Multidimensional Realm

Modern scientists usually talk about three dimensions or the 3D world when they view and research the world. A discussion about magic ends with the assumption, "If one does not see, feel or measure something, that does not exist." Indeed, the physical body cannot sense spiritual and subtle planes and cannot see and perceive energy. Energy sensitivity starts to appear after the development of the astral body. Before this stage, an adept has no organ of sensitivity. Once cultivators sense things outside the physical and visible plane, they usually cannot understand and grasp them. It may be a fear or sensation that comes without reason. Many beliefs, signs, rituals, and rites exist in a society that has no physical explanation or purpose behind them. Even atheists and non-religious people follow such opinions.

There is a significant difference between random beliefs and magic. Cultivation is art with specific laws and principles, but this art is inaccessible until the soul reaches a certain level of development. Mages do not accept anything blindly. Beliefs themselves have no value in magic. Actual knowledge comes from experience. All beliefs are illusions and have got temporary nature.

The world is multidimensional. Imagine a truck going into a 2D reality. For the 2D plane, the vehicle will be visible only as wheels, and everything else will be missing from the perception. Similarly, objects with more dimensions are unseen in the 3D world. You see a 3D human being with your eyes, but you don't see their emotional body, you don't see thoughts, and you don't know the spirit that reincarnates through many vessels. All this is unseen as those are multidimensional objects.

Physical reality is only a tiny part of our real world. Living in a physical body in a very limited reality is more like life in prison. Self-development is directly linked to increasing the knowledge of the world. Learning and understanding its more spiritual and subtle planes opens the path to absolute freedom.

NeirongĀ (c) 2015