The Rise of Scamgong - Exposing Fraud


Have you ever thought about why around us there is so much scamgong? The scamgong teachings and practices people can notice and readily identify as scamgong are only a peck of the sand in the desert full of degradation, corruption, greed, manipulation, and questionable practices. Those practices can occupy a person for a long time or even fulfill their Ego and fill the void in life. However, they cannot serve as a reliable path of cultivation that would lead to genuine spiritual development. After some time, people who learn scamgong teachings become scamgong teachers, and this vicious cycle spins out of control. We will explore the factors behind the rise of the scamgong trend from the perspective of a Magus. 

However, before we dissect spiritual and esoteric scamgong, it is worth looking at the scamgong occurrence in Martial Arts. Unlike spiritual and magical development, Martial Arts are physical, easily verifiable (watch people fight), and observable by everyone, even without a developed Third Eye or ESP abilities.

Fake Martial Arts

Some material worth checking out on fake martial arts.

Exposing Fake Martial Artists Pretending To Be Real

The Bizarre World of Fake Martial Arts


There are tens of thousands of fake martial arts teachers who teach millions of people skills that won't ever be applicable or helpful in actual combat, such as defending from a drunk neighbor while sitting on a couch.

It may cause harm when a self-confident and ego-boosted person thinks he is skilled and strong and gets in a real fight in life. Things get ugly quickly, and illusions shatter with a practitioner's death or a debilitating injury. To the luck of all these systems, the world we live in now is a relatively safe and civilized place, and most people won't ever get into brutal fights to the death. There is also a relatively solid chance they will meet another fake martial artist, and the fight will be in equally handicapped conditions.

One thousand years ago, it was different. Learning Martial Arts was an essential skill to pick up for survival. It would often mean a difference between life and death, freedom and slavery, prosperity, and misery. Fake Martial Arts could not disseminate so much and spread their nonsense around. There were no internet or mass media, and the fake martial arts Masters would quickly die in battle. Martial Arts developed and constantly evolved in wars and life-and-death conditions. Many people died in wars, but those who survived had their skills polished and grew to another level. You can never compare their skill level to learning Martial Arts by reading books or taking casual classes.

Similarly, regular fighters who compete in competitions and with other professional martial artists will destroy those who learn ancient secret Chinese martial arts without any actual fighting involved.

With the invention of firearms and civil laws, Martial Arts lost much of their popularity, meaning, and practical usage in the modern world. To gain the necessary experience, people moved into fighting and competing in computer games and various simulations. While it does not carry the same risks of death and debilitating injury, intense competition and pressure develop and train Manipura Chakra qualities and the nervous system, reaction, and coordination.

We can observe the same thing happening in many modern games and simulations. People who avoid competing with other skilled human players and practice playing with bots or preprogrammed dolls/NPCs are not at any reasonable level of skill and ability and never get there, period. They avoid human opponents and avoid challenging themselves, which would easily shatter their Egos and make them face the brutal reality and fall into the pit of despair.

By avoiding reality, they quickly enter delusion about their unmatched skill and Grandiose abilities. That leads to them proclaiming themselves Masters and teaching their imaginary skills to an unsuspecting audience.

Dunning Kruger Syndrome

Dunning Kruger Syndrome universally applies to self-development, skill development, and learning. It explains how people with no skill and knowledge can have incredibly high self-esteem and use it to become a guru of scamgong teaching. In most cases, those are the kind of Gurus you can find online, on Reddit, and on forums.

Dunning Kruger victims also think that with self-development, development of any skill, and cultivation only they put the time into practice 1000 hours, 2000+ hours, they would beat any skilled master. However, the reality 10-15 years later shows that they have no real progress and don't come even 0.01% close to an actual Master's level in whatever art or sport they have been training in, despite spending an obnoxious amount of hours.

The conclusion here is that anything that is not tested or met with reality and that cannot be applied practically quickly spirals into delusion. Delusion is the true nature of any scamgong teaching.

