Fire Magic

Fire is a designation of an element associated with free energy and aggregate plasma state of matter.

Free or kinetic energy is the energy that can do work. When fuel burns in an internal combustion engine, energy is released and used to move pistons. At the same time, the same energy is stored in fuel as intermolecular bonds and is in the potential state. When bonds break due to external heat, i.e., faster particle motion and instability of a compound, the energy is released. Forming combustion products no longer have usable energy because it's been extracted already.

There's always plenty of free energy in space. Energy is consumed by living beings that use it for organism growth. On Earth, the Fire element relates with the Sun. The Sun keeps the Earth's core and atmosphere temperature stable, creating living conditions for all creatures. The Sun is the dominant energy source in our world, and synchronization with its rhythms leads to resonance and peak energy. The "Here-and-now" state is associated with peak energy and synchronization with the Sun frequencies.

Fire Magic is the practice in Elemental Magic. When working with Fire Element, the consciousness learns to store and manipulate free energy. The energy can be transferred between external objects or used to create spells or stored in the conscious. This energy, just like ordinary fire may be used to heal an organism or to destroy it depending on the needs of a Mage.

Events and situations also have some structure and energy levels. A Mage may use energy from a chosen source and direct it to a situation in a way that may increase the speed of needed events.

Fire Elementals

There are Fire realms and universes where the Fire element is dominant, unlike our Earth, where Ether is dominant. Those realms are oceans of energy; some might have living fire organisms that a Mage may use as a source. Those living organisms are called Salamanders because of Mages' visions while interacting with them. In reality, there are different species of Fire elementals; some are just sustainable energy swirls. A Magus can create spells or artefacts based on the Salamander creature he caught. The main issue is to control the elemental from a different world; only high masters of magic may achieve that control. The energy of an elemental is volatile, and the spirit of fire may break free and wither the surroundings. Often magic circles of the Water Element are used to contain a Salamander.

The personality of the people of Fire

The state of consciousness in Fire Magic is the state of involvement with current events that carry energy. In other words, the here-and-now state. Such a consciousness is fully consumed with work and has no time for the future or the past. Some people just seize the day, and not worry about distant events. While others worry about their future, they build it today. A conscious fully immersed in some current work is more productive and less distracted, they can be either stressed or not so stressed. Stress is a condition associated with the Air element, connected with future or distant events and their models. People of Fire element always have an excess of energy because they are always doing work and expelling their energy. Having energy expended, they have room in their energy field to get more power from outer space.

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