The rise of scamgong 5

In the 1st part, we started to explore what scamgong is and how it came to be by overviewing easy-to-understand and fake martial arts.
In the 2nd part, we reviewed scamgong siddhi and abilities demonstrations that are fake and shouting that it is scamgong.
In the 3rd part, we discussed principles of scamgong, hiding non-existent skills by covering with words and titles, and the fundamental role of a Teacher.
In the 4th part, we discussed how personality cults and scamgong teachings with false expectations and promises pollute and destroy a potential for cultivation and self-development.

In this 5th part, we will go further in-depth and discuss how and why scamgong masters and their followers are failing from the perspective of cultivation and ancient arts.

Scamgong Masters Supernatural Powers

Probably most Scamgong Masters that have been active for some time and have a certain amount of followers are clouded with myths and legends about their outstanding and supernatural abilities and powers. Those street legends in their core have no basis, or sometimes there is a very trivial ability that the followers inadequately perceive due to their ignorance and lack of knowledge.

Scamgong Masters can have particular abilities. We have already talked about the levels of Scamgong. I have met a scamgong Teacher on my early path, the seminars were online and not even in person, and when he looked at students or focused his attention on someone, people would sometimes feel and report intense heat and waves of burning sensations.

Another Scamgong Master I met had a higher level of development and a dense energy field around him. When meeting him physically, people with weak energy would almost feel choking and heavy pressure pressing them down to the ground.

Quite often, as proof of a particular Master's great level, something even less impressive is used. I have seen videos where Scamgong Gurus let a newbie feel Qi with their hand and pretend that it is profoundly spiritual and high-level attainment.

Confusion between physical and spiritual

Another trend in the Scamgong Arts is an attempt to portray and sell physical exercises as a profound spiritual practice.

Whenever people are doing Hatha Yoga, or Chinese Martial Arts, for some reason, they do believe they are engaging in spiritual development and find themselves a great scamgong Spiritual Teacher. Anyone can do physical exercises; having low entry barriers is suitable for scamgong, but it is not the same with actual cultivation and spiritual practice.

The physical body is as far as it can be from the spiritual body. Stretches, yoga, and fitness are beneficial for health, but they do nothing for spirit development. Claiming that those practices are doing spiritual growth is the same ethical level as selling a million-dollar NFT image of a house and telling buyers this is their perfect future house.

Linear Progression

We have already talked about how a time-hour spent on training is not a good measure of skill and ability in the first part.
Most fake esoteric schools and teachings commonly accept ideas of Linear progression and thinking.

People believe that if you sit for 4-hours a day in full lotus or stand 5-hours on one leg in a particular pose, you will develop immensely and become a very spiritual being. People believe that those who sit more hours have higher skills in cultivation, although both of these activities are purely physical outer forms. It is understandable, however, that most people cannot see energies and touch higher realms with their consciousness.

Some even go as far as to claim that you need to spend 100 hours in a row in a specific pose to progress, and that is only a real sign of a high-level development.
They believe that you need to do something for ten years before seeing any noticeable results. They believe in the certainty that If you spend a necessary amount of hours doing certain practices, you will reach enlightenment or a high level of development.

This example is what we mean by linear thinking; a programmed bot in an ancient computer game would have more brain cells and the capability to think. The problem with linear progression is that it only exists in an inflamed imagination of scamgong artists or fake martial gurus.

For the temporary viewpoint, let's accept that progression is Linear.
The progression means we are moving somewhere, and so there is Point A and Point B at least, and we can model a linear path.
You have a path from point A to point B. But, somehow, they assume that everyone is the same and moving at the same speed. It is, of course, the genuine, authentic lineage with the brightest, most talented Teacher, so you can never doubt or question it.

If we look at our world, you can move from point A to B by walking, you can take a bus, you can take a car, an airplane, and in theory, you could fly on a space rocket.

Let us take 5 mins of a cultivation time, for example, and put it into a perspective of travel distance (work made) per time.

Per 5 min time
Walking speed = (5 mins x 80m) = 400 meters
Bicycle = 1.200 meters
Slow Train = 4.800 meters
Car = 9.600 meters
Fast Train = 28.800 meters
Airplane = 70.000 meters
Space Rocket = 3.333.333 meters

Physical examples we use here only refer to current civilization development; things can be even more unfair in actual cultivation.

The ratio between travel by Space Rocket and Walking speed is roughly 8000:1.
In other words, a scamgong neophyte sitting would have to spend 500 hours sitting in full lotus to match the effectiveness of work of some Master doing 5 mins meditation in any pose or place. This ratio can vary depending on the skill of various practitioners, but it is never a fair 1:1.
But this kind of relationship can only be in a linear model. The path of cultivation is not a straight open line. It has an endless amount of pitfalls and dead ends, in which people easily get trapped for a lifetime.

A more practical and realistic example can illustrate how this works in our school. Level One is foundation training, developing skills of effective cultivation, and avoiding pitfalls. It takes about five years of dedicated training with consistent progression to get through it. Level Two is much more significant. We estimate it to take 10-15 years of dedicated training, but this projection counts in the effectiveness increase in practice developed in the foundation program.

Without a prior Foundation laid, tested, and verified correctly - attempting to go at Level 2 would make some exercises and training impossible, while others would go 10-15 times slower than projected. That would mean the time necessary to learn Level Two materials for a person without foundation training would be around 100 to 150 years - more than a person can live in this world. 

It is more like trying to drink an ocean with a teaspoon.


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