Xu Mingtang Seminar

Fake Abilities

Hard Daoist Qigong

Hard Qigong is a secret method of strengthening the body with chi energy. A bit less physical than fake martial arts and more with bogus claims and pretense on some spiritual and self-development path. They claim to develop Qi to a level that allows performing "supernatural feats." Immediately using it as proof to a gullible and ignorant audience that their teaching is authentic because it gives real superpowers. They often devalue actual spiritual teachings and methods as fake, as they don't bring such incredible demonstrations of abilities. They often say that things they perform are deadly and dangerous, and I have seen one "Enlightened Qigong Master" say that he can bend a sharp spear with his throat, but his Teacher, who had trained for 50 years, can twist the knife with his eye. It is a blatant scam, and anyone selling this is either a mentally crippled being with IQ below the floor level or an impious devil incarnate who is intentionally lying and scamming people to gain financial profits and media recognition.

Iron Shirt Qigong followers are numerous and not exclusive to any particular tradition. You can find the same tricks being shown all over the world. Let's debunk them one by one.

Bending sharp objects by the throat - they are not piercing their throats. Humans have a very sturdy collarbone there at the base of the throat, and this is a thing anyone can do with no training, even someone's grandmother. No mastery over internal energy is required to perform this trick. Bending a knife or sword by eye works with the same principle as the trick above. "Grandmaster" pushes the blade against the skull eye socket instead of directly pushing it into the eye's middle.

Breaking bricks on the head, by Hammer, or any body part is not dangerous. Hitting the head with a hammer without bricks would be lethal, but having multiple bricks shielding and spreading out impact force not. This scam aims at people who don't have even the most basic physics knowledge.

Walking, sleeping, or standing on nails - ordinary people use it as a massage tool. Scamgong artists claim it is a superpower ability worth decades of training and extraordinary talent. If it were one sharp needle, yes, that would be dangerous.

Breaking stones by hands or fingers - the trick here is that an impact with another stone damages the fragile rock; even a 6-year-old child can do that; if you watch the videos closely, you will see that moment of a lifting.

Bending spoons is a 100% scam based on physics and friction. Otherwise, miracle metal benders would bend any metal, not just a spoon. Spoons and forks have a weak point, overheating under physical pressure until it becomes moldable.

Firewalking - is a useless activity. Anyone can do this. Prepared coals and feet soles poorly conduct heat. Walking on broken glass - big chunks of glass from bottles are not even remotely dangerous. The tiny needle-like particles you might find at home can make you bleed a lot and be painful.

Pyrokinesis - many salts and chemical liquids can cause fire after exposure to air or friction. While any demo can be faked this way, the one where "Master" puts his hand inside a pile of rubbish and moves it is the more obvious scam.

GrandMaster Wolf, a known charlatan, and scammer used a heat machine and cut out the soundtrack from the video to hide it.

Electrokinesis - several devices you can buy relatively cheaply that can produce lightning bolts (discharges) from fingers in certain conditions. Roughly a $20 device can turn a nobody into a John Chang and make it possible to scam fools out of their money.

Telekinesis - one funny case I can mention is that I have seen a "Master" who trained in meditation for 25 years, and he was showing how he moves with his hand a match stick on a thread inside a plastic bottle. This demonstration was a purely static electricity feat; anyone could do it without training or meditation. In many cases, telekinesis is a wind or heat movement.

Magnetism - is a superpower that works with things and physical objects, getting stuck on dirty and sweaty skin. It utilizes the supernatural law of friction, which is unknown to all who claim this ability.

Despite all the debates around it, Breatharianism - another superpower many scamgong masters from Yogi and Ancient Chinese claim to have, is the easiest to prove and debunk. Anyone who claims this ability is a scammer with no morals or principles. Sometimes people unknowingly delude themselves into thinking they have an ability or superpower. They truly believe it because they want to and have lost touch with reality. It is also a sign of weak cognitive function and Dunning-Kruger syndrome. If "Master" engages in scamgong activities knowingly and willingly, it is a big red flag. You are not dealing with anything even remotely spiritual here.

The whole thing about chasing abilities instead of developing spiritually and developing self is an egomaniac approach; those people rarely get further than half step in cultivation. It is understandable why this happens. Developing superpowers over a weekend seminar sells very well, jerking off Egos is profitable business, and those seeking to gain these feats are the prime consumers and enablers of scamgong. You don't want to learn real martial arts or spar with real opponents; you want to become Goku without sweating. You find any of the numerous fake martial arts masters out there to satisfy your needs and primitive urges.

