energy pathologies

It is possible to work with all these pathologies through meditation and concentration. Many problems simply require awareness. One must relieve himself from obscuration to solve a problem. It is not enough to remove a pathology; you have to change yourself and understand why it even appeared in the first place. If you do not change yourself, the problem will come back, and it will come back worse. We devote a significant amount of training time to resolve these issues.

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