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We do reviews after conducting thorough research, scanning, and evaluating "masters," their instructors, and students. I had the pleasure to talk with Lotus Neigong students and observe the results of years of their training. I had seen how the teaching was structured and laid out, leaving a deep impression.
Only after we consider the teaching hazardous and detrimental to truth seekers and individual spiritual development do we take action so people can make an informed decision. The report is not an attempt to save people deep into the cult and believe everything said inside; those are beyond any help.
We also don't seek to recruit students from other schools, as scamgong schools serve their purpose by filtering all non-serious and sleeping people.

Fake Martial Arts

Along with recently reviewed Adam Mizner and his HeavenManEarth, Damo Mitchell teaches several "Authentic Ancient Chinese Martial Arts," such as Tai Chi and Baguazhang. You can read more about fake martial masters and Dunning Kruger syndrome in The Rise of Scamgong - Exposing New Age Fraud. In short, the only reason fake martial arts exist and people learn them over the years is that neither the masters nor the student would ever test the skills in practice against a real opponent. You will want to study and learn some authentic martial arts as soon as you get hit to the face and knocked out.

Why "Internal Martial Arts" are so popular in the West is understandable. Because becoming a "martial artist" who does not ever need to show or demonstrate his skill, who never goes to the gym, who is allowed to grow a pot belly and drink beer daily is too appealing for the masses.

People realize they can become strong Gokus like their Masters without dramatically changing themselves and their lifestyle. Fake Martial Arts are still the better part of teaching and more accurate than anything else promised down the line, like spiritual development and enlightenment.

Internal Arts Academy Review

I have met many scamgong teachers and bad teachers in various Ancient Arts. Still, I have never met someone like Damo Mitchell, utterly incompetent, dumb, driven by greed and profit-making without even a glimpse of honesty and ethics.

Internal Academy Subscription has no Feedback option, no Tracking progress, and no contact with the Teacher. Even some of the worst schools have it because they are at least true to the word "school." Schooling is an interaction between Teacher and Student, and prerecorded Video/Audio lectures don't constitute that interaction.

The only thing the Lotus Neigong Academy requires from its students is clicking the next video button. A student has to click the next video button for precisely 168 hours after the previous one to be able to "progress" on the path of "cultivation." You will also lose your subscription time if you fail to click on time.

Damo came up with an explanation that if they waste more time on each "video lesson," it is only right for students and was made for everyone's benefit. This kind of teaching requires students to have zero self-respect, to continue clicking like an NPC, and eventually become part of brainwashed cult followers with no critical thinking. The lack of feedback and tracking is excellent from a business standpoint as it allows thousands of people who make no progress to keep paying money, thinking they are getting somewhere.

The yearly subscription is one thing, but there are around 20+ extra courses that you can buy. In the Academy, you get previews or ads of those courses.

In addition, note that Academy deliberately fakes the look that it is large and has a lot of content. All those lessons in their vast majority are some 10-30mins short video lectures, which in reality could be written down in a small post. There's so much water in his content that a single exercise can take 3 hours of talking; 90% of that is filler talk that is supposed to make viewers think there's a lot of content.

Video lectures are one of the most inefficient ways to deliver information, the human speech rate is limited, and when people miss something or want to refresh a lesson, they have to rewatch the entire thing to find it. Text information is always denser and takes less time than audio. Reading is not only faster but also offers much higher comprehension. But you would not be able to sell and market a few pages of text the same way as 40 hours of "priceless" video content, right? And 40 hours of priceless content does not look as massive and "valuable" as many years of 20 mins weekly lessons. Fake Masters like Damo Mitchell and others use this method to boost sales and promotions. If you filter their content out of all the unnecessary nonsense, sometimes even 3 hours long lectures turn into a tiny paragraph of 2-3 phrases of helpful content. That is not an excellent quality either.

Let us review the Neigong program of Lotus Neigong/Damo Mitchell school. (You would have to pay $520 to see this program)

The information is dripping by a drop each week, while the content is bloated and poorly structured.

"Preparation for bed"

"How to eat properly."

"Give it all away, baby."

"Where is the video on how to take a Daoist dump?"

Some irrelevant and useless Qigong sets exercise are taking the whole month of a program - even though Damo admitted in some other lecture, he does not believe they work. There are a lot of other lessons that cannot be related to Neigong or Daoism but rather give a feeling of some New Age mumbo-jumbo. You have no choice and no way to avoid this, you would have to grind through garbage to get to any tiny piece of neigong knowledge, which also turns out to be a fake.

See that Qi Emission 1 video? It is a clickbait title, there is no Qi Emission Training there, and it can't be.

What about the connection with trees in Year Four? I feel that he was just carrying his emotional experience around trees and decided to bloat the program even more.

Cult Leader

If you think an inadequate teaching program, shady business model, and incompetent and stupid training structure designed to milk money rather than grow qualified students is bad, what comes next is much worse.

Lotus Neigong is a massive online cult taking off profiteering on people's desires to develop and evolve, which rivals the one of Jim McMillan and Western Mopai, exhibiting all similar traits/factors. People feel FOMO (fear of missing out) and then think that they have finally found an authentic legit lineage that will carry them from start to end...