Scamgong True Nature

Scamgong is essentially the art of selling placebo and meaningless fake achievements to people while dragging and distracting them as far as possible from actual cultivation and spiritual practice. Now that we have laid the topic's foundation, we can go deeper.

There are different levels and tiers to scamgong. Through multiple systems and teachings, I have seen that scamgong levels vary. Sometimes you could even stumble upon a hidden gem under the pile of rubbish. To evaluate the practices, you need to have something to compare. Just because something works to an extent does not mean it is good. To honestly evaluate any system, you have to reach the top. Most people never get there; being stuck like a frog in the well at the bottom levels, they cannot see the system's limitations and flaws. They start deluding themselves, projecting the desired outcome of teaching into reality. Discussing the scamgong, we are more interested in showing the principles rather than bashing or exposing particular individuals. There are countless scamgong practitioners, and many more will be coming. There are apparent scamgong teachers with millions of followers publicly talking nonsense about spiritual cultivation and ancient arts. They are not worth discussing whenever they have millions or thousands of followers and students. Scamgong Master attracts students not because he is some unique being or a rare animal in the divine garden. He can do it because the conditions for the scamgong exist. Those conditions and principles are common among many.

Principles of Scamgong

Lack of critical thinking and internal audit - a trend is going online to glorify and blindly believe teachers. "He is a spiritual teacher and a divine figure" - not to be questioned or doubted. Zealous, fanatical students are identical to sheep walking into the slaughterhouse. When you ask them critical questions about why they are going there and what they hope to achieve, they cannot answer anything meaningful and often become aggressive in defending their Master's bright name.

Public opinion is easy to form and manipulate, which scamgong teachers abuse to make themselves look like genuine Masters. There are fundamental norms and books about how an "enlightened Master" should behave or look. Having actual merits of cultivation and cosplaying oneself as having those in public is a profound internal difference. However, for most newcomers, cosplay, a fake version that they observe outside, is more appealing than reality. Cultivation cosplayers go as far as it takes in the art of pretending, where no genuine master would ever step.

Authentic Lineage

Being part of an authentic lineage is a widespread concept that enables many scamgong schools. I will give a quote taken from one of the scamgong school websites. "I am teaching from an authentic lineage from this branch, but I won't name my teacher." - this is a highly appealing statement for prospective students. It instills a sense of security, certainty, and feeling special by being historically written. While those people clearly do not understand the meaning of the two words in the sentence: lineage and authentic.

A lineage, moreover authentic, has to have verification, tests, exams, and control in place. Otherwise, what does "authentic" even mean? There is nobody in there to authenticate and supervise the teaching. The lineage with no control over who teaches their methods is a dead/broken lineage.

If we are talking about a particular line of passing down, it must be trackable, at least in 3 generations. It is a bunch of nonsense tied together to improve sales. A lie said many times and recirculated around by people becomes public truth. The idea is to connect your teaching to known ancient lineages or reputable names like Zhang Sang Feng or Bodhidharma Damo.

In the real world, outside of a fantasy imagination, lineages do not last; the chances of corruption and degradation with passing age increases, not decreases. Accidents happen, and even Masters can die without passing down their skill and knowledge.

On the other hand, the bad news for those who bow to spiritual authority and titles is that you can buy anything in human society. You can become a Daoist Master with a legend on Wikipedia and books written by professional writers that talk about you in third person like a Deity sent by three Immortal Sages. You may become a holder of a specific lineage, a Lama, or a Tulku. You may be recognized for your past life achievements, all the status things attainable within a particular price tag or connections within power circles.

Fruits of practice

One of the effective ways to evaluate any Master is by looking at his students. Ask them what they learned/gained after training with the Master. It is a red flag if they cannot answer anything meaningful in their own words. After 5-10+ years of training, higher-level students should be able to demonstrate or showcase practical skills and personal qualities that no average untrained individual can have. Otherwise, that means they have been wasting their life away while listening to esoteric junk. It is a bad sign if a Teacher has been active for decades and high-level students do not exist. People don't stay in scamgong/destructive cult sects once they realize what it is genuinely, and they will recognize it once they spend enough time.

