About Magus and the Powers

Throughout the ages, we heard of powerful creatures that could perform unique and extraordinary feats, such as influencing matter with the power of the mind.

Magus is the most proper term to define such a person. Usually, in the West, we would refer to it as a magician or sorcerer, but those definitions get washed out and have other secular meanings. In Zoroastrianism, one of the oldest mystical religions, Magus was defined as a practicing priest of that religion. In Zoroastrianism, there was already a concept of duality (light and darkness), as well as a concept of four classical elements.

Until late antiquity and beyond, the term "mágos" (μάγος) was prevalent in the Eastern Mediterranean and Western Asia. It was influenced by, and eventually replaced, the Greek term "goēs" (γόης), which was an older term used for a practitioner of Magic. Over time, "mágos" came to encompass various disciplines such as astronomy/astrology, alchemy, and other forms of esoteric knowledge. This association between Magic and these disciplines emerged due to the Hellenistic fascination with Pseudo-Zoroaster, believed by the Greeks to be the Chaldean founder of the Magi. Pseudo-Zoroaster was also credited with the invention of astrology and Magic. This understanding of the term "mágos" is the source of the modern-day words "magic" and "magician."

In the Gospel of Matthew, three individuals known as "μάγοι" (pronounced magoi) from the East visit Jesus as a baby. The plural form "magi" was transliterated from Latin into English around 1200, specifically in this context. In English, they are commonly referred to as "kings" or, more frequently in recent times, as "wise men." The singular form "magus" emerged much later, borrowed from Old French in the late 14th century, and carried the meaning of a magician.

Historical Figures

It's unclear who of the classical writers possessed the powers they were referring to. We speculate that none of the famed authors of the Renaissance and onwards, such as Levi, Paracelsus, or Agrippa, possessed any spiritual powers. Their main role was to collect and formulate existing theories and knowledge, but understanding how to use it is different.

Ceremonial Magic

Many people who have an interest in Magic are fascinated by rituals, grimoires, and physical attributes. They think it's just that you follow the instructions, make a magic circle, light the candles and pronounce incantations at the required time, and voila, all is done. The missing key is Who's doing all those things, the active spiritual force. There's nothing in those grimoires on cultivating the spiritual force and making the work happen via its action. Magic is known as clown trickery because it's practiced by some clowns like Crowley. It's possible to conduct a ritual which yields to results, but people without experience will find it useless.

Capabilities of a Magus

Vision is an ability resulting in an active Third Eye. It allows a Magus to perceive and collect information beyond physical senses and physical planes. It could be a sensory, visual, or audial type of information. For example, we could feel pain or pleasure experienced by others. When we see a food item, we can taste it. When we look at a material, we can see its vibrations and properties.

Clairvoyance is the ability to see and correctly interpret important life events. Magus, by definition, is someone who has developed clairvoyance. In other words, you are aware of important events around you without request. A Magus will obtain knowledge in the form of visions or dreams that can foretell important events in his life or the world around him without a request. From my experience, I can see events anywhere from a few weeks to a few months ahead.

Checking for future events is different. Sometimes the system of active forces and events you are checking is very unstable, and it's not possible to see anything. Other times, the predictions are very easy because someone already made certain decisions, and they are playing out in the future; just no one knows about it yet.

Request for Information

Of course, a Magus can specifically look for a particular answer to a certain question and obtain answers with a high degree of accuracy. This rarely will be a direct answer, but rather in an allegorical way, which needs to be interpreted. This is due to the use of the subconscious mind, which doesn't have a direct connection to this world and has to rely on similar information stored in its memory. Remote viewing is also an option, and it was already proven some people can see it.

Influence on the Mental Planes and Active Subconscious

Magus has a presence in multiple dimensions. For example, if on a physical plane, he would look like an ordinary person, in the mental world, the size of the mental body or the sea consciousness is vastly larger than that of an ordinary person. It's like comparing an elephant to an ant. Also, the structure is very different. While the ordinary human has a relatively uniform structure, Magus is more like a hive due to an active subconscious mind. It's like a bus with many people inside; the most active is the consciousness of the current person, while the other riders are less active but still there. The other riders correspond to personalities of past lives.

