Energy Work in Magic Tradition

Energy is the Fuel for the Cultivation

We have studied human development for many years to outline some basic principles, and the most common issue, in the beginning, is energy. Most people in society do not have excess energy potential; many are running an energy deficit. It's like borrowing energy from your body from a young age to be repaid with diseases and suffering when you get older.

Energy practices are akin to putting gasoline into a car. Without energy, it does not work. Only energy practices are insufficient in any path of self-development and cultivation. Just because you put gasoline in a car does not mean you will automatically drive to the right locations and do the right things. You still have to learn many other things and arts involved in spiritual development.

Both lucid dreaming and astral travel require a solid amount of excess energy to work. Someone running an energy deficit rarely, if ever, can experience these things. Spiritual development requires experience, and Adept can gain experience by spending energy on a practice. Clairvoyance or activation of the Third Eye requires an order of magnitude more energy and should not be tried early in one's path.

Preliminary steps people learn in our School of Ancient Arts are strengthening internal energy and developing energy (Qi) sensitivity to start with and maintaining - taking control of your mind, attention, and thinking process. Those two things are necessary for any kind of development to be possible. If people go into "esoteric" "internal arts" without prerequisites or having control over their mind and energy, they develop mental illnesses and qi deviations, nothing else. Often they end up relying on psychedelics because they cannot gain experience with their skills. Psychedelics are useless for any Adept of Ancient Arts because you can move your mind and energy bodies and gain the experience and results needed on the path.

A distinction must be made between spiritual and energy development. You can train in Neigong for your lifetime, develop a strong Qi potential, and gain abilities to impress ignorant audience by zapping them with an electric current. It will have a low impact on your spiritual development; you will not be much different from a person who goes to the gym to grow muscles. Having developed muscles has certain benefits, but it will surely not make someone immortal or develop permanent spiritual qualities.

Energy is a collective term for all the powers that can do work. There can be entirely different types of energy. One power can bring a human to enlightenment; another can destroy his health. A human has an energy structure that can be divided into two parts. The first is consciousness, and the second is the vessel. The powers of the body and energies of the spirit are different.

An ordinary person may have a lot of energy on the level of a physical body, but there will be little to no power on the level of consciousness. Body energy structure is represented by three lower chakras, Muladhara, Svadhistana, and Manipura. Due to poor lifestyle, bad habits, lack of abilities, and lack of practice with Qi, many people do not have proper energetics. On the contrary, we have seen many people trying to practice Magic when lacking physical and lower-energy body strength. It's a completely useless practice that yields no result and can only further deteriorate the practitioner's physical and mental health.

Self-development requires energy, so fixing and developing the lower energy bodies is a preparatory step before entering Magic. Energy itself comes and goes. One of the goals here is to eliminate holes in the vessel and prevent leakages of energy through ineffective and wrong lifestyle and living habits.



Meridians are channels of internal energy currents inside the human body. Meridians have become widely known in Chinese Acupuncture, which is used to treat various human diseases, prolong life, and improve wellbeing. From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, a person is a complex system in dynamic equilibrium (homeostasis) with many internal connections and connections. In other words, inside the human body, there is a system of links connecting one organ with another part of the body. And these connections are called meridians. This knowledge in itself is the development of the ancient Qigong masters, who, learning to control their internal energy, discovered and sketched the location of energy meridians in a person.

Disruption of energy flow in the meridians and stagnation can cause health problems. It often happens that a person's energy is not evenly distributed, and there is no balance. That is, somewhere, there is a surplus of energy; in another place, there is a deficiency and both cause problems. A person who is well versed in the system of energy meridians, firstly, can identify the cause of the disease by symptoms and, secondly, apply an effective and comprehensive correction.

Of all the meridians, the most significant energy channels stand out: the posterior and anterior median meridians. The energy channel at the back runs from the coccyx to the top of the head and is a yang channel. And the energy channel in front goes from the level of the lower lip to the perineum and is yin. As a result, these channels are activated and closed together, thus forming an energy loop in qigong called the Microcosmic Orbit.

A whole subsection of the study involves activating the microcosmic Orbit. Energy circulation occurs naturally when there's enough potential difference between different parts of the body. It allows even energy distribution and transformation from lower vibrations to higher vibrations.

Energy Cocoon

Energy Cocoon

Every human life is inside an energy cocoon composed of power threads that represent energy bodies. Once a human develops, it becomes possible to be aware of this cocoon and see others' energy fields. The energy cocoon is the cascading and layering of energy fields on the seven chakras. If your Third Eye is open, you can visually observe the cocoon's levels and even detect imperfections.

