The rise of scamgong 2

The main conclusion that one should have made from the last part is that anything that is not tested or met with reality and that cannot be applied practically quickly spirals into delusion. Delusion is the true nature of any scamgong teaching.

Hard Daoist Qigong

A bit less physical than fake martial arts and more with bogus claims and pretense on some spiritual and self-development path. They claim to develop Qi to a level that allows performing "supernatural feats." Immediately using it as proof to a gullible and ignorant audience that their teaching is authentic because it gives real superpowers. They often devalue actual spiritual teachings and methods as fake, as they don't bring such incredible demonstrations of abilities around.
They often say that things they perform are deadly and dangerous, and I have seen one "Enlightened Qigong Master" say that he can bend a sharp spear with his throat, but his Teacher, who had trained for 50 years, can twist the knife with his eye.

Iron Shirt Qigong followers are numerous and not exclusive to Chinese Qigong roots, Yoga, and many other traditions.

Let's debunk it one by one.

Bending sharp objects by the throat - they are not piercing their throats. Humans have a very sturdy collarbone there at the base of the throat, and this is a thing anyone can do with no training, even someone's grandmother.

Bending knife or sword by eye - this works with the same principle as the trick above. "Grandmaster" pushes the blade against the skull eye socket instead of directly pushing it into the eye's middle.

Breaking bricks on the head by Hammer or any part of the body is not dangerous. Hitting the head with a hammer without bricks would be lethal, but having multiple bricks shielding and spreading out impact force not. This scam aims at people who don't have even the most basic physics knowledge.

Walking, sleeping, or standing on nails - ordinary people use it as a massage tool in everyday life. Scamgong artists claim it is a superpower ability worth decades of training and extraordinary talent. If it were one sharp needle, yes, that would be dangerous.

Breaking stones by hands or fingers - the trick here is that an impact with another stone damages the fragile rock, that is something even a 6-year-old child can do if you watch the videos closely and you will see that moment of a lifting.

Bending spoons is a 100% scam based on physics and friction.

Firewalking - is a useless activity. Anyone can do this. Prepared coals and feet soles poorly conduct heat.

Walking on broken glass - big chunks of glass from bottles are not even remotely dangerous. The tiny particles you might find at home can make you bleed a lot and be painful.

Pyrokinesis - many salts and chemical liquids can cause fire after being exposed to air or friction. While any demo can be faked this way, the one where "Master" puts his hand inside a pile of rubbish and moves it is the more obvious scam.

Electrokinesis - there are several devices you can buy relatively cheap that can allow you to produce lightning bolts (discharges) from fingers in certain conditions.

Telekinesis - one funny case I can mention is that I have seen a "Master" who trained in meditation for 25 years, and he was showing how he moves with his hand a match stick on a thread inside the plastic bottle. This demonstration was a purely static electricity feat, and anyone could do it without any training or meditation involved.

Magnetism - is a superpower that works with things and physical objects, getting stuck on dirty and sweaty skin. It utilizes the supernatural law of friction, which is unknown to all who claim to have this ability.

Despite all the debates around it, Breatharianism - another superpower that many scamgong masters from Yogi and Ancient Chinese claim to have, is the easiest to prove and debunk. Anyone who claims this ability is a scammer with no morals or principles.

Sometimes people unknowingly delude themselves into thinking they have an ability or superpower. They truly believe it because they want to, and they have lost touch with reality. It is also a sign of weak cognitive function.
If "Master" engages in scamgong activities knowingly and willingly, it is a big red flag. You are not dealing with anything even remotely spiritual here.

It is understandable why this happens. Developing superpowers over a weekend seminar sells very well, and those seeking to gain these feats are the prime consumers of scamgong.

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