Artefacts - Tools of Magus

This will be a brief overview and backstory about artefacts that should introduce the topic to the public interested in spiritual development and cultivation.

Civilization development

Artefacts are tools. In the world that we live in right now, it is relatively simple to draw lines and explain their complex function in day-to-day examples.

Humans as a species kicked off an evolution process from monkeys when they started to use tools to advance themselves in the world. Each tool has its purpose, and with civilization's development, those tools have become increasingly more complex.

While you may not be able to craft a dishwasher, a 3d printer, a car, a computer, or an airplane, few people in the current world would be able to refuse and abstain from the usage of those tools. The tools change the life and the way people interact with reality.

Tools we can use now have not been available even 50 years ago because civilization did not have the capacity, resources, and power to produce those things effectively.

All of the statements above can be applied to the Artefacts and spiritual equipment to deepen readers' understanding of the topic.

So, what is an Artefact?

An artefact is not a physical object. An artefact is an object with modified energy or mental structures, while in most cases, it is tied to a physical vessel in this world like most other objects. Some artefacts may not have a wearable or visible physical vessel and exist entirely on spiritual or subtle planes.

For many, when looking at two similar objects, one which is an artefact with immense value and another which has no energy but the same physical vessel, they would not be able to see a difference. They are not sensitive to subtle energies and don't have vision or any profound knowledge of ancient arts and magic.

An artefact can have as many uses as physical tools, if not more, and there are tens of thousands of different kinds and types. In this writing, we will be giving a general overview of how that works.

But before we talk about Artefacts, their classifications, and their uses in spiritual development, it is essential to note that Artefacts have been a part of society for more than you can remember. There are historical and mythical records of objects with exceptional qualities or great power. For many, it is something out of history and folklore that they glance over but don't give any face value.

Stories of the Holy Grail, Philosopher Stone, Excalibur, and many other "sacred," "holy," or "supernatural" objects come to life. People were actively searching and fighting for something called an Elixir of life or methods to produce an Elixir, hoping to achieve immortality. Some of the objects written in history actually existed and became legends; some exist even now in museums and various places, and some only existed in imagination of a writer.
Ancient writings often used metaphorical and abstract, encrypted meanings to describe things, and if an uninitiated person reads that, he would believe something dangerous and most likely harm himself.

Either way, throughout history, there have been holy objects, objects that are passed by "Gods" or created by "Sages," or objects that have condensed in themselves energies of the planet itself. Some of those objects radiate intense energy that even a regular person may feel and experience. Some objects are focal points of beliefs and prayers of masses, so they are naturally charged through this process, becoming a holy object or valuable heritage of a particular religion or culture.

To further explain the value of an Artefact in society. An ancient temple, a holy ground, could be classified as a magical artefact; it would not only be necessary for religion to thrive, but it would have certain qualities and energies that could even affect the minds of people who go to it. Millions travel each year to various holy sites and conduct pilgrimage for precisely that purpose. And if you rebuild the similar physical structure of a temple in a different place, it won't have the same effect.

In fact, religions used temples as power points to take control over territories and spread their faith. Which would, in return, reinforce and support these temples with energy. A lot of ancient temples were also built on specially selected points that would be of a natural convergence of planetary energies and with unique arrays and ingredients - such as using precious metals, stones, and impressive art. When one religion replaced another, they often did not have to search for a place to build a temple; they would replace the previous one on the same spot or build nearby their temple.

In medieval times, every reputable noble house had some physical emblem or magical object passed through generations that had internal power and represented deep meaning for the future of the household. There are a lot of stories about how, upon losing their heirlooms, the household would lose its roots and start to decline rapidly, facing misfortune after misfortune.

All of the above should let you know that Artefacts have always been a part of this world, but more so an exclusive part, hiding in plain sight but not apparent to everyone.

Philosopher stone

Natural Artefacts - Earthly Minerals

For many centuries, mountains have been places filled with rumors of immortal cultivators and spiritual groups training in caves inside. Some objects naturally emit power. Many mountains in the world cast a particular energy that can be used to cultivate certain qualities and abilities. Cultivation would be faster if the place you live in had a higher density of energy, which explains why a lot of cultivators prefer to develop bases on various mountain peaks.

Society has long valued precious metals; gold, silver, and copper have been used as hard currency for many years. They exist in limited supply, and you cannot simply print them as you want, diluting the value of the currency and causing inflation. While now there is even more use of them with technology, most wires are made of copper, and some connectors are plated with gold due to their electromagnetic qualities and corrosion resistance. Precious stones such as Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Diamonds, and others have a high intrinsic value.

In fact, even if you think about computers, they are made with artificially grown crystals at their core.

Books as a tool and object

A book is a tool containing information to be passed from one being to another. In the modern world, there are millions of books on every possible topic. It may sound like a great thing, but in reality, the expanse of information volume available and the ability for everyone to write has created a downfall of the century when most books are literal informational garbage. Even books that have any valuable ideas are often diluted because nobody would and can publish a 2/5-page book. To create volume, people add meaningless content and fluff.

