FAQ - Common Questions

Q0. What do you even do here?
A0. We are practicing and researching Ancient Arts. We spent quite a bit of time studying these topics, and made it possible for others to get on this path.

Q1. What is the study process?
A1. You learn the module materials, you practice regularly, and we track your progress by giving feedback.

Q2. Is there a lecture format?
A2. We don't think lectures are suitable for interactions and feedback. Continuous communication is. At some point, we may do a seminar format if needed.

Q3. I think I'm ready to start learning. How do I sign up?
A3. After you complete payment on the website mainpage, you will find a discord invite link. Follow it and submit application form, after which you will gain access to the study program usually within 24hr.

Q4. What if I want to quit before the semester ends? Can I get a pro-rated refund?
A4. We open access to full semester materials upon admission. Therefore, we do not process refunds.

Q5. Can I pause my membership?
A5. In general, you must complete a semester to take a break. Like in college, you can't leave in the middle of it.

Q6. Can I get only the particular modules I want? I have experience.
A6. Your experience elsewhere doesn't count here. You must follow the program even if you are a Master in a specific tradition.

Q7. Is the price based on module level?
A7. No, the price is the same on all levels of the foundation program. You pay for time spent with us. More advanced teachings are given to more experienced students.

Q8. Do you offer in-person training?
A8. We make offline seminars among skilled adepts who have completed Foundation training.

Q9. Can you demonstrate your abilities?
A9. We don't show anything to the public. We may do it as necessary offline and only in a closed circle of adepts.

Q10. Can you teleport or strike with lightning?
A10. No.

Q11. What does it mean to be a Magus?
A11. It means to be on the path of vertical evolution, to gain freedom, power and see through delusions.

Q12. Why does the program take that long?
A12. It's not a 10-step to-success webinar or a get-rich-quick scheme. To become a Magus, you need many years of practice. Core Foundation School program takes about 4 years of training.