Energy Protection

Energy Protection is a type of magical defensive spell formation used to shield energy bodies from external damage. If one needs the protection of the physical body, in the past time's armor was used. People who do extreme sports use various protective gear and clothes. This protective gear helps to avoid the risk of damaging health or getting physical injuries. Energy protection has the same purpose and meaning behind it. Magi uses defensive spells, especially when exploring the astral plane.

Most people do not have adequately developed energy sensitivity and perception, so it is usually too late to do anything about it whenever they get into an adverse energy event or face social vampirism. The person feels weakness and apathy, the symptoms of losing energy.

Energy protection is handy for Magi who travel into other dimensions and worlds. Most worlds have plenty of inhabitants, and humans might be tasty food. Mages use various kinds of protective spells and energy barriers when facing spirits, dead elementals, or demons. Some places in the spirit world might be toxic on their own, and energy protection is necessary the same way it is for the physical body in an area with harmful radiation.

For a social vampire to drain your energy, they first need to establish an energy connection, anchoring a target, dragging, which creates a strong reaction in a victim. The vampire can consume the released power. It is possible to make such a defensive energy system, which the potential vampire won't be able to connect to at all. It is even possible to pump out energy out of energy vampire with some skill.

It is also possible to create an energy cascade to support the physical body. For instance, defensive mechanisms of the Life Element can be put inside the body and surrounding the inner organs. Such protection will add resistance to negativity and feed the internal organs with Life Energy. It will disperse as soon as the energy put into the spell is used up.

Energy Protection is built on the level where most interactions and possible collisions exist. The more protected is the level that collides, the lesser is the chance of getting any trauma or damage. It can also block mental attacks and energetic assaults. In the collision of two energy bodies, the one that is less protected, the weaker one gets the damage. So, doing magic and energy assaults on someone who is more developed than the offender is similar to committing suicide. 

Neirong (c) 2014