The Magus Order of the Cosmic Storms is a closed group of high-level Adepts. The Order studies and researches Ancient Arts. We specialize in Arcane Magic, Meditation, Visualization, and Energy Work. Beyond that, we are interested in exploring Other Worlds and Cosmos.

The School is under the direct supervision of an Order and trains and develops Adept to become skillful and qualified enough to become an active member of the Magus Order.

Hierarchy of The Order



Outer Circle. A first rank in the Hierarchy. It is only the start of the Path.

  • 5+ years of daily cultivation and training.
  • Successful completion of all core modules on the Foundation Program.
  • The mindset of a Cultivator.


Inner Circle. Seasoned and experienced cultivator participating in individual and group assignments.

  • 10+ years of daily cultivation and training.
  • Completion of Advanced School Training.
  • Two research projects, one on the topic of choice in Ancient Arts, another on practical applications of your acquired abilities in Life
  • Attendance at several offline Retreats.



Masters are at the core of the Order, producing research and developing methods.

  • 15+ years of daily cultivation.
  • Non-trivial accomplishments on the Spiritual Path.
  • Developed Third Eye.
  • Massive Contributions to Order research and development.
  • Successful Completion of 8+ research projects.



Elders are beings of the ultra-high level of power and consciousness.
To become an Elder is the primary goal of the Order members.

Elders are seclusive and may not even live on this physical plane.

Practically unattainable level.

Paradigm of the Order

Mountain Pyramid
Main Statements


  1. Ancient Arts are spiritual traditions and systems of knowledge focused on Spiritual Development.
  2. The path of a Magus is the path of seeking truth.
  3. Adepts abandon samsaric existence in a swamp, the essence of which is a senseless pursuit of desires and illusions.
  4. Training in Ancient Arts involves training in Meditation, Energy Work, Third Eye, Magic, and Other Worlds.
  5. Acquired skills and abilities are the tools necessary for an Adept to explore the world and seek the Truth.
  6. The training and cultivation lead to breaking through the shell of ignorance.
  7. Gaining a new level of development is a qualitative and permanent change in oneself and one's capabilities.
  8. Through Cultivation, Adept frees himself from energy blockages, inner darkness and imperfections, and suffering.

Order Structure

  1. Masters of the Order manage the School of Ancient Arts.
  2. School teaches and Initiates students into the Ancient Tradition. Completion of School Foundation Program is the standard gold entry to Advanced Training.
  3. Completion of Foundation Training awards a nominal grade of Adept.
  4. From Advanced Training, Adepts receive graded assignments and extensive possibilities for individually tailored long-term research projects.
  5. Magus, who completes Advanced School Training, is qualified to join the Order of the Cosmic Storms.
  6. The Order collects monthly maintenance membership fees.
  7. The Order tracks the activity and contribution of members.
  8. The Order allows exchanging of knowledge and spiritual values.

Ethics Code

  1. All Adepts of the Order follow ethical standards of cultivators, which include but are not limited to :
  2. Non-disclosure and non-dissemination of information and knowledge entrusted to you.
  3. Adepts of the Order cannot engage in theft, deceit, and fraud.
  4. It is not allowed to demonstrate your abilities in public, on camera, or in front of an uninitiated audience.

Violation of ethical standards leads to expulsion from the Order.

 Order Goals

  1. The Order researches, recovers, and preserves traditions of Ancient Arts.
  2. The Order is exploring other worlds and planes.
  3. The Order has an interest in exploring Cosmos and Cosmic Forces.