It causes all kinds of bashing online, like we are doing the authentic training and you are not. Next comes a swelling of pride; that's why people react so religiously when Damo or his school is mentioned online, as it empowers their self-belief into the right path of cultivation.

I mean, people brag and talk about how good some school/teacher is, purely to feel better about themselves being a part of the said school.

Some Damo Students said that for being able to touch "authentic genuine teaching," you should be willing to pay billions, trillions, and quadrillions of dollars. That is another delusion widespread in Cults, as selling Ancient Arts is not a Teacher's job. No Guru living right now in this world has invented Daoism, Neigong, Qigong, Yoga, Magic, or any other Ancient Art. No teacher owns those arts or holds exclusive copyrights to those traditions to market them for selfish profits.

Although the teachings and their possible results might be priceless in the long run, it is not something you can simply trade your money for to have access to. It comes from many years of training in The Arts, and if the medium (school/teacher) is corrupt, it will never come. What most New Age teachers sell is not training or knowledge itself; it is a feeling of being special, a feeling of elitism, a thought of learning something genuine, a sense of belonging to authentic lineage, and all kinds of emotions and sensations coming along.

Damo's Students

There's very little to no conversation between Damo and his students. Therefore, no critical thinking is ever encouraged. When you speak with his students, you only hear repeating of his mantras taught in the video courses. His students come off as angry, arrogant, and unable to speak from personal experience. They just copy-pasted whatever Damo taught them without any questioning. When you ask them what they have achieved after many years of practicing his teachings, they never answer directly and get very defensive. They can't admit that they wasted a lot of time and haven't attained any results.

Students mention doing it for better health, which is the giant red flag. You can't objectively measure health increases from the practice. Most students don't measure health markers with doctors at regular intervals. And these results may provide little clarity that health is improving and no proof that health is improving due to practice.

Damo's students claim he has an authentic lineage, yet you can get those certificates in China by simply passing a few courses and paying for them. It reminds me that in some places, you could buy a degree in any profession and start working without having to attend for many years. Just like in India, there are millions of "gurus," so it's easy to mask a lack of skill behind some papers which no one will care to verify. We know this because we've been in this marketplace and known many teachers, for which it's simply a way to get ahead and start making money.

Misleading and False promises

Qigong Deviations Free Course

People are delighted with the free courses; they see them as a sign of generosity or kindness. But it is not, in fact, a "gift."

It is a marketing method, and while it can be used in genuine marketing practice to promote, in this case, it is a hidden manipulation. People going through such courses conclude that this is the only school to avoid a myriad of problems and teach safely. No other school has taught them about these mostly imaginary issues that appear in practice. Qigong deviations course is developing confirmation bias and instilling a fake sense of security. You may think you will avoid any problems if you listen to this course. What you really are doing is wasting your time and getting brainwashed.

Students cannot tell themselves whether they have qigong or mental deviation; that is not their job. The Teacher's job is to identify issues and navigate students to solve them. Self-diagnosis is a crooked path, the same as becoming self-enlightened, self-initiated, and self-attained.

In reality, there is no such thing as learning about "qigong deviations." You don't need to learn how to prevent qigong deviations. Trying intensely to avoid something is more like developing an obsessive phobia. What is required are proper practices and supervision; when you join LNG school, you have no Teacher oversight and are left to yourself, watching a short video recording every other week like a zombie. No, Damien, no advanced students or instructors check your work and progression or can see when you start developing a deviation. They don't even care because it is only a school on paper. But you keep thinking it is all safe and secure, as these people made free "qigong deviations course" and even teach "Chinese traditional medicine."

It is also a dangerous attitude because no "perfectly safe" practices and methods exist. People delude themselves that there are "safe, authentic methods" taught by scamgong teachers and "dangerous, unsafe" practices taught by everyone else. Reality is not black and white; when cutting vegetables with a knife, your fingers can easily be cut. This happens with good blades. So, training in powerful techniques always has certain risks and dangers.

That is why supervision by a teacher and advanced students is mandatory for a school to be a school; nobody sane is teaching from books or pre-recorded lectures.
Adequate training gradually builds skill, turning dangerous practices into a piece of cake. The higher your skill level and overall development, the more independent you can be on the path, and the more dangerous and potent practices can be approached while maintaining an acceptable level of risk. All of these require progress tracking.

Overview of promises given directly and indirectly by Lotus Neigong.

  • Develop Health

  • Develop Martial Arts

  • Qi Projection

  • Authentic Lineage

  • High Level Alchemy

  • Awakening

  • Enlightenment

  • Immortality

Damo vs Damo

Bodhidharma Damo is one of the few renowned cultivators that live up to their name and deserve respect. Damo Mitchell stole his name to boost his popularity and rankings. It is similar to the genius inventor Nikola Tesla when people stole both Nikola and Tesla to run some shady businesses, which worked wonders. The real name of "Damo" Mitchell is Damien. The short name from it would be Dame, Dami. Calling himself Damo beyond pure marketing and business profiteering is desecrating the ancient tradition and defiling ancestors. Using the name of God or the name of an enlightened being for personal gain is looked down upon in a community of people with any spiritual values.

