Water Magic

Water Magic is a subject of Magic of Elements. If Air Magic is linked to the future time and future variables, Fire Magic is related to the current moment and manipulation of free energy. Water magic links to the past time and the planet's memory. Every living organism has a memory, and the Earth also has its memory. Events that already occurred and energies that already played their role are written down in history. Past events shape the current moment and the potential future.

The memory of a past often is corrupted with illusions. Illusions are not the events that happened but the perception of those events. Every newspaper tells the news based on actual events, but how they feed the information depends on whom interests it serves. The same happens with known history, which is often rewritten to serve authorities' interests. The mind of Water Mage operates in the past time. Some people are fixated on the events that already happened; they never forget something and value past achievements; these people will have a predisposition for Water Magic. Qualities of Water Magic can be linked to such abilities as photographic memory. Water Magic's developed psychic abilities and energy vision allow the operator to move in memories freely, watching and replaying them with high-quality images and sounds. If we compare two objects, one has a broad history and has been a part of important events and a recently made replica. For a Water Mage, there will be a distinct difference between those two objects, the difference in energies. The item with thousand-year-old history will have unique powers surrounding it.

Even a few hundred years ago, cold weapons that killed humans will contain death energy. Items and artefacts with impressive history could be used as anchors to explore past events and gain experience. Items used in events with high energy outputs, like wars and conflicts, could be used to form artefacts. The artefact is an item with magical qualities or energy bodies.

Past experiences gained through a lifetime change the person. Going through harsh experiences may create a strong will and backbone in a person. It is safe to say you are now what you have done in the past. Past actions create current situations through the karma mechanism.
A person who has lived less than 20 years and more than 60 years will most likely have a different energy mass due to the amount of experience.

Because everyone has a history, your life will not change that quickly. There is a certain inertia to changes that always exists. However, when you develop, you also create an individual path. Walking this path for a long time makes history. The lifetime path will leave a trace in the soul, returning you to the tradition in the next life.

NeirongĀ (c) 2016