Path of The Magus

A Magus is a practitioner of Ancient Arts that develops immortality and recovers his memories and skills from past lives in each reincarnation. Magus has a mind operating in a multidimensional realm beyond simple materialistic understanding. Magus has a much higher amount of energy than any ordinary person. Magus has developed energy bodies and Third Eye and can see Qi and scan objects with his mind (ESP).

Magus can freely travel and leave the body when he desires to, traveling into any astral or mental plane, and even free traveling in cosmic space and universe, visiting other planets and stars. Magus can interact and communicate with other Magi and beings from other worlds to obtain and share knowledge and improve skills. Magus is free from all suffering and samsaric attachments.

The path to becoming the Magus is not easy nor a short one. However, it is worth trying. We offer a chance to become a Magus in a single lifetime.




billed monthly

 30 days access

 Enrollment in the School Foundation program

 Step by Step progression from Zero to skilled Adept of Ancient Arts

 Access to exclusive community of Masters and Cultivators

 Feedback and Guidance from Masters


Dei Gon

second semester foundation

Through the Zhan Zhuang training, I have noticed a tremendous increase in internal energy leading me to become more energetic, calm, and focused on tasks that require energy and focus. I found the skills I built applicable outside of cultivation and in school. They helped me further understand coding techniques I have learned or learned new and more complex algorithms without getting frustrated or burnt out. One of the main aspects of this school that I find fascinating is that all my practice and knowledge about my mind translates into practical gains when working in other fields not exclusive to cultivation.

So, after my time spent so far in this school, I can say with confidence that the practices they teach are genuine and benefits outside of cultivation are tangible enough to where it makes sense to put time and effort into this school as the learning process is worth it. Researching the mind and your psyche is worth the time and effort...

Progressive Teaching Methods