Artefacts are physical objects that possess magical qualities or are changed with energy. This is a general description page.

Main Artefacts Types

Type A - signal beacons

These artefacts contain resonances and coordinates for different emanations, energy sources, and states of mind. For example, Major Arcana talismans are helping consciousness to scan, locate and interact with a source of Arcane power, and maintain a connection. They do not necessarily possess a significant energy charge.

Type B - Energy Modifiers

These artefacts contain some amount of controlled energy and can affect the wearer's energy levels and transform body energy fields. For example, defensive spells can shield and increase density in the energy body, making it less susceptible to external interactions.

Type C - Database

This type of artefact contains some form of knowledge or insights on accumulated non-verbal information in mental planes. It can be an aid in subject learning.


Type A - Artefact with Intelligence

Artefacts such as genies that have consciousness, and can make decisions based on stored knowledge.

Type B - Artefacts with Spirits

These contain a caught spirit on a different plane of reality. It could be an elemental, a demon, or an astral creature.

Type C - Devices

Complicated mechanisms. For example, a capsule that works as an engine continuously condenses Earth and Cosmos's energy into itself. The devices have the most extended usable charge life.

Artefact Crafting

  • Only a Master with a lot of magical and cultivation experience can charge a non-living object. Even then, the charge may not last very long.
  • Every artefact is handmade, and there are no two same artefacts.
  • Artefact power depends on a Magus spiritual force and the amount of time it took to charge.
  • The value of an artefact depends on its power.