Opening of The Third Eye

Many people come to us saying that they have Third Eye already opened. There are a lot of misconceptions, delusions and simply wishful thinking and ignorance spread on the internet on the topic of the Third Eye.

In this Article, I will shed some light on Third Eye development based on Magus Tradition and more than a decade of practical experience working with it.

False Signs

Statements on the internet of "I have opened Third Eye and here is how" are extremely common. If even 1/10th of them would be true, we would not be living in a Kali Yuga, but hit a Golden Age of enlightnement already. Upon closer inspection, the logic is often like, "I have opened Third Eye, and I know it, because one day I watched Third Eye opening video on Youtube and then felt something".

So short overview of what Third Eye is not.

  • Sensations of a hole in a forehead.
  • Feeling pressure in a forehead.
  • Sensing Qi.
  • Feeling that something is different. Feeling yourself special, different from others.
  • Emotional Garbage
  • Inner Voices
  • Seeing colors with closed eyes
  • Being able to imagine things

You don't open Third Eye by meditating on Third Eye and visualizing it opening. False attainments are dangerous not only as they are leading to mental illness, but they will prevent person from seeking the truth and real development in life. Why bother spending time, effort and money training and developing Third Eye for years, when you can just watch free Youtube video and convince yourself that it is already opened?

Third Eye Development

Beyond that, the genuine opening process can be extremely painful, and migraines last for months, making any random "Third Eye" internet achievement sound like a joke.
Simply opening Third Eye does not guarantee anything as its function is highly tied to both levels of meditation skill and level of Energy.

Opening Third Eye without energy work, and preparation is foolish, as you are draining yourself when it functions.
Running Third Eye requires a meditation skill; if you have random thoughts in your head, you can forget about having TE.
Developing Third Eye potential is done via a particular set of Visualization training. If you never did proper visualization, you may struggle here.

Third Eye is a part of Magic tradition training. We don't train in Magic to develop Third Eye, we train in Magic, and Third Eye develops on the way.
Most people who think they have the Third Eye open don't know what they are talking about. Usually, I am not concerned about shedding light on ignorance and delusion as it is not very practical knowledge to have. Those who seek true development will find teacher and will eventually get to this practice.

Third Eye levels

There are multiple levels in Third Eye. 
Some Third Eye levels overview.

1. Fog - the most accessible and easiest level, you start seeing a dense fog; if you make a ball of energy between your hands, you see it; if you make an energy beam between fingers, you see it.
2. Vibration - you see more than just fog. You see vibrations coming from above and below. You can see lifeforce glowing in objects. You can see other people as vibrating energy fields.
3. Deep Ocean - a state of a true Magus. Spiritual reality becomes denser than physical. You will not only see energy moving and rotating, but all the things moving around, energy creatures, parasites, and microorganisms.

There are higher levels as well. But even level 2 is extremely rare, and I think level 3 is enjoyed by less than a handful of high level cultivators on a planet.

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