Those kinds of Teachers are not interested in higher-level Adepts, so they keep teaching beginner courses repeatedly for decades, primarily preying on newbies and people without significant knowledge, experience, and skill in cultivation, as those won't be able to spot scamgong.

Lack of self-reflection skills causes fake Masters to use the years spent teaching as a milestone of achievement and proof of "deep experience in art." The years of experience in practice or teaching itself do not tell us anything about someone's qualifications or skill, unlike the inability to grow anyone to a high level, which is very telling.

Cult Leaders - Personality Cults

Unlike many people think, a Teacher's role, purpose, and work is not to travel around like a rockstar while giving enlightening, heartwarming speeches that make the elderly open their mouths in awe. It is neither to talk about how great and unique a divine beast he is nor how his upbringing and life path are different from any other human.

The Teacher's job is to teach, and the scamgong job is to scam. Scamgong teachers are more interested in promoting their persona and spreading their faces around. They tend to develop several well-studied psychological disorders walking this path, similar to Instagram models and pop stars. When there is nothing worthy in teaching itself, an enigmatic leader persona projected and supported by zealous followers keeps and brings students around.

Eventually, they start believing that by staying close to this Teacher, one day, they will become as good or even half as good as all the projections and delusions piled up after years of scamgong teaching. Indeed, this can never happen in reality, in which all those projections never had an objective basis and verification in the first place.

Scamgong teachers usually suffer from insecurity and lack of skill; thus, they often pile various titles, diplomas, and certificates. Here are some real-life examples I have found after short surfing the internet.

  • Honored Naturopath of Europe
  • Master of Folk Medicine
  • Certified Instructor of the Universal Healing DAO Mantak Chia
  • Runic yoga instructor STADAGALDR
  • Licensed Hypnologist
  • Certified yoga teacher Reiki master
  • Vedic numerologist
  • Traveler
  • Vegan/Raw food since 2011 (Very important information)
  • Certified Naturopath¬†

When certificates are not enough comes an accreditation or a positive reference from another scamgong teacher, a different school, or a direct master of a scamgong method. All this is needed to establish authority over prospective students and make them buy whatever nonsense promises and broken bad teaching are in the bag.

Scamgong promises

The descriptions scamgong Masters make about their teaching are often complete nonsense that can hardly be different from bs generators. Mumbo-jumbo is hard to read and impossible to understand as it carries no logical and meaningful value. It may look like an esoteric, mystical, or even spiritual text for many newcomers. People easily believe in nonsense, calling it spiritual, magic, or even their mind and spiritual evolution. Once you buy into one part of nonsense, you are opening up and become susceptible to scamgong teachings and more likely to buy into it, becoming detached from sanity.

Next comes the fake promises of power, wealth, health, superpowers, and so on, in a long list of popular desires. Some Gurus don't even bother writing what you will gain from their outstanding teaching but say you can materialize any wish and want in life. Only pay $$$ for a seminar.

Here are some examples of fake promises from publicly available masters and their websites.

  • Understand immortality and how to achieve it
  • Get a body without diseases
  • Learn how to live to 200 years and stop aging
  • Activate cellular regeneration
  • Energy diet, how to live without food and water
  • Unlock DNA

Overblown Expectations

Scamgong Masters set high and unrealistic expectations for prospective students, spreading profanation and degradation.

Imagine if you see a sign telling you that in 1 day (1.5-hour lesson), you can learn a new language or get a Ph.D. by spending a few hundred dollars and a few hours of your time. Nobody would buy into a scam like this; most people would know that earning a Ph.D. and learning an entirely new language from scratch is hard work and takes plenty of time.

Whether it is a childish belief in a miracle or fantasy or many years of scamgong brainwashing propaganda, people, for some reason, think it can be different with cultivation and Ancient Arts. Scamgong Teachers sugarcoat cultivation and esoteric knowledge as something available for everyone and easily accessible via a short seminar.

The harm done here is much more than just a financial scam. Once a student buys into an overhyped junk and starts training into broken teachings without connection with genuine art and living masters, multiple negative scenarios exist, from simply losing interest and motivation to developing physical and mental illnesses. Teaching can also be a dead end with a solid unpassable bottleneck.

