Adam Mizner - Taiji Quan - Internal Arts - Scam

The roots of scamgong have gone deep. Over the years, it was growing and brainwashing the audience about what "Internal Arts" are. You can see masters push hands everywhere on the Media channels. The problem is that people search for Genuine and Authentic Internal Arts for methods of self-development and spiritual and even physical cultivation. Internal Arts teachers claim it is a genuine ancient Chinese tradition containing all they seek, from the roots and martial ability to the spirit and enlightenment. Seekers get trapped into an endless sinkhole of pointless exercises and activities with little to no tangible benefit.

Being false-promised health, longevity, immortality, internal power, unique qualities, and martial prowess, those teachers scam and fool their students for selfish reasons. In this article, we will see how and why this happens.

Taiji Quan as a Martial Art

The first claim and the central pointer which attracts so many people into the practice is that Tai Chi is an ancient, secret, wisdom-filled Martial Art that knows some more profound truths about biomechanics, Qi and Human development, unlike a "normal, primitive" Martial Arts. We have weak, old, infantile people, women and elderly, learning this stuff, hoping they will gain martial prowess and self-defense ability without engaging in serious martial arts training. Chill relaxation practices and slow forms followed by fancy demonstrations of a Master pushing or throwing his students with his little finger, all create a sense of a "Martial Art for Chosen."

The ideas are about hacking the reality, becoming ultra strong Goku who can finger flick, and anyone will fly.

"Hold my hands," says the Master, and I will show you how you fall or get pushed back when I move my body weight around.

Here is a cold shower of reality; nobody will ever hold your hands outside the "Taiji Quan" class or marriage.

Taiji Quan is a fake martial art and it revolves around a cult of a Teacher/Guru, like many other Fake Martial Arts.

Authentic Martial Arts

Authentic martial arts are practical and proven to work in combat, by the experience of hundreds and thousands of years, of generations of people fighting each other.

Genuine Martial Arts develop :
Strength - physical and endurance training, fast-paced exercises, sparring with skilled opponents.
Speed - developing subconscious reflexes and footwork, you are training your nervous system to be faster than any untrained individual. Someone slower absolutely won't be able to respond, defend, block, or even hit you. A normal human reaction is around 250-300ms, someone who has trained can be twice or more faster than this. That means an untrained individual won't even see the strike properly.
Technique - different martial arts have a variety of methods, but none of them is about standing still and having your head open. What every Taiji Quan master is famous for doing and teaching will get you killed or crippled in any real fight.

Taiji Quan practitioners probably expect to have time to root, ground, stand still and wait till their opponent comes slowly and gently holds their hands while being completely off-balance.

Internal Martial Arts as a demonstration of Qi power

The second big lie is that "internal martial arts" showcase Qi Power. We can see this in the movie "Power of Chi," in which Adam Mizner played a key role. Pushing people around is biomechanics, weight redirection, and a problem with their center of gravity. It has nothing to do with Qi and devalues and defiles the whole concept of Qi cultivation. Just because he can push his students around with his hands physically does not mean he is moving Qi or has a lot of Qi.

Qi is energy that, when projected, could cause burns, freeze, electrocute, or move things at a distance. A qi pressure could choke people up without touching them. What is being shown by Adam Mizner is a far more trivial ability any person can do without any training. It is not a martial art nor a qi ability.

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Taiji Quan as a spiritual development path

Taiji Quan is not a spiritual path of development. Nobody can develop spiritual and mental bodies via pushing hands, stretching, or relaxing physical bodily tissues. This is as real as trying to travel to explore cosmic space on a bicycle. It is nothing more than wishful thinking and ignorance.

Internal Martial Arts have become a massive online cult attracting countless people to its web. They are not providing anything substantial of value.

In many cases, when unable to prove any martial arts potency, Tai Chi followers say it is excellent for health.

Health - look at Adam Mizner; he is suffering from obesity, baldness, and other health conditions we don't know about publicly. The protruding belly is not normal nor a sign of a big Dan Tien. This is a supposed teacher of many wondrous methods he has been practicing for 25+ years.

Martial Ability of Taiji Quan practitioners = zero

Spiritual Development = zero

Moral development is also terrible as teaching "fake martial arts" builds up false belief in one's martial ability and prowess. It is a classical Dunning Kruger syndrome when people start to overvalue their actual capabilities, ending badly when reality kicks in. Instead of developing fundamental skills and essential self-defense abilities, people develop placebo beliefs and delusions. Investing time and money building a pink and fluffy pipe dream.

Adam Mizner as a Teacher

Every time I opened his videos, he talked random nonsense like,
"See, my chi moves there but not here."
"Form, open the form, close the gates."
"You are more yin, so you run away, so you get trapped"
"You are more yang, you fight back, so you get trapped"

Adam seems to be full of those Pearls of Wisdom.
I don't think he understands what he is saying, but he is just constantly babbling "pseudo esoteric nonsense" to impress the unsuspecting audience.
While teaching complete bullshido, like self-defense on a couch.

The teaching model of a weekly video opening, over 5 years is another case of time waste, that can only be justified from business standpoint and is not made for the benefit of students.

Martial Artist Debunk Adam Mizner

While most people don't bother walking in the dumpster of internal martial arts because it is simply a cult full of schizophrenia and delusional people.

These two videos are factual and informative debunking and recommended to watch.

Guru Skill Level

Adam Mizner's skill level is complete garbage, not only in martial arts but in cultivation and spiritual development in general. Otherwise, he would not be teaching and scamming his audience with this level of schooling. Note, we did not have to find anything on purpose; he put those videos by himself on his own channel as a promotion.

Adam Mizner is following the golden book of every scamgong teacher. To look like a Master, demonstrate your "great" techniques versus complete beginners/clueless non-resisting people.

Fruits of Practice

One sure way to evaluate any teaching is to look at its students. And what is good here is that the top students of Adam Mizner are not shy to show off their skills and results of training, even coming on TV channels.

Adam Mizner students

If it even requires comments beyond the self-talking image, that is the look you would expect of women after having menopause with slowed down metabolism, poor diet, and no physical exercise. They have feeble internal energy, dim eyes, and clouded perception.
Also you can watch the full video here.