Ethereal Magic - Elements of Life and Death

There are four widely known elements in magic: Water, Air, Earth, and Fire, and we reviewed them in the article called Elemental Magic, but there is also a fifth element, called Ether. Ether is a double-edged sword element consisting of Death and Life, bringing up to six available elements in magic for study and research. In Ancient Tarot, the Death and Life decks were removed and hidden from the public.

Life Magic

Life magic studies the world of living things and pure lifeforce. Life Energy is the energy accumulated, transformed, and emitted by all living organisms. The Element of Life is unique, a harmonious combination of four other elements. Characteristics of Water, Air, Fire, and Earth together form the Life element. Different organisms may have different proportions of each Element, with some living beings more of a Water life element, some more of an Air or Fire, or Earth.
In a human, disharmony of elements can show in physical ailments. Dominant fire would show inflammation; earth imbalance would lead to stone formation, water to edemas, and excess air to stress.

Life Power Amazon River

Life Energy - The power of Life

Life energy can be called certain biological energy absorbed and released during the body's life. In general, life on Earth is connected with the activity of the Sun, and it is solar energy that is processed by living beings on Earth into biological energy. First of all, plants' growth depends on the Sun's activity, and the chemical reactions inside them take place with the help of chlorophyll. Further, all those who eat these plants and those who have eaten these plants acquire this energy in a chain. Since this vital energy is released in the world all the time, a little bit during the organism's life and a lot - at the time of death, the Magus can consume this energy. It's better not to touch people because their energy is "dirty." After all, it carries all the information inherent in people, and there can be illnesses and many bad things in general.

Initially, lifeforce is accumulated by plants. Plants absorb water, and minerals from the soil, generate oxygen through respiration, and use carbon dioxide to absorb fire energy from the Sun. Plants are the primary energy source for animals. Animals can be seen as energy harvesters that consume massive lifeforce amount from whole energy fields. This lifeforce is converted into vitality and power, which allows animal lifeforms to go further in evolution and develop brain, vitality, and strength. Predators consume lifeforce not from large fields of plants but from concentrated lifeforce from animals themselves, and they are a step higher in development and evolution. Predators don't spend half a day chewing grass.

Life Element could be seen as cruel, as living things must eat other living beings to survive. Energy and fuel do not come cheap. Even the oil you burn now to drive your car comes from dinosaurs' biomass. But that is the principle and the law of life. There is a natural cycle of life and death; as living is born, it will grow, develop, age, and die. If you do not eat a mango once it is produced, it will rot and die anyway. The plant can be interested in fruit having an appeal for animals. When an animal eats the fruit, the seeds that cannot be digested; are transported with animals moving, so the plant has some chance to spread and grow from seed in another place.

More importantly, life is an organic, dynamic self-regulating system of countless living organisms. Without predators, animals would consume and destroy all plants and cause a worldwide disaster. Predators keep animals in check, and by hunting down the weakest and unhealthiest, they also ensure a healthy genetic code and future generations. You can already see how life and death are closely connected to the development of the whole species and egregores.

There are known stories of bringing one animal species to another continent and causing a lot of issues, as it either drives competition out towards extinction, reducing available biodiversity, or having no natural predators to keep them in check; it destroys the habitat, risking the loss of biodiversity and lasting damage to biocenosis. For the same reason, while hunting animals may seem cruel, in some cases, it is necessary to keep the growing animal population in control and prevent bigger issues from happening. Unfortunately, humans are not always considerate of the habitat to keep things in balance, and many species are driven to extinction by humans.

Life element is based on the Anahata chakra level of vibrations. The world of the living is located somewhere in the middle between the Light World and the Dark World. It is between Tiferet's perfect beauty and Yesod's aggressive darkness. It shows in living organisms, which can be both beautiful and dangerous. People like watching cat videos online and sharing cat pics, and they seemingly forget that cat is a dangerous predator that hunts and kills other living beings and consumes their flesh while they are still alive. Cats can torture and play with dying prey for pleasure.

The life force as an element has existed for a long time and does not go anywhere. Life forms may change, and some animals and plants go extinct, but life remains. The age of dinosaurs and giant pterodactyls could be reminded as an instance of lifeforce's past. Life energy is a mighty power throughout the planet, transmitting a global signal to live.
Initially, there is a project of a life form, a plan, which then materializes. This project exists on the level of the spirit world and is based on egregores function. The existing living systems and species' families may change over time as the project goes through alterations to adapt and survive.