Finding valuable information in Esoteric books, for example, can be illustrated as jumping into a sewer and digging through shit to find a gold coin. A single thought or idea can be spread over 20 books, with the rest being a filler to give it size and make profits. Most people have slow reading speed and cannot compare a dozen of books at once. They may also fall into a trap. There are a lot of books that carry no valuable information at all, but use emotional manipulation techniques, for many it is easy to believe in flattery words praising both reader and author of the book and claiming everyone who reads this junk is a special or divine being without doing anything. Overwhelming chances are to suffer from pollution and contamination and develop mental and energetical issues.

Imagine yourself consuming a food that has mass, size, and even texture but actually zero nutrients. People would die quickly from this. Unlike food that is ingested for the sake of the body, information that is consumed for the sake of the mind cannot lead to the Death of the body. Still, it has a lot of negative consequences for the mind and can even obstruct the soul from evolution.

Types of Magic Artefacts

This section will overview some of the most commonly used Artefacts by Magi and Adepts.

Defensive Artefact: these kinds of Artefacts are similar to protection gear used in the physical world. They are mainly aimed at protecting energy and mental bodies. In some cases and practices, those are mandatory to use. In most cases, it is optional but helpful. The protection ranges from astral plane demons to larvae and parasites to something as trivial as social vampirism. The Artefact can lessen the possible damage taken and prevent injury and subsequent cost of self-treatment and healing. Sometimes practitioners wear several of these artefacts as defensive layering. These have to be taken off during most practices and scanning/diagnostics as they alter energy body parameters.

These artefacts usually break or have to be re-enchanted after absorbing negative energies or damage.

Offensive Artefact: The most commonly used type is a passive-offensive system with an Ego-guide. This kind of Artefact is not only expensive but also impossible to access for most practitioners of ancient art. The system would automatically respond to any negative impulse or even pathological thought toward the owner. Someone who emits malicious thoughts to an Adept with such an Artefact would be hit back with a curse or a mental body attack that will leave lasting consequences.

Database: a source of knowledge and information, this is a more advanced version of a book, where you do not have a physical thing to read, but it exists purely in a mental form, or more than that, an artefact represents the energetical key that gives access to a particular mental structure in the world. It is possible to record both skills and qualities as imprints and store them in an artefact.

Signal Beacon: also commonly called a talisman, it contains energy and qualities of a specific power source, like, for example, the channel of the Sefiroth tree. It helps adepts significantly in learning and mastering skills working with the energy. It can also help to keep attention on the practice and stop it from jumping around.

Devices and Mechanisms: Usually, complex artefacts that are built into a specific mechanism with a purpose. For example, it is possible to construct a power capsule, where a person who lies inside is able to develop faster under the influence of a master. The capsule would isolate adept from the outside world and amplify all magic influence done by the Master.

I have seen ancient bath chambers that were made out of precious stones and artefacts and filled with various warm herbal mixtures; those were tools used in healing practice.

Arrays: - arrays are about space modulation. Most people, even without ESP training, are more or less sensitive to the energies of the space they reside in. One place could be better for studying and learning, another for sports and so on.

The most simple array contains a single key point, a single artefact that modulates a space, usually a small room. More advanced arrays have a variety of artefacts linked together into specific structures modulating and transforming the energetical profile of a larger space.

Feng Shui art is a pseudoscience, but overall, the layout and structure of space do impact its energy. You have to sense/feel it instead of relying on a dead book that might have mistakes, or it may even work in one geolocation on Earth and not work in another.

People have bought art pieces and put artwork in houses since ancient times not only to "invest" resources into valuable pieces but also because artwork modulates the space with a particular imprint of energy.

People travel all across the world to visit a place of power. With a good mastery of array building and some investment, it would be possible to move a place of power and construct it in your apartment room or house.

I have been to some ancient temples, and they would have that array made hundreds of years ago; at the entrance, you would see several lion-headed statues of dogs that were clearly a defensive key point for an array. Sometimes, those arrays were dead; the objects were put in the right places and had the correct form, but the array was more of a cultural heritage and did not have a real Master behind that would have to activate it.

If you want to optimize your life and you have resources for it, you want to eat in the place that is most suitable for eating, and you want to rest in the place most suitable for relaxing and recovery, and work in the place most convenient for working. That would amplify your productivity.

For those on a budget, the most efficient way to clean the spatial energy of the space is to actually clean it physically. A clean and tidy space will have a better feel to it. Don't store garbage. Good interior design and quality materials would help to make the place have decent energy. Plastic furniture won't give the same energy as solid wood.

Tattoos: - a tattoo is a variant of an artefact that gets directly imprinted on the physical body. Making a regular tattoo is technically a waste. It has all the negatives of the Tattoo but none of the positives. Magical Tattoos can be rather potent as they are in direct contact with the physical and ethereal bodies. Most often, charged Tattoos are linked with lower body development, so they boost vitality, libido, and endurance or connect the body to a spiritual totem.

