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Foundation Program - Curriculum

Overview of the School Training Program

Foundations define the future potential of a practitioner. While there are quicker schemes to develop, they do not provide the necessary basis fitting our Magus Order standards, they get stuck at the most primitive levels of self-development with an impassable bottleneck, and they do not provide any degree of protection and safety, with a lot of people in this field, eventually going mentally ill and suffering from deviations/pitfalls.

When an Adept who is exceptionally talented and successful attains siddhis, he will eventually realize the existence of bottlenecks and find the need to rework his foundation training. The problem here, however, is that you have to go back to the first starting exercise, and first starting piece of knowledge, and scrap everything you have learned since then.

To rebuild foundations properly, you would have to unlearn everything. With life being short it is a difficult task for most. That should explain why there are so many people who spend a lifetime dabbling into esoteric, but so few who achieve any meaningful results.

Five Core Subjects

Throughout the decades, we have obtained an extremely rare set of expertise, very particular siddhis such as third eye energy vision and deep knowledge of ancient tradition. The skills made it possible to craft this program.

Well balanced foundation has to be a jack of all trades, you have to learn general skills and knowledge that is acceptable to most future paths. Before a student learns or decides on a particular specialization, he has to get the proper well rounded training.

If to simplify it to the most base level, if a person trains only his body, he won't be prepared for the cultivation training. Same thing if he only trains his mind, he won't have the energy and vitality to sustain practices, at that rate you would be hitting bottlenecks, stagnation and end up absolutely nowhere.

In our program we are presenting five core subjects, balanced to provide the best results.



A key skill to balance and control one's mind, consciousness, and segregate own spirit from the body.

Third Eye


Visualization training. Development of the brain and Ajna potential. Vision ability, strengthening of the mind.

Energy Work


Accumulation of Energy, Strengthening of Energy Bodies, opening various channels, removing blockages, correction of energetical and mental traumas.



Initiation in Ancient Tradition, study and work of arcane principles, powers, channels, spiritual worlds, core elements and nature of the universe itself.

Other Worlds


Ability to externalize energy and conssciousness outside of a physical vessel. Ability to travel in other worlds, ability to gain experience and survive there. Ability to regain awareness in Dreams.

Foundation in Ancient Arts Program by Year

Year 1 - First Step

  • MT101 - Meditation
    • Essentials to control one's mind
  • EW101 - Energy Cultivation
    • Core exercises to raise one's energy levels
  • TE101 - Visualization
    • Introductory training opening of the Third Eye
  • EW102 - Fireball
    • Creating and manipulating energy objects

Year 2 - Developing Core

  • EW103 - Lower Dantian
    • Accumulation and storage of raw power
  • EW105 - Self-Regulation
    • Chakra maintenance work that improves energy flow and well-being
  • OW108 - Astral Travel
    • Awareness of subtle bodies and OBE training
  • AM101 - Magic
    • Introduction to the Magic system through Arcana System

Year 3 - Awakening

  • OW109 - Dreamworld
    • Exploration of dream worlds, you'll learn skills of remembering dreams, mapping and navigation
  • TE102 - Magus Hall
    • Continuation of TE101 that activates the Third Eye
  • MT102 - Ego Shedding
    • Focus on freeing the mind from impediments, negative constructs, and shackles
  • AM122 - The Fool
    • A module focused on the first of the Major Arcana

Year 4 - Becoming Adept

  • AM121 - The Success
    • Studying the energy of 21 Arcanum - The World
  • AM119 - The Sun
    • Studying energy of 19 Arcanum - The Sun
  • AM118 - The Moon
    • Studying energy of 18 Arcanum - The Moon
  • PM106 - Elemental Magic
    • Exploring the Magic of Fire, Air, Water, and Earth
    • Parametrization of object scanning

Admission to Foundation Program

Admission to the program is free, there are no special requirements.
We would advise not to apply if you have any serious (debilitating) physical or mental ailments. Additionally, do not apply in expectation to heal or treat any disease.

The training happens on our discord server. The link to our discord server can be found after you finalize the tuition payment. For payment option you can opt for monthly or 6-month membership subscription.

After accessing Discord server, write self-introduction and fill an application form.

As a student you will be required to submit written practice reports regularly.

Year 1 - FIrst Step

These are the most foundational and fundamental practices. Not the most fun to do, and not easy despite being starting practices.
First step is one of the most important, you learn how to cultivate and how to practice effectively. How to manage your time and structure your training.

We build proper meditation skills, learn basic energy cultivation practice, learn to sense Energy (Qi), learn core of Visualization skills.

Most people who fail here lack dedication and motivation. Come for wrong purposes, to the wrong place. This is training, it is not the same as watching lectures, reading books, imagining yourself being a Magus, or advanced being, or buying membership in the Mason Lounge or Rosencreiz order. Here you face the reality of cultivation. Just like in the real world, you start small, and the first results you get will not be life-changing. However, over time you accumulate experience and proceed further.

Year 2 - Core Development

From second year, training goes into core practices. The work goes in dramatically increasing energy potential, solving energetical and mental blockages and traumas. Without increasing energy potential and without solving most critical energy blockages in mind and body, it is nearly impossible to develop.

In the end of 2nd year, students finally initiate and get taste of magic tradition and beging training of the astral body and astral travelling skills that are paramount for future progress.

Year 3 - Awakening

Third year is called awakening.

Here we also start development of a massive potential in Third Eye, it builds up on the previous skills developed in Visualization module, while building a special structure in alignment with magic internal development.

Consciousness and awareness further develops in dreamworld module. Students learn how to work with dreams.

In third year, we start delicate work with the Ego structures, impurities in the mind, improving quality of meditation skills. While working with blockages and traumas is important, it is even more important to get out of "mundane" mindset, and stop earning and creating new problems for the self. We teach basic ethics code accepted among Adepts and internal circles.

Serious magic work begins with the study of 22MA (The Fool) Illusion. Without acquiring necessary qualities here, you would be stuck inside an Illusion, even a whole lifetime of effort would be multiplied by zero with no progress possible.

Year 4 - Becoming Adept

Final year of Foundation Teaching, gears a student to become Adept. This year fully focuses on Magic training and developing necessary qualities and skills.

Advanced work in magic with Lower Arcanes 21MA and 19MA builds layers of self and experiences supporting up to anahata level, balances and harmonizes mind and body. These qualities are necessary to avoid losing control or sanity on higher levels. It purifies self from negativity and pathogenic astral influences.

18MA opens the path to cultivation, harmonizes energies of yin and yang.

With practical elemental magic Adept starts to develop real ESP and scanning abilities.

Year 5 - Exams and Admission

After the 4 years of program is completed the final steps to join the Order are exams.

If admission to the Foundation program itself is open to everyone, then admission to the Order further will be done on case by case basis. We will review potential candidates by their overall performance, character, progression over years and by the results of their exams.

In this year there will be no new modules but two exams.

Year 5

  • Written Coursework / Case Study
  • Practical Test / Demonstration of Abilities

If candidate succeeds he will be granted official role of Adept of Ancient Arts and membership in the Order of the Cosmic Storms.

Development as a Member of the Order

While school is a conditional structure that may open or close doors to new applicants at times.

Magus Order is a permanent structure that exists all the time.

For those who become admitted in the Order, there will be a monthly membership meetings, where further training will be done live in online format with powerful non-verbal transmissions from one of the Masters.

    • Opportunity to participate in offline retreats.
    • Monthly meetings with group work in magic circle
    • An access to individual training
    • An access to individual or group research projects.
    • Advanced Training curriculum, that develops Adept into Magus.

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