Bodhidharma explicitly warns of teachers like "Damo" Mitchell coming and pretending to be Gurus. "Those are followers of Mara and Goddess of Death, spreading lies and ignorance. Someone who has not awakened self can never teach awakening to others.". And he is right in this statement. Moreover, he warns against Teaching others before you have built a wholesome quality and freed yourself from mundane afflictions. Otherwise, the Teacher is projecting his internal defects onto others, creating a vicious cycle of negative karma. You can never help alleviate others if you are unfree yourself. This whole teaching thing becomes a circle-jerking activity.

Did you know that Damo Mitchell started teaching when he was barely 20 years old? That is not an age when someone can get permission to teach any internal or esoteric arts. For a talented and hard-working person with daily practice, it takes a decade or more to gain initial qualification in esoteric field to begin teaching.

Damo Mitchell Level of Development

I have not seen much, but few bits of talks from Damo I have seen, show the case of atrocious and non-defendable ignorance in cultivation and internal arts.

1. Damo and his students look down upon Visualization. Often they put Visualization and Imagination as interchangeable words. I will carry with a brief explanation for those who never practiced profound Ancient Arts. Visualization is the act of Creation; Magus creates objects with his mental force. Here is an example from 3D reality that people can reflect on and understand quickly. If a person is drawing an image, that is Visualization; if a person is drawing a 3d design map, that is a work of Visualization; if a person is writing a complicated novel, that is a work of Visualization. Software is genuine, and it is a code that runs everything around you, from banks to computers you use to access this website and read this same article. All of these things are real and non-imaginary. Magus and high-level cultivators are all using this high-level ability in practical means.

Imaginary things are imagining yourself as rich and a billionaire while not being to afford basics in life. The imaginary thing is believing you will become more developed in 3-5 years of lotus neigong school because of all the promises and positive reviews creating the confirmation bias. The imaginary thing is Damo Mitchell, a master of internal arts, and his students walking the path of authentic Chinese lineage.

Imaginary things have no basis in reality. A painting, however, is real, and it may be worth millions. An elaborate software algorithm can be worth billions of dollars and significantly impact the whole civilization. People without Third Eye, without real siddhi and abilities, cannot interact with True Reality and objectively evaluate someone's level of spiritual development; they can only make up delusions.

2. Damo is not aware of energy bodies. The idea of moving energy with energy bodies instead of physical sounds crazy to them. His statements about chakras are bullshit. "A person with Open Muladhara Chakra will be able to move bodies of other people and be in control of them." - Pearls of Wisdom, Damo Mitchell.

3. Stretching is sold as an ultimate spiritual practice. This part, at first, really stupefied me as Damo and his students have managed to develop a cult mentality around mediocre/junk grade stretching exercises and sell and promote it around as some intense deep spiritual mystery secret development. According to the Damo cult, ballerinas must be all enlightened. There is another similar scale delusion in the "pseudo-esoteric" field. Rawfood and Breatharian Cults believe that fasting is a highly spiritual practice. The one who eats less is more spiritual than the one who eats a lot. Whenever you don't eat anything or stretch your physical body, the only kind of development happening on a spiritual level is imaginary. Those are claims of people having zero clue and no understanding of spiritual work.

4. Damo cannot meditate despite 30-40 years of practice. While we can see it looking at him, a reader would be more impressed when Damo admits it himself. With a flawed meditation technique, you are not developing any lasting qualities, so spending a lifetime doing the same thing without any progress is very much possible.

5. I could have just put this picture and not written anything of the above in this article, as it is self-talking.

damo mitchell smoking cigar

Fruits of Practice

The fruits and merit of the Teacher's work are his students.

The Teacher's job in cultivation is simple :

  • Organize and structure teaching and knowledge in good form and adequate shape for students to progress.
  • Observe the progress and provide feedback. Also, some methods may require individual transmission and carrying tests/exams.

The Teacher is someone with a higher skill level who can guide the path.

That is it, nothing about sitting as spiritual deities together in the forest and hugging trees, spreading bullshido around, and building up a cult where you are a special unicorn in a divine garden.

Damo Mitchell Lotus Neigong answers none of those factors. The program is structured weirdly and inadequately, which hinders progress on purpose. Also, its terms are improper and have misleading titles that hook students and cause clinging. There is no progress tracking or feedback during training on the Academy and courses platform; you are left to yourself.

Damo has been teaching for over 25+ years, an incredibly long distance. Yet, in all this time, he has been unable to grow a single student to any decent level in cultivation or spiritual development whenever people drop out because he has nothing to offer or it is a pure swamp with no progression ladder. But not even mild spiritual awakening or siddhi in a single individual. Although you have read this article, you probably already know why this happened.

Lotus Neigong does not grow any cultivators, any awakened beings, or any masters of internal arts. It grows cult followers, forum warriors, and NPC's biorobots highly dependent on Guru to authorize them and lead them forward because they cannot think for themselves.