Elixirs: The base of elixirs is an herbal concoction; it can be made liquid or in the form of a chewable ball pill, and it can also contain ground minerals and spices. There are a lot of plants that have exceptional properties, including accumulating energies of Heaven and Earth and particular qualities. An extract of such plant would be thousands of times more dense than a plant itself. A dozen of precious ingredients are mixed and combined. Then, the most crucial part is the charging/imbuing process, which requires a highly advanced master with massive energy potential to do the work, after which it is ingested.

Pill creation methods themselves are a priceless secret; ingredients are expensive and rare, and the creation process and the end product are kin to eating gold nuggets.

Fantasy stories about people dying after ingesting a powerful pill are not wholly groundless; while such pills can speed up the cultivation process, you would still require skills to absorb, refine, and utilize this energy safely without breaking yourself. For an untrained person, taking such a pill could be an overwhelming experience, leading to internal harm or even demise.

People should also beware of dangerous cults and frauds, as "looking for an elixir" it is easy to get poisoned with mercury or some other heavy metal and have lifelong complications. You have no idea what is in the pill/herbs you buy, and it can cost an astronomical sum of money.

Creation of an Artefact

For the vast majority of people, the creation of a genuine artifact is even less probably than making electronic gadget. For students with five years of cultivation and good energy development, it is still meaningless activity as the amount of time and energy spent creating the simplest of artefacts won't be paid back, as you will be consuming this artefact energy when you wear it.

It is the same as using a limited capacity to fill into another reservoir only to take it back afterwards. It may seem like you are not losing anything. Still, energy conversion is never 100% efficient, so with both actions, charging the artefacts and consuming the artefact charge, you would be losing energy. You can also not imbue an artefact with something you do not know, so there is nothing new you could learn from an artefact you make yourself.

The practice may still be taught to develop experience and skill.
But usually, people wear artefacts made by professionals or higher-level experts.

The usage of artefacts can accelerate or smoothen student progression on the path. If you don't have enough energy to work with a specific practice, and thus you cannot progress in it, you might be able to do it with the help of a particular artefact. It is like stepping on a stone to reach a high shelf to pick up fruit. Eventually, you eat the fruit and grow up, and you won't need an artefact to get there. But it is an aid that can dramatically speed up and ease the whole process of cultivation.

It is just one of the most primitive and straightforward uses of an artefact.
While you may not be able to bring physical objects from the dream world and astral travel, it is possible to get knowledge and energetic imprints, and in some cases, rare and valuable artefacts or even capture spirits and demonic beasts.

Most Advanced Artefacts are custom-made with a Volt-Mandala of a person. They are kin to a car that can only drive when you insert keys, and the key can be your energy.

It is an even more interesting process with Artefacts that have an Ego or a Spirit inside. Such artefacts can have a personality that may recognize the owner or deny him outright. Using the Artefact that denies you as an owner can lead to many adverse events.

Similar to civilization development, strong artefacts are usually not the product of a single master but more of a product of a whole Magus organization working for quite some time. It takes a lot of resources, time, and effort to construct something valuable. Naturally, it is not something you can buy on the street or order online.

Methods of Human Development

Development without highly advanced equipment, artefacts, arrays, and elixirs is what is called a poor man's path. Due to the decline of civilization in the past and rough conditions of rebirth, sages have come to the ways of human development without the use of tools and machines.

This path is slower, but it is viable for most people. Such desperation should not come as a surprise, as we live in a spiritually weak world on a remote planet based on the outskirts of our galaxy. The previous civilization might have been destroyed millions of years ago, and the current one can barely be considered coming out of the stone age.

In a more advanced world, you would be able to skip the first 10-20 years of cultivation by simply taking a pill and resting inside a power capsule, which would automatically build your energies and mental fields to a certain base level of a Magus required to practice ancient arts.

In our world, you have to work hard daily to develop to a level where you will be able to interact with higher energies efficiently.

That does not mean that advanced practitioners of ancient arts don't use specific tools and methods to accelerate their personal development and the development of their students. Of course, things created by your hands with limited material resources won't be as advanced and powerful as things that a highly advanced magic civilization could make, investing hundreds of trillions of dollars (in current relative value) into research, development, and creation.

Practical example

There is one case I can share that I experienced many years ago.

When I was training in Advanced Qigong, a teacher used to pull up an artefact to develop students' energy fields, he used an antique knife that carried the energies of Death. Did he charge it himself? No, the teacher I had back then was not capable of working with and harnessing Death energy directly. The weapon turned out to be a real one recovered from War, and it was a weapon that killed people.

When he was swinging that knife, qigong practitioners could all feel a tingling and cold sensation; after 20 minutes of this work, they would feel significantly weakened, as if they had lost a portion of vitality and energy. Such practice may seem dangerous at first, but when used correctly in the correct dosage and with proper exercises before and after, it strengthens energy, improves the immune system, and makes people a bit more resilient to the energies of Death.

It is a perfect example of how somebody got an artefact without being an advanced Magus and how he used it as an aid in the development process. Now, I would be able to take wooden chopsticks and charge them with the energy of Death for a week, and it would have a similar energetic profile and impact as that knife without killing anyone.

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