The rise of scamgong 6

In the sixth part of the article, we will discuss magick and occult, much less physical stuff, but you will still be able to see the obvious connections with previous parts of this article.

Mental Health and Magic

Martial Arts practice and training require exceptional physical health. People who lack physical health, or have physical disabilities much more minor than competing at a high level, will not even be able to train in the martial arts.

A similar connection exists between mental health and Magic, the ancient spiritual art of cultivating your mental fields, higher energy bodies, and soul. A person with poor mental health and lacking cognitive skills and critical thinking is bound to walk straight into one of the countless Pitfalls of Cultivation and waste his life, health, and time meaninglessly. When engaging in genuine Magic, an Adept has to be able to navigate their mind and consciousness with surgical precision and total control and keep a profoundly focused state while using the Third Eye's ability to discern between real and imaginary things. Cognitive skills are necessary to analyze and question the experiences obtained through practice. Clear thought and intellect are required to write the experience down and present it for peer review.

A mentally healthy and harmonious individual who has good practice would never need to engage in doing drugs or taking psychoactive substances.

Magick and Occult

Magick is a term introduced by one British occultist who has made a Cult out of himself while spending life engaging in drugs, orgies, rituals, cosplay photo sessions, and ending up in a mental asylum. While developing mental health problems can constitute all kinds of "magicky" experiences and sensations, for an actual spiritual development or cultivation, it is akin to driving a boat without a compass, wheel, sail, or crew, and full of holes everywhere, through an ocean in a powerful storm.

Here we have people talking with non-existent and imaginary spirits, angels, and higher beings, cosplaying themselves as a Magus while stockpiling meaningless certificates and made-up titles, conducting rituals for primitive and material goals, like sex, wealth, and power. Engaging in these activities to feel special and belong with a secret lodge and closed circle. People blindly believe in Magick and their supernatural abilities without ever testing them in a controlled environment. Having a solid belief in non-sense does not allow one to bypass the laws of the universe or thermodynamics. Still, it gets one's mind detached from reality and falls into a strong delusion. This delusion itself and the sensations that follow around is considered an achievement on the path.

Then, we stumble across a book in Esoteric shops - "I have contacted Galactic Federation via a Channeling session, and here is the message they send to humanity."

Unfortunately, Magick is what people most commonly imagine and refer to when we mention Magic as one of the arts studied in our School.


There are many prerequisites and core skills and robust mental health and sanity necessary for the truth seeker to engage in the path of magic cultivation. Similarly, you need to be able to fluently write and talk in language to study an academic subject.

For a scamgong magick, this is all unnecessary. Magick practitioners never develop the foundation required for the proper magic study. Instead, they like getting wasted, drugged, doing obscene rituals, and participating in orgies as a quick way to alter one's perception of reality. Getting into different states of perception and developing all kinds of unusual sensations is considered a sign of progress. Then Adepts of Magick can share proud stories with future generations of how they seduced their mom by a special ritual or how they secretly govern the world.


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