In Magic, a considerable amount of work with spells involves Energy cocoons. Just like meridians on the body, there are energy connections inside the cocoon. A Magus can strengthen the connections to increase the integrity of the cocoon. Also, various spells are created to shield and protect the energy cocoon from possible negative external impacts. 

Chakra System

Chakras are energy centers within the energy cocoon, where many power threads are wound together. Charkras are also the gates through which energy can be transferred or exchanged with the external world. There are seven chakras and seven bodies. The chakra system is an energy model, viewing humans in different vibrations and frequencies. Every chakra has its frequency or vibration that is represented by color. This color or vibration is linked to the fact that different processes occur at different speeds. For example, Muladhara, or the physical body, is the most inert, low-frequency part; changes in muscles and bone structure occur slowly. Training the physical body, a human will slightly boost his Muladhara chakra. But then there is a thought, which is also a substance. The thought is fast, and it can be faster than a bullet. Thoughts are also an energy-matter, but they lay on a different frequency of the Vishuddha chakra.

muladhara chakra

Muladhara chakra - the lowest chakra, visualized by red color, located near the coccyx area, bound to the physical body, develops with physical training, yoga, and sports. Muladhara accounts for overall organism health and bones; it connects human to earth power through the lower channel.

Svadhistana Chakra

Svadhistana Chakra - this chakra is between red and yellow in color; it relates to reproduction, the hormonal system, and sexual organs. Svadhistana is linked with the Ether body and human polarity.

Manipura Chakra

Manipura Chakra - is yellow; Manipura is the primary energy center and is located in the solar plexus. Manipura relates to the astral body and governs the nerve system, digestion organs, and senses (feelings).

Anahata Chakra

Anahata Chakra - Green chakra linked with the emotional body; emotions are generated here; it also relates to the heart and cardiovascular system. Animals think on this level. Emotions give an integrated assessment of the situation. This evaluation is simplified as good or bad. Active Anahata is also connected with the perception of the future through feelings or premonitions. That's why animals often evade natural cataclysms.

Vishudha Chakra

Vishudha Chakra - light blue chakra, located on the level of the throat and linked with mind and thinking, Vishuddha produces thoughts. This chakra, if developed, provides awareness, crystal-clear thinking, and information processing power. If Anahata assesses situations as good or bad, on this level, nothing is rated as good or bad; many more details are taken into account.

Ajna Chakra

Ajna Chakra - dark blue chakra, located between eyebrows slightly inside the skull. It is often connected with pineal gland function. Ajna makes it possible to generate visions and vivid images. Advanced Ajna Chakra provides the ability to see the spirit world and perceive reality directly. It is also linked to subconsciousness.

Sahasrara Chakra

Sahasrara Chakra - purple chakra located on top of the head; here is the connection with the upper channel and egregores. On this level, communities, religions, and other societal structures are built. It's also a connection to the higher realms and cosmic energy.

Dan Tiens

The concept of Dan Tien is the incomplete analogy of the chakral system, simplified, where instead of seven chakras, there are three Dan Tiens; they serve, however, a different purpose. Lower Dan Tien is based in the navel area, middle Dan Tien is the heart center, and Upper Dan Tien is the Third Eye center or Crystal Palace. Developing lower Dan Tien in Qigong serves the purpose of creating a battery (energy structure) for further practice. In most Qigong traditions development of lower Dan Tien is described comprehensively. However, the development of higher energy centers and spirits lacks information. Usually, Qigong practitioners get stuck working with their lower energy boies and do not progress beyond it to the upper levels.

Energy Pathologies

The most common view of a human energy structure divides the entity into seven chakras or seven bodies. Energy body pathologies or traumas are disorders on the respective levels or charkas. Unlike the awareness of the physical body, there's no awareness of energy bodies, and it's hard to tell if the energy body has any damage.

Energy traumas and pathologies may go unnoticed for a long time. The event that caused the trauma is forgotten, but the trauma itself does not go away. When a cultivator starts the practice of discovering the pathologies, he may remember all these events. The body uses energy and recreates itself consistently using stored genetic information. Any disruptions from higher energy bodies will gradually but inevitably affect the physical body.

Svadhistana Pathologies

Svadhistana Chakra has two parts yin and yang. On this level, there will be an exchange of sexual energy between a man and a woman. If one has improper sexual partners or changes partners too frequently, the chakra will not be able to adapt and have harmonious energy exchange, wear off, and eventually damage. Damages here speed up aging or develop infertility.

