Masters of the Order


I attained a level of partial Immortality before I came to life. It is an ability to carry the core intent and some bits of knowledge through the life and death process. This power and baggage brought me to cultivation in this life on its own. When I was barely six years old, I would spend hours walking at night in a trance deep meditative state, and learning things from my subconsciousness. There were no external teachers, no books, and internet access to learn esoteric practices back then. Those profound experiences shaped my personality and brought an unyielding drive for cultivation and spiritual development.

As I grew older, at around the age of 11-12, I started visiting seminars on Fast Reading and ESP. At 15-16, I enrolled in full-time training at one Esoteric School. I have been learning everything I could get my hands on. By the age of early 20s, I had developed a range of practically applicable skills and abilities. Like I was able to read and memorize an A4 page of exam answers at a glance and pass it at a max score. My enhanced nervous system and brain would allow writing a 4-hour exam paper in 35mins. These skills saved me time to engage in training and study.

Eventually, I have passed multiple internal arts schools from the bottom level to the highest, reaching the limit of what they can offer. I have gone through more than 300 seminars cumulatively online and offline. At some point, I was only going for closed-door offline retreats accessible to a select few with proven abilities.

Initially, all I was seeking were like-minded individuals with common goals in life. At some point, I even made a group of around 100 practitioners, and we tried to develop as a group. That group quickly shrank to the 12 most potent and active practitioners. I then suggested that we try to do a research project and study ancient art independently instead of blindly listening to Guru's Lectures.

That is how I came to know Aeordimm. The research group also shrank quickly, with the weaker members falling out each month and only us 2 keeping the intense daily work going. 45+ research projects later, and after several years of study, I visited another closed retreat of my Master's back then.

We realized that we had long surpassed the original school teachings and the Grand Master himself. I have quit school, where I could have been a senior teacher, enjoyed a decent income and status, and embarked on a journey. I started to look at every teaching out there, started to pick up common errors and flaws, and you can read my insights and findings in an article about scamgong.

Not finding anything that would look promising and aligned with our goals in life, we decided with Aeordimm to build a school free of delusion and deception. That would create an opportunity for people in the Dark Age of Kali Yuga to embark on a journey of spiritual development, avoiding all the common pitfalls and issues.


My memories go some time back before I was born. I remember meditating and being in a trance-like state of mind in the womb, visualizing ripples and images from past lives. Usually, being born is quite a pain, the pain of seeing the light and being helpless. I had quite an observer mind since my first days, and past experiences in meditation helped.

When I was very young, I visualized the purpose of life. I concluded there's no reason to carry on unless you possess some degree of immortality. Imagine all the work undone upon your passing; I couldn't stand it. I understood that I should live the life to make it permanent and promised to do everything in my power to achieve this goal.

My first "siddhi," if you can call them, was an ability to know events shortly before they appeared. Next, I learned the out-of-body experience, and astral projection, all without a teacher.

I began searching for answers in different places and traditions, teachers, some bad, some very bad, ultimately understanding that there's no clear-cut answer to everything. While I spend countless years cultivating the chi and meditating, I still see the mountains of goals ahead of me. However, I understood that to walk this path, you must have a true calling. Otherwise, there are way too many obstacles, the first being your mind filled with illusions and bias.

Therefore, it's easier to learn sciences than Art, so I also did it. I was piecing knowledge from various traditions, trying to disseminate illusions, and not expecting to find a correlation. Therefore, you must experiment, do so carefully, collect data, and see what works.
I met various people interested in the Magus path, but most of them lacked the mental power in their sea of consciousness to achieve any meaningful progress. I happened to check on them many years after we split apart, and they continued on the path of illusions and following New Age bulls**t traditions and their teachers.

I have been cultivating together with Neirong for more than ten years, and the experiences we shared are more than enough to help anyone on their spiritual path. We are not followers of any religion, cult, or a single tradition. The desire to belong to a particular group while natural in humans is not suited for cultivators.