Cultivation and Ancient Arts are much more demanding than any higher education. The amount of time that one has to spend to become a Master cannot be simply 100 or 200 hours and your set to teaching others with a shiny certificate. For reference, you can see how long it takes in our school, and this is an optimistic projection. But this leads to another standard and profoundly rooted delusion among scamgong followers.

Cultivation Myths - Masters' Supernatural Powers

Probably most Scamgong Masters that have been active for some time and have a certain amount of followers are clouded with myths and legends about their outstanding and supernatural abilities and powers. Those street legends, at their core, have no basis, or sometimes there is a very trivial ability that the followers inadequately perceive due to their ignorance and lack of knowledge.

Scamgong Masters can have particular abilities. We have already talked about the levels of Scamgong. I met a scamgong Teacher on my early path; the seminars were online and not even in person, and when he looked at students or focused his attention on someone, people would sometimes feel and report intense heat and waves of burning sensations.

Another Scamgong Master I met had a higher level of development and a dense energy field around him. When meeting him physically, people with weak energy would almost feel choking and heavy pressure pressing them down to the ground.

Quite often, as proof of a particular Master's great level, something even less impressive is used. I have seen videos where Scamgong Gurus let a newbie feel Qi with their hand and pretend it is profoundly spiritual and high-level attainment.

Confusion between Physical and Spiritual

Another trend in the Scamgong Arts is an attempt to portray and sell physical exercises as a profound spiritual practice.

Whenever people are doing Hatha Yoga, or Chinese Martial Arts, for some reason, they do believe they are engaging in spiritual development and find themselves great scamgong Spiritual Teachers. Anyone can do physical exercises; low entry barriers are suitable for scamgong, but it is not the same with actual cultivation and spiritual practice. The physical body is as far as it can be from the spiritual body. Stretches, yoga, and fitness benefit health but do nothing for spirit development.

Claiming that those practices are doing spiritual growth is the same ethical level as selling a million-dollar NFT image of a house and telling buyers this is their perfect future house.

Linear Progression in Development

We already discussed how a time-hour spent on training is not a good measure of skill and ability. Most fake esoteric schools and teachings commonly accept linear progression and thinking. People believe that if you sit for 4-hours a day in full lotus or stand for 5-hours on one leg in a particular pose, you will develop immensely and become a very spiritual being. People believe that those who sit for more hours have higher skills in cultivation, although both activities are purely physical outer forms.

It is understandable, however, that most people cannot see energies and touch higher realms with their consciousness. Some even go as far as to claim that you need to spend 100 hours in a row in a specific pose to progress, and that is only a real sign of high-level development. They believe you must do something for ten years before seeing noticeable results. They believe in the certainty that If you spend a necessary amount of hours doing certain practices, you will reach enlightenment or a high level of development. This example is what we mean by linear thinking; a programmed bot in an ancient computer game would have more brain cells and the capability to think.

The problem with linear progression is that it only exists in an inflamed imagination of scamgong artists or fake martial gurus. From the temporary viewpoint, let's accept that progression is Linear. The progression means we are moving somewhere, so there is at least Point A and Point B, and we can model a linear path. You have a path from point A to point B. But, somehow, they assume everyone is the same and moving at the same speed. It is, of course, the genuine, authentic lineage with the brightest, most talented Teacher, so you can never doubt or question it.

If we look at our world, you can move from point A to B by walking, you can take a bus, you can take a car, an airplane, and in theory, you could fly on a space rocket. Let us take 5 mins of cultivation time, for example, and put it into the perspective of travel distance (work made) per time.

Per 5 min time

  • Walking speed = (5 mins x 80m) = 400 meters
  • Bicycle = 1.200 meters
  • Slow Train = 4.800 meters
  • Car = 9.600 meters
  • Fast Train = 28.800 meters
  • Airplane = 70.000 meters
  • Space Rocket = 3.333.333 meters

Physical examples refer to current civilization development; cultivation can be even more unfair. The ratio between travel by Space Rocket and Walking speed is roughly 8000:1.