Manipura Pathologies

Manipura chakra or Astral body is damaged when an individual experiences stress, tension, or an intense desire for something. Any strong feelings or attachments may devastate Manipura chakra. Stress can create unstoppable eating habits. There is stress eating and eating comfort food just to feel good. Eating disorders are the result of this level of energy imbalance as it is directly linked with the digestive system in the physical body. These traumas may also feel like tension, anxiety, fear, or tremor in the body.

Anahata Pathologies

The body of the Anahata chakra, or emotional body, is damaged when there are strong negative emotions. It is possible to drive a car happily throughout life and then suddenly crash fatally. Similarly, the emotional body, when going overdrive, becomes vulnerable and gets damaged. Depression and bad mood could also be a sign of weakened Anahata.

Vishuddha Pathologies

The level of Vishuddha is the mental plane. The state of this chakra influences intelligence, critical thinking, decision-making, and reaching your objectives. It gets damaged from unrecovered failures, limitations, and barriers in life. For instance, if a kid goes to school where his thinking is forcefully dulled and limited, that will affect his ability in the future to develop. Vishudha produces thoughts, so damages here make the thinking process biased and delusional.

There can be a considerable amount of pathologies and damage on all levels. If somebody gets used to being resentful, Anahata's trauma develops, and it becomes a permanent bias that affects perception. If you make a habit of expressing anger and a bitter attitude, it will become a permanent part of your sea of consciousness, and you will no longer be able to live without those negative emotions.

Evil Eye is damage to the Energy Cocoon, like a hole in a glass of water, it will cause energy leakage. Evil Eye may happen spontaneously during the conflict when the offender is not a trained Magus but just happens to concentrate their thoughts and emotions against you. Evil Eye made by a Magus can lead to very dire consequences. Magus has a strong ability to focus energy and crush other people's energy structures. Such an evil eye can lead to misfortune, hardships, and other poor consequences.

Curse is much worse than Evil Eye. When Magus makes a curse, the target is usually doomed. It's a deliberate spell formation to damage the person's health and wellbeing and bring around specific misfortunes. It's different from the evil eye in that it's not just a temporary reaction; it's a deliberate and planned power application. Usually, a curse can't be removed, and a Magus will not try to remove a curse set up by another Magus.

Fixing energy pathologies

It is possible to work with most of these pathologies through meditation and concentration. Some problems only require awareness. One must relieve himself from obscuration to solve a problem. It is not enough to remove a pathology; you have to change yourself and understand why it even appeared in the first place. If you do not change yourself, the problem will come back, and it will come back worse. We devote a significant amount of training time to resolve these issues.

Lack of Energy

A general lack of energy is a common problem in spiritual practice. If a person feels weak or ill, he has no power to change himself. To walk the path, you need energy and lots of it. Any spiritual practice or meditation may significantly drain the practitioner.

It's a question of energy balance, just like the balance of a banking account. Any person consists of energy by default, so the deficit of energy is caused not by the lack of energy production but rather by the excessive expenditure of it. There are many active and energetic people that don't know anything about the lack of energy or even the notion of human chi, but they feel alive and well. But their lifestyle gives them a power bonus, whether they do it consciously or not.

Sometimes, lack of energy has to do with Manipura chakra. Stress and anxiety disturb digestive organs, translate into poor energy balance, and reduce a person's willpower to do anything productive. Then, it leads to a vicious cycle of doing nothing and feeding bad emotions. The only solution then would be to pick yourself up and get out of this mess forcibly.

Usually, if a person feels lazy, tired, or sleepy for extended periods and only wants to eat, sleep, and be passive, it's a bad sign. While a couch potato sits and does nothing, an active person works hard without the sign of tiredness. But what does separate the two? It may be illogical, but the lack of energy results from the person's passive lifestyle. An average day is low on events and emotions that may lead to a depressive state, and it means low energy in the emotional body of Anahata-charka.

When we are talking about lack of energy with regard to spiritual development, it's important to clarify the type of energy we are talking about. Many people, when feeling low energy, think the problem is in their bodies, but in many cases, low energy is not a consequence of some disease but a low state of mind. A person may appear healthy but constantly feels tired and empty, even though they didn't do any hard physical labor. So the problem is in mind, in the negative emotions and thoughts that drain energy. In many cases, this leads to apathy, being introverted and not outgoing.

