Life Magic

Life magic studies the world of living and life force. The element of life itself is unique, as it is a harmonious combination of four other elements. Elements of water, air, fire, and earth form the life element. Initially, lifeforce is being accumulated by plants. Plants absorb water, and minerals from the soil, generate oxygen through respiration and use carbon dioxide to absorb fire energy from the Sun.  Plants are the primary energy source for animals, and then animals are eaten by predators. Life elements could be seen as cruel, as living has to eat living beings to survive. But that is the principle and the law of life. There is a natural circle of life and death, and as living gets born, it will grow, develop, age, and die. If you do not eat a mango once it is produced, it will just rot by itself and die. The plant can be interested in eating fruit, so it gets attractive qualities and good taste. When an animal eats the plant, the seeds are not being digested; the animals are moving, so the plant has some chance to grow from seed in another place.

Life element is based on the Anahata chakra level of vibrations. Somewhere in the middle of the Light World and the Dark World. The life force as an element has existed for a long time and does not go anywhere. Life forms may be changing, and some animals and vegetables go extinct, but life itself remains. Simply, the age of dinosaurs and giant pterodactyls could be reminded as an instance of Lifeforce's past. The Lifeforce itself is a mighty power throughout the planet, transmitting a signal to live.

Initially, there is a project of a life form, a plan, which then materializes. This project exists on the level of the spirit world and is based on egregores. The existing living systems and families of species themselves may change over time, with information changes in the plan itself.

Moreover, many Life species do not have individual consciousness. There could be a few people who had gone far beyond evolution and development in the human world, while the rest did not make even a single step in that direction. In the hive mind, there is a superconscious, which develops, and different life forms are only parts of it. Even if they gain some individuality during their lifetime and from experience, that one is being consumed at the end of life back to the source. In other words, most living forms do not have reincarnation the same way as humans.

Overall, Life World consists of many species, which can also become extinct with time. Humans as species may go extinct as well. But the Element of Life has been before humans and will be long after, it is a power of a different scale and dimension.

Neirong (c) 2015