Magus learns about past lives when working with Ajna chakra and activating the subconscious. Usually, at first, there are depictions of some high-energy events, such as death or wars. It could be landscapes of a previous life. Sometimes, a memory or insight comes in, and it seems like remembering a skill. There also could be voices in your head, where you feel precisely that it's not a mind of your consciousness but a separate person. That voice could be just one of many that are attached to your soul. Any experience that happened in any era is stored there. Most of the subconscious minds are sleeping riders on the bus; they don't have enough energy to wake up and perceive the surroundings. There could be a couple of ones that are more active. Still, they are much weaker than the conscious mind, and they can't take control. If there's a situation where the subconscious mind becomes too active to influence the person, we call it a mental health issue.

Other Worlds

Magus receives a lot of information from the subtle world, just as a person receives information with the five senses. It allows for out-of-body experiences and travels in the subtle body into different dimensions. There are worlds and creatures that do not exist in this world, and learning them is quite a feat. It's possible to travel to the same locations every time, only to see some activity change, but the landscapes stay the same.

Fate of Becoming a Magus

In our case, there was no choice whether to pursue this path. The subconsciousness was already active and influential, so we took decisions and the path only felt natural to us. The main distinction is that it happened at a very young age. In a young child, the consciousness is still developing, so the subconscious has more relative weight to make the new person pursue a particular path in life. Some people have different talents, which already show in children 3-7 years old. If there's no desire at that age for spiritual development, and a person wants to learn it as an adult, it just means the past lives likely had nothing to do with Magic, and the current life is the first encounter. In our case, the affinity to Magic was present at a young age, which tells us there's some memory or experience recorded in the subconscious mind. It doesn't mean you were a Magus in a past life; it may mean something similar, like a monk or priest.

Power of a Magus

A regular person can only obtain a position of power from other people; in other words, to make other people execute his will. In the case of Magus, it's different. Magus doesn't need an army, own a business with many employees, or have a seat in political office to be influential. Due to inception, Magus influences an area's mental fields directly to influence others' actions or outcomes.

In that way, the power of a Magus is very subtle but very effective. Also, there are no challengers to power, and anyone can grow resentful of the powerful person. In human society, someone with power also has a lot of responsibilities: to maintain order, to keep the subjects happy, to not appear in a certain way, and so on. Magus has no such obligations.

The human mind is controlled largely by egregores, and many of the signals to action are not coming from within but are influenced by society or others.

A Domain is an area within reach of the Magus' personal power. In that area, the will of the Magus may influence events or people's behavior. For example, a Magus may only wish something to happen in this area, and it will occur shortly by itself. But it doesn't mean that anyone living there will experience anything different. They will just slightly adjust their actions, leading to the desired result. This influence is often indirect, meaning there's no deliberate action upon the area; it's just the Magus's power that positively influences an area. For example, as a result, people may slightly change their behavior and be less aggressive or cause fewer issues, such as noise or trash on the streets.

Lower Body Capabilities

A Magus can have capabilities of lower bodies, but these capabilities can't define a Magus. For example, a person can learn to project Qi and perform telekinesis, electrokinesis, or a similar capability, but it's a capability of a physical and/or ethereal body. It has nothing to do with Magic. Strong lower charkas or full dantien will not make you more spiritual or aware of the subtle world; you need a higher-level practice.

That said, a Magus needs sufficiently developed lower bodies in order to be able to grow the sea of consciousness. Therefore, many of these feats, such as telekinesis, can be performed by a trained Magus.

It's important to note that these capabilities are lost after death, along with physical and ethereal bodies, and will need to be recreated again in new life. However, the Magus, who combined consciousness and subconsciousness into one entity, is able to keep much of the skills and memories into the following incarnations. 

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