The rise of scamgong 4

This 4th part of the article will discuss personality cults, expectations, and promises involved in scamgong teaching.

Personality Cults

Unlike many people think, a Teacher's role, purpose, and work is not to travel around like a rockstar while giving enlightening, heartwarming speeches that make the elderly open their mouths in awe. It is neither to talk about how great and unique kind of a divine beast he is nor how his upbringing and life path are different from any other human.

The Teacher's job is to teach, and the scamgong job is to scam. Scamgong teachers are more interested in promoting their persona and spreading their faces around. They tend to develop several well-studied psychological disorders walking this path, similar to Instagram models and pop stars. When there is nothing worthy in teaching itself, what keeps and brings students around is an enigmatic Leader persona, projected and fuelled by zealous followers.

Eventually, they start believing that by staying close to this Teacher, one day, they will become as good or even half as good as all the projections and delusions that piled up after years of scamgong teaching. Indeed, this can never happen in reality, in which all those projections never had an objective basis and verification in the first place.

Scamgong teachers usually suffer from insecurity and lack of skill; thus, they often pile around various titles, diplomas, and certificates. Here are some real-life examples I have found after short surfing the internet.

Honored Naturopath of Europe
Master of Folk Medicine
Certified Instructor of the Universal Healing DAO Mantak Chia
Runic yoga instructor STADAGALDR
Licensed Hypnologist
Certified yoga teacher
Reiki master
Vedic numerologist
Vegan/Raw food since 2011 (Very important information)
Certified Naturopath

When certificates are not enough comes an accreditation or a positive reference from another scamgong teacher, a different school, or a direct master of a scamgong method.
All this is needed to establish authority over prospective students and make them buy whatever nonsense promises and broken bad teaching are in the bag.

Scamgong Promises

The descriptions scamgong Masters make about their teaching are often complete nonsense that can hardly be different from bs generator. Mumbo-jumbo is hard to read and impossible to understand as it carries no logical and meaningful value. It may look like an esoteric, mystical, or even spiritual text for many newcomers. People easily believe in nonsense, calling it spiritual, magic, or even their mind and spirit evolution. Once you buy into one part of nonsense, you are opening up and become susceptible to scamgong teachings and more likely to buy into it, becoming detached from his sanity.

Next comes the fake promises of power, wealth, health, superpowers, and so on, in a long list of popular desires. Some Gurus don't even bother writing what you will gain from their outstanding teaching but say you can materialize any wish and want in life. Only pay $$$ for a seminar.

Here are some examples of fake promises taken from publicly available masters and their websites.

  • Understand immortality and how to achieve it
  • Get a body without diseases
  • Learn how to live to 200 years and stop ageing
  • Activate cellular regeneration
  • Energy diet, how to live without food and water
  • Unlock DNA


Scamgong Masters set high and unrealistic expectations for prospective students, essentially spreading profanation and degradation.

Imagine if you see a sign telling you that in 1 day (1.5-hour lesson), you can learn a new language or get a Ph.D. by spending a few hundred dollars and a few hours of your time. Nobody would buy into a scam like this; most people would know that earning a Ph.D. and learning an entirely new language from scratch is hard work and takes plenty of time.

Whenever it is a childish belief in a miracle or fantasy or many years of scamgong brainwashing propaganda, people for some reason think it can be different with cultivation and Ancient Arts. Scamgong Teachers sugarcoat cultivation and esoteric knowledge as something available for everyone and easily accessible via a short seminar.

The harm done here is much more than just a financial scam. Once a student buys into an overhyped junk and starts training into broken teachings made without any connection with genuine art and living masters, there are multiple negative scenarios in play, from the simple loss of interest and motivation to developing physical and mental illnesses. Teaching can also be a dead end, with a solid unpassable bottleneck.

Cultivation and Ancient Arts are much more demanding than any higher education. The amount of time that one has to spend to become a Master cannot be simply 100 or 200 hours, and your set to teaching others with a shiny certificate. For reference, you can see how long it takes in our School, and this is the optimistic projection. But this leads to another standard and profoundly rooted delusion among scamgong followers.


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