People may regard this as a part of their personality and be proud of their solitude, but in reality, it's their ego that drains them. When low on energy, a person becomes self-centered, pessimistic, dark, and insecure; he (she) becomes a yin-object. Other people see this and avoid communication with this person because they naturally feel how their energy drains toward that person, and nobody likes to feel down. It leads to a vicious circle; people with low energy feel others abandon them in the sense "nobody likes them," and they lose joy in life.

Distraction and absentmindedness may also be a symptom of low energy in the conscious. Some people daydream a lot, and they often find themselves in their fantasies and illusions. However, any thought or illusion may materialize in the future, so we deal here with people's inclination to the Air element, which involves active When is Air element is most active in the conscious, the energy levels get lower because the metrics of space connected with Air element has lower energy density, there is more vacuum. The outside pressure of a realm is lower, and the person loses more energy into space until there's a lower equilibrium point. Mages are taught to find energy sources there, but they are not ordinary people. Daydreamers usually lack power and are more talkers than doers, but this low energy is a state of mind, and no forceful ways, like physical exercise like morning jogging, can fix this. Yes, physical exercise is an action of "now" and forces a mind out of thinking into reality, but the problem is that the mind will return to its original state sooner or later. Therefore, new year's resolutions usually don't last, and the jogging will end quickly.

Sometimes tiredness and lack of energy come from a problem with the physical body. When a person leads a sedentary lifestyle, the chemical and energy processes in the body slow down, and the conscious gets less energy from the body. A person may have a chronic issue, and the energy supply will decrease because the body is fighting the disease. If there's a problem with the body, physical exercise may help. Higher muscle tone increases blood circulation and reduces stagnant processes like low metabolism.

More often than not, people begin to lack energy when they discover spiritual development and start learning the occult. This is a great work that is unseen to the eye but requires a great deal of energy. Someone strives to achieve a higher state of mind and to "increase vibrations," but the price for this is very high; recovery from one state may take weeks. It happens especially when you train improperly or without guidance. It's easy to find exercises online, but there will be missing details, such as exact mechanics, how long to do it, and frequency. Because of missing information, the same exercise can do more harm than good.

Many people spend years trying to achieve some higher state, but all in vain because they do it wrong, like trying to drive a car without gas. A practitioner also needs to remember that any magical experience takes a toll on health and the immune system. That is the reason a magical practice should be exercised in a cheerful mood and should be limited so that consciousness is not overstrained. Mages first learn techniques of finding energy sources, so unprepared conscious should not attempt to do any magical work.

Energy Protection

Energy Protection is a magical defensive spell that shields energy bodies from external damage. If one needs the protection of the physical body, in the past time's armor was used. People who do extreme sports use various protective gear and clothes. This protective gear helps avoid the risk of damaging health or physical injuries. Energy protection has the same purpose and meaning behind it. Magi use defensive spells, especially when exploring the astral plane.

Most people do not have adequately developed energy sensitivity and perception, so it is usually too late to do anything about it whenever they get into an adverse energy event or face social vampirism. The person feels weakness and apathy, the symptoms of losing energy.

Energy protection is handy for Magi who travel into other dimensions and worlds. Most worlds have plenty of inhabitants, and humans might be tasty food. Mages use various kinds of protective spells and energy barriers when facing spirits, dead elementals, or demons. Some places in the spirit world might be toxic on their own, and energy protection is necessary the same way it is for the physical body in an area with harmful radiation.

For a social vampire to drain your energy, they first need to establish an energy connection, anchoring a target and dragging, which creates a strong reaction in a victim. The vampire can consume the released power. It is possible to make such a defensive energy system, which the potential vampire won't be able to connect to at all. It is possible to pump out energy from energy vampires with some skill.

energy shield

Creating an energy cascade to support the physical body is also possible. For instance, a Magus can create defensive mechanisms of the Life Element inside the cocoon and surrounding the inner organs. Such protection will add resistance to negativity and feed the internal organs with Life Energy. It will disperse once the energy put into the spell is used up.

Energy Protection is built on the level where most interactions and possible collisions exist. The more protected the level that collides, the lesser the chance of getting any trauma or damage. It's a process similar to growing thicker skin. It can also block mental attacks and energetic assaults. In the collision of two energy bodies, the one that is less protected, the weaker one gets the damage. So, doing Magic and energy assaults on someone more developed than the offender is similar to committing suicide.


Path of Warlocks

Warlocks are Magi who specialize in influencing the world via active or aggressive action. It may involve attacks on particular humans or egregores in order to achieve a desired result. Warlocks are behind-the-scenes puppets. It's very different from direct aggression or political manipulation.