In other words, a scamgong neophyte sitting would have to spend 2000 hours sitting in full lotus to match the effectiveness of the work of some Master doing 15 mins of meditation in any pose or place. This ratio can vary depending on the skill of various practitioners, but it is never a fair 1:1. But this kind of relationship can only be in a linear model.

The path of cultivation is not a straight open line. It has endless pitfalls and dead ends, in which people easily get trapped for a lifetime. A more practical and realistic example can illustrate how this works in our school.

Level One is the foundation training, developing skills of effective cultivation, and avoiding pitfalls. Getting through it takes about five years of dedicated training with consistent progression.

Level Two is much more significant. We estimate it to take ten years of dedicated training, but this projection counts in the effectiveness increase in practice developed in the foundation program. Without a prior Foundation laid, tested, and verified correctly - attempting to go at Advanced Training would make some exercises and training impossible, while others would go 10-15 times slower than projected. That would mean the time necessary to learn Advanced Course materials for a person without Foundation training complete and qualities acquired would be around 100 to 150 years - more than a person can live in this world. To put it in a perspective you can try to drain an ocean with a teaspoon.

Magick and Mental Health

Martial Arts practice and training require exceptional physical health. People who lack physical health, or have physical disabilities much more minor than competing at a high level, will not even be able to train in martial arts.

A similar connection exists between mental health and magic, the ancient spiritual art of cultivating your mental fields, higher energy bodies, and soul. A person with poor mental health and lacking cognitive skills and critical thinking is bound to walk straight into one of the countless Pitfalls of Cultivation and waste his life, health, and time meaninglessly. When engaging in genuine magic, an Adept has to be able to navigate their mind and consciousness with surgical precision and total control and keep a profoundly focused state while using the Third Eye's ability to discern between real and imaginary things. Cognitive skills are necessary to analyze and question the experiences obtained through practice. Clear thought and intellect are required to write the experience down and present it for peer review.

A mentally healthy and harmonious individual who has good practice would never need to engage in doing drugs or taking psychoactive substances.

Magick and Occult

Magick is a term introduced by one British occultist who has made a Cult out of himself while engaging in drugs, orgies, rituals, cosplay photo sessions, and ending up in a mental asylum. While developing mental health problems and consuming drugs can constitute all kinds of "magicky" experiences and sensations, for actual spiritual development or cultivation, it is akin to driving a boat without a compass, wheel, sail, or crew and full of holes everywhere, through an ocean in a powerful storm.

Here we have people talking with non-existent and imaginary spirits, angels, and higher beings, cosplaying themselves as a Magus while stockpiling meaningless certificates and made-up titles, conducting rituals for primitive and material goals like sex, wealth, and power, engaging in these activities to feel special and belong with a secret lodge and closed circle. People blindly believe in Magick and their supernatural abilities without testing them in a controlled environment. A solid belief in nonsense does not allow one to bypass the laws of the universe or thermodynamics. Still, it gets one's mind detached from reality and falls into a strong delusion. This delusion and the following sensations are considered an achievement on the path.

Then, we stumble across a book in Esoteric shops - "I have contacted Galactic Federation via a Channeling session, and here is the message they send to humanity."

Unfortunately, magick is what people most commonly imagine and refer to when we mention magic as one of the Ancient arts studied in our school.

There are many prerequisites and core skills and robust mental health and sanity necessary for the truth seeker to engage in the path of magic cultivation. Similarly, you must be able to fluently write and talk in language to study an academic subject.

For a scamgong magick, this is all unnecessary. Magick practitioners never develop the foundation required for proper magic study. Instead, they like getting wasted, drugged, doing obscene rituals, and participating in orgies as a quick way to alter one's perception of reality. Getting into different states of perception and developing all kinds of unusual sensations is considered a sign of progress. Then Adepts of Magick can share proud stories with future generations of how they seduced their mom through a special ritual or how they secretly govern the world.

Healing Scamgong

NLP Manipulation

Some teachers in scamgong use love bombing, but Healers love using this method. It works miracles and makes a Healer gain a lot of positive reviews and accumulate wealth quickly.

