The rise of scamgong 7

This 7th part of the article aims to overview common principles of scamgong Healing that you will be able to spot once you know and are attentive enough, instead of just labeling all healing practices scamgong and closing the topic there.

Healing is a major part of the scamgong business market.

NLP Manipulation

Some teachers in scamgong use love bombing, but Healers love using this method. It works miracles and makes a Healer gain a lot of positive reviews and accumulate wealth quickly.

Love bombing is a technique where after doing work with a patient, you start praising and flattering him. Most people's critical thinking and attachment to reality disconnect after the first words of flattery. I.e., you go for a healing session or a massage, and after the session, the "Healer" says how you have changed, transformed, and look different now and only need 10-15-20 more sessions to change your life entirely. It will work even better in contrast if, at the start of the session, a Healer will sigh and say that you have a lot of issues.

Instead of letting you see and observe for yourself whenever the treatment did anything, they inflate your self-assessment of their work by a simple NLP suggestion. I have come across this method even with Healers who could do something meaningful with their hands. It is just that they inflated the value of their work massively to cause an unhealthy addiction in a patient and multiply profits.

Diagnostics and Scanning

ESP abilities are natural. When glancing at a human, a skilled Adept who went through proper School training could obtain various information ranging from their personality, spirit development, energy cultivation, organs, and physical health. But they would have ethical principles to never talk about this information and never give a medical diagnosis.

Modern Medical Science has a lot of objective tools of diagnostics such as CT, MRT scans, and complex lab tests. People who care about treating patients would work with those readily available and practical tools and not with "I have sensed you have an issue here," even if they had ESP abilities. Being able to sense health and diseases is not enough to set a medical diagnosis. Only practitioners with profound knowledge of Medical Science, Anatomy, Biology, and e.t.c. are qualified to give advice and medical diagnoses. Trying to get medical advice from someone who does not have proper education is like trying to hire a flat-earther into NASA work.

Anyone offering paid diagnostics and scanning of health is a scammer. People who seek medium diagnostics or tarot health readings will be getting scammed off their money and possibly their lives.

Beyond ESP scanning, there are many pseudo-scientific devices, like bio-resonance scanning and aura scanning, that would also fall under the area of Healing scamgong.

Fake Diseases

I have seen various Chinese TCM doctors, Homeopathy Healers, and Ayurvedic Doctors. They always came up with some bogus ailments and conditions, some of which only exist in their belief systems, forming a long list of issues. When patients receive a diagnosis, they are shocked and believe they are so lucky to find this great non-traditional Doctor who sees things that "Caveman Modern Medicine with state of the art XRay scanners cannot see."

The patient feels an urgent need to pay a hefty sum for procedures and treatments, which can be a wide range of mumbo-jumbo, similar to what we discussed in part two.  However excellent and trustworthy those stories and remedies may look, it is a scam.

Those "Healers" can do nothing with genuine, objectively verified illnesses and diseases in the body. Still, they can do a lot with imaginary health diseases they have made up themselves.

Going to an actual reputable medical lab and getting yourself tested will quickly debunk all the made-up illnesses.


Most Healers can work "successfully" for several reasons.

A patient never verifies with objective means if a Healers diagnosis exists outside of the imagination. It happens as patients over-rely on sensations and feelings. The placebo effect can be painful, and imaginary diseases stress the mind and the emotional body, leading to various symptoms manifesting or some physical damage sustained. Then a person will still experience relief from the treatment and could be trapped for decades in a cycle of going to the same Doctor and paying large sums of money for never-ending treatments from never-ending virtual diseases.

A patient heals from some actual disease, and Healer would claim all the credit for this thing to happen to his effective methods and skills. They are playing the role of merciful God and forgetting that the Human Body is a living organism that constantly regenerates, repairs, and renews cells. There is a reason why all medical clinical trials go with placebo groups and use the blind testing method. (Nobody should know if they take working medicine or just a sugar pill) Many ailments can heal on their own and go away naturally as time goes by. As it is said, it does not matter how you heal the regular Flu, with over-the-counter medicine, with herbs, or with shamanic rituals; it still takes, on average, a 7-day period to recover.

Many Healers aim for this timing gap, producing treatments that have to be done daily for 3 or 6 months or more extended periods.

The placebo effect is a well-studied phenomenon. Despite this, the homeopathy business is worth billions of dollars; all it does is sell sugar cubes and pills with mumbo-jumbo names. Looking at the scale of the fraud, you can see the degree of the mental sickness human society experiences.