Warlocks use complex attack spell formations or curses to defeat their opponents. It's a type of hard action designed to remove players from the chessboard. In this case, the outcome may still be uncertain due to people replacing the defeated player may not produce the desired outcome for the Magus. Therefore, more subtle actions are needed to influence the consensus of an egregore or a particular player. It involves situation analysis and creating a specific spell formation to produce the desired result. Sometimes, things don't go as planned, and the result will appear but not in the targeted organization. For example, you targeted one bank, but that bank survived, but three others failed. This type of work is useful when you try to remove a competitor or influencer from his office in order to advance yourself.

Energy Parasite

Parasites and parasitic life forms are everyday things in this world. Parasites feel more comfortable living in a weakened area of the system. A human gets sick and catches some infectious diseases due to parasites and bacteria that live everywhere. A human being cannot live in perfectly sterile conditions. However, some people get sick, others do not, and everybody gets exposed. Diseases are just visible parts - symptoms that may appear suddenly while real problems and issues would have developed over the months and years. A significant amount of parasites in the body will worsen life quality.

Similar to physical parasites in the body, there are also energy parasites in energy bodies. Energy bodies each have their plane of existence, and the spirit world contains various living things that do not have a physical body. Naturally, a human being is protected from parasites by the energy field. But most people aren't perfect; they do not live harmonious and peaceful life. Any wrong action or reaction, emotional outburst, or strong feeling can weaken the energy bodies and make it possible for the parasites to enter. Those parasites will stick to the energy body, while most humans cannot see or feel it.

Parasites will then drain the energy and manipulate behavior.
When ordinary person does not have control and consciousness awareness over their energy bodies, they can be quickly taken over by such energy parasites. The parasites control energy, food behavior, and emotional and thinking patterns. That will use humans the same way humans use sheep or livestock.

How to detect parasites
Certain factors can help to detect the parasite. Energy parasites can stick to the energies of Chakras and energy bodies from the level of Svadhistana to Sahasrara.

Parasites on Svadhistana Chakra feed on sexual energy. Such parasites were often called the demon of adultery since ancient times. This parasite will live on the Svadhistana energy body and constantly arouse a person to stimulate sexual energy outbursts. As the sexual energy leaks out, it is eaten by the parasite, so the life force is reduced permanently.

It's known even in the folklore of Incubi and Succubi, who prey on a person's sexual energy during sleep. You may dream of a beautiful sexual partner and have a lot of fun with them, but at the same time, you lose your ethereal body Qi. Sometimes, this dream can become lucid, and you will see the truly ugly and repulsive demon that hides behind the beautiful veil. Usually, they latch on the energy cocoon around the Swadhistana area, bleeding you dry. However, they can't touch you when you're aware of them. Most of these demons are weak compared to Magus and can't do a lot of harm. On the other hand, on the astral plane, a Magus can easily destroy them and steal their power.

Some of these parasites appear very small, like insects or small energy whirlwinds, and they may feed on your energy cocoon like a mosquito. They are usually harmless.

Parasites on the Manipura chakra level cause strong addiction to food. Some people, who have grown such parasites, cannot control their food behavior. Medicine and doctors, in most cases, cannot help them and call it a "mental disease" which happens out of stress. Stress is indeed the weakness that makes the Manipura level accessible to demons.

Parasites on the Anahata level create drama and intense emotions that devastate a human. Apathy and depression are also possible signs of having a parasite that just consumed the energy of Anahata. That energy in the normal state makes a person happy and motivated.

Parasites on higher chakras may embed their thoughts in the thinking process, and most people will think it is their thought. As ideas often guide behavior, this again leads to problems. Parasites can also implant images and desires into the mind, so a person may think it is his desires and will while living in a state of human livestock for low-class demons.
Parasites of Sahasrara Chakra can have even more significant control. It is the ideology level, as Sahasrara defines the world. Egregores can have parasite qualities and may zombify people who lack critical thinking.

Egregore is a form of super consciousness, and with time it can completely overwrite a person and use it as a pawn for its needs. Egregores are not seen, not perceived; they are puppeteers. They can change the course of global events. All wars and religious fanatics exist due to this type of parasite.


Larvas are parasites that are generated by a continuous thinking process. Imagine a person who is hungry and wants food, thinking about it every day. The obsession creates an energy lifeform filled with images and desires to eat. The parasite only intends to sustain itself, so it attaches to those who have resonating desires. The powerful larva can affect the behavior and thinking process.

An interesting fact to be noted: humans can move to any place in the physical world; however, running away from those parasites is impossible as they are attached to you. The only way to gain freedom is to develop yourself and your inner energies.

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