Love bombing is a technique where you start praising and flattering a patient after working with him. Most people's critical thinking and attachment to reality disconnect after the first words of flattery. I.e., you go for a healing session or a massage, and after the session, the "Healer" says how you have changed, transformed, and look different now and only need 10-15-20 more sessions to change your life entirely. It will work even better in contrast if, at the start of the session, a Healer sighs and say that you have a lot of issues.

Instead of letting you see and observe for yourself whenever the treatment did anything, they inflate your self-assessment of their work by a simple NLP suggestion. I have encountered this method even with Healers who could do something meaningful with their hands. It is just that they inflated the value of their work massively to cause an unhealthy addiction in a patient and multiply profits.

Health Diagnostics and Scanning

ESP abilities are natural. When glancing at a human, a skilled Adept who went through proper School training could obtain various information ranging from their personality, spirit development, energy cultivation, organs, and physical health. But they would have ethical principles to never talk about this information or give a medical diagnosis.

Modern Medical Science has many objective diagnostics tools such as CT, MRT scans, and complex lab tests. People who care about treating patients would work with those readily available and practical tools, not with "I have sensed you have an issue here," even if they had ESP abilities. Sensing health and diseases is not enough to set a medical diagnosis. Only practitioners with profound knowledge of Medical Science, Anatomy, Biology, and e.t.c. are qualified to give advice and medical diagnoses. Trying to get medical advice from someone who does not have proper education is like trying to hire a flat-earther into NASA work.

Anyone offering paid diagnostics and scanning of health is a scammer. People seeking medium diagnostics or tarot health readings will be scammed off their money and possibly their lives.

Beyond ESP scanning, many pseudo-scientific devices, like bio-resonance and aura scanning, would also fall under Healing scamgong.

Bioresonance holistic medicine

Fake and Imaginary Diseases

I have seen various Chinese TCM doctors, Homeopathy Healers, and Ayurvedic Doctors. They always came up with some bogus ailments and conditions, some of which only exist in their belief systems, forming a long list of issues. When patients receive a diagnosis, they are shocked and believe they are lucky to find this great non-traditional Doctor who sees things that "Caveman Modern Medicine with state of the art XRay scanners cannot see."

The patient urgently needs to pay a hefty sum for procedures and treatments, which can be a wide range of mumbo-jumbo, similar to what we discussed in part two. However excellent and trustworthy those stories and remedies may look.

Those "Healers" can do nothing with genuine, objectively verified illnesses and diseases in the body. But it is another story to treat an Imaginary disease they have made up themselves. Going to an actual reputable medical lab and getting yourself tested will quickly debunk all the made-up illnesses.

Placebo Effect in Healing

Most Healers can work "successfully" for several reasons. A patient never objectively verifies if a healer's diagnosis exists outside the imagination. It happens as patients over-rely on sensations and feelings. The placebo effect can be painful, and imaginary diseases stress the mind and the emotional body, leading to symptoms manifesting or some physical damage sustained. Then a person will still experience relief from the treatment and could be trapped for decades in a cycle of going to the same Doctor and paying large sums of money for never-ending treatments from never-ending virtual diseases.

A patient heals from some actual disease, and Healer would claim all the credit for this thing to happen to his effective methods and skills. They are playing the role of merciful God and forgetting that the Human body is a living organism that constantly regenerates, repairs, and renews cells. There is a reason why all medical clinical trials go with placebo groups and use the blind testing method. (Nobody should know if they take working medicine or just a sugar pill) Many ailments can heal independently and go away naturally as time goes by. As it is said, it does not matter how you heal the regular Flu, with over-the-counter medicine, with herbs, or with shamanic rituals; it still takes, on average, a 7-day period to recover. The medical purpose is not to heal the Flu virus but to ease the symptoms and speed up recovery.

Many Healers aim for this timing gap, producing treatments that must be done daily for 3 or 6 months or more extended periods. Even if treatment does not work, many cannot do something each day for six months, so they think they fail to heal due to irregular medicine intake.

The placebo effect is a well-studied phenomenon. Despite this, the homeopathy business is worth billions of dollars; all it does is sell sugar cubes and pills with mumbo-jumbo names. Looking at the scale of the fraud, you can see the degree of mental sickness modern human society experiences.

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