School of Ancient Arts

Abode of Magic Tradition and Cultivation

The School of Ancient Arts is the abode of Cultivators and Magic Tradition.
Developed by Magus Aeordimm and Neirong under the supervision of the Order of the Cosmic Storms, it condenses a decade of practical research into human development.

We aim to build a vehicle of cultivation. The main goal of our School is to transform an ordinary limited human being into a Magus, an awakened being with a set of skills capable of direct vertical evolution.

In our School, we remove all nonsense from esoteric arts and keep the training grounds clean of cult mentality, delusions, and monkey behavior.

The training is challenging and effective, applying the best teaching principles and practices. The training breaks into semesters, each with a deadline; study materials and techniques are grouped into modules with step-by-step progression from easy to more complex. School employs Egregore support, peer pressure, and feedback channels.

Our interest lies in growing a group of experts in Ancient Arts who will be able to conduct research themselves.

Five Core Subjects

Energy Work


Cultivation of Internal Energy potential and power.
Cultivation of Energy Bodies. Gaining awareness of subtle layers of self. Working with energy blockages and traumas.



Cultivation of Mind. Perfection of Self. Release of suffering and mental knots. Increasing mental power, focus, and intellect. Removing monkey mind, mental parasites and obstructions.



Magic Cultivation contains Arcane Magic and Practical Magic. We are studying and working with the channels of sefiroth tree - planetary forces and core elements. Path of spiritual (direct) vertical evolution.

Other Worlds


Building energy bodies skills and power. Training to travel outside of the physical vessel and explore reality beyond physical limits. Interaction with other worlds and beings.

Third Eye


Extrasensory perception development. Training in Visualization skills. Development of Magus I-I (Internal Interface). Improving perception and development of an ability to see Energy.

Foundation Program in Ancient Arts

  • Year 1 Semester 1

  • Year 1 Semester 2

  • Year 2 Semester 3

  • Year 2 Semester 4

  • Year 3 Semester 5

  • Year 3 Semester 6

  • Year 4 Semester 7

  • Year 4 Semester 8

  • Year 5 Semester 9+

  • MT101 - Meditation

  • TE101  - Visualization

  • EW105 - Self Regulation

  • OW108 - Astral Travel

  • TE102 - Magus Hall

  • MT103 - Ego Shedding

  • AM119 - 19A The Sun

  • PM106 - Elemental Magic

  • Exam

  • EW101 - Energy Cultivation

  • EW102 - Fireball

  • EW103 - Lower Dantian

  • AM101 - Magic

  • OW109 - Dream World

  • AM122 - 22A The Fool

  • AM121 - 21A The Success

  • AM118 - 18A The Moon

  • Exam