School of Ancient Arts

School Mission

The school offers all seeking truth and internal cultivation opportunities to engage in a comprehensive training program and study ancient esoteric knowledge under the guidance of experienced Masters.

Being in a School, you can access practices and training that works and bring meaningful results over time. The school prevents students from falling into countless crook paths and pitfalls that would usually stagnate all progress or even end life.

School training will benefit both to newcomers and seasoned practitioners with decades of experience, as it focuses on building the robust and versatile foundation that most are lacking, namely: Meditation and self-control skills, the foundation of Neigong and energy work, Vision using Third Eye, Lucid Dreaming ability, and projections to Other Worlds. These are not superpowers, but these abilities are what a reasonably dedicated student should be able to achieve over several years.

The school training is suitable for those who want to enrich their lives and enhance life quality and those who seek to pursue a path of Magus. Without dogmas, without religious connotations. Training in our school improves life quality by alleviating suffering, boosting energy levels, clearing the mind, and increasing awareness, concentration, and self-control.

School of Ancient Arts is where people develop and cultivate, and those with strong spiritual force exist. Our Masters are not instructors teaching from a book or an open course but leading researchers of Ancient Arts and Magic. We are exploring what's possible. Studying in such a place (Egregore) opens doors to cultivation and enables students to walk the path of spiritual evolution. It also provides passive magic protection to all its active members.

Graduating from Foundation Training, Adepts who seek to pursue the path of the Magus and have a high aptitude for cultivation may be able to enroll in Advanced Training Program. Furthermore, advanced practitioners will be able to become Magi, a member of the Order, and participate in complex research projects. 

Foundation Program in Ancient Arts

Adept Level

Awarded upon Graduation

Study Plan
  • Year 1 Semester 1 - MT101/NG101

  • Year 1 Semester 2 - EB102/TE101

  • Year 2 Semester 3 - AM101/NG102

  • Year 2 Semester 4 - EB109/OW108

  • Year 3 Semester 5 - TE102/OW107

  • Year 3 Semester 6 - MT103/AM122

  • Year 4 Semester 7 - AM121/AM119

  • Year 4 Semester 8 - AM118/PM106

  • Year 5 - Examination year

Module List
  • MT101 - Meditation

  • MT103 - Shedding The Ego

  • NG101 - Zhan Zhuang

  • NG102 - Dan Tien

  • EB102 - Fireball

  • EB109 - Energy Bodies

  • TE101 - Visualization

  • TE102 - Magus Hall

  • OW107 - Lucid Dreaming

  • OW108 - Astral Travel

  • AM101 - Magic

  • AM122 - 22A Illusion

  • AM121 - 21A success

  • AM119 - 19A the sun

  • AM118 - 18A The Path

  • PM106 - Elemental Magic