Moreover, many Life species do not have individual-separate consciousness. In the hive mind, there is a superconscious, which develops, and different life forms are only parts of it. You see an ant and think it is an individual organism, but it is more like a part of something bigger and multidimensional that you cannot see or perceive with your eyes. Some other life elementals can gain individuality traits and personalities through rich life experiences, often returning to the source at the end of life. In other words, many living forms do not have reincarnation mechanisms in the same way as humans. Individuals die, but egregore evolves and continues to exist. Cats might have a short lifespan and be vulnerable, but cats as species have been present on the planet for millions of years.  

Humans are more individualistic; there is still an egregore of humanity and civilization that has gone far beyond normal personal development. An average human can't learn everything science offers in a lifetime. But due to individualistic soul nature and reincarnation quality, some of our species have gone far beyond the common norms and limits, acquiring the ability to evolve through training and continue their path through incarnations continuously; they are stepping towards godhood. In comparison, most of the population is at the level of monkeys looking for bananas in life, with simplistic goals of temporary happiness. They don't consider self-development a viable path in life. They tend to believe that life is only one, so it becomes a tool of self-gratification.
Overall, Life World consists of many species, which can also become extinct with time. Humans as species may go extinct as well. Humanity is the dominant species on Earth's Surface, which is why the planetary egregore is built on us. But the Element of Life has been before humans and will be long after. It is a power of a different scale and dimension that cannot be understood or evaluated properly through any modern scientific means.

Druid magic grove


Druid is a specialization related to life magic. Druids work with and study the plant world. They usually live in forests, close to the object of their study.

Skilled druids develop and build, or inherit, magic sacred groves. The forest is an organism of the next level, an egregore that unites everything that enters it and has its collective consciousness. A druid could reside in such a forest and direct its development. Such a grove was a full-fledged home for a Life Magus who could feel everything happening on his forest's territory, like in his limbs. These enchanted groves would have security alarms and protection systems built into them. Many stories exist about people getting lost in the forest and unable to find their way out. Or they went somewhere, and all sorts of mirages and strange phenomena occurred there. Apart from a vivid imagination and poor orientation skills, sometimes those stories are real. It can be an interaction with an ancient remnant of this defensive spell, preserving itself after centuries. Some spells hid the grove, the magician's abode, from prying eyes or forced people to bypass them. It would interact with a victim's mind, causing confusion, lack of focus, or even sleepiness.

Herbalism and Alchemy

Known in antiquity, the science of herbalism and the use of various ingredients in the creation of alchemical potions. These are all the achievements of the druids who studied plants and their properties in great depth. In modern science, plants are divided by type, and it is believed to be useful or harmful because they contain some minerals, proteins, oils, and vitamins. Then, the druids had a very different approach. Druids were capable of direct contact with plants, their energy bodies and parameters, and with the egregore of the plant species. They had the ability and could study more fully the properties and effects of plants on the human body.

Same plants but different energy level

Druids see plants and the amount of energy in those plants. So a plant can be healthy, can be weak, and it can be sick. The plant itself may physically look the same, but at the energy level, the difference can be enormous. Special plants grown in special conditions could be much more potent for potions and elixirs than the same variety of a plant regularly found or mass-produced in modern farms.

The difference could be as big as 10,000 to 1 or 100,000 to 1. You would have to consume 100,000 regular-quality plants to get the efficacy of a single plant grown in an enchanted forest grove garden. It is one of the reasons why modern alchemy is so weak and impotent. Most magical groves and druids were destroyed and burned in the medieval age. Then it got even worse with industrialization and the cutting down of forests.

For example, sometimes vegetables and greens in today's supermarkets, although they have a physical presence, do not have practically any potential for life energy. On the other hand, with a small bunch of greenery from the village, you can have a fairly strong energy field and a pronounced glow of life.

I have personally tested this in practice, and from my observation, the difference between supermarket herbs in a plastic bag and herbs from a small organic farm was as massive as 400 to 1. If the energy field around the supermarket coriander herb was barely visible, the same herb taken from the fresh organic farm produce had been glowing powerfully like a torch. The size and density of the energy field surrounding it were intense, and it can vary greatly; without a developed third eye in the aspect of life magic, there is no way to see it.

Plants can also have energetically different frequencies and yin or yang effects. For example, suppose you give a yang plant, which has an energy potential in Anahata frequencies, to a person who has problems with heart and hypertension. In that case, it will only aggravate the disease. And the Yin plant will help relieve pressure and stress. It is known that various plants have different beneficial properties, from fighting infection and parasites to cleansing the body and internal organs. That is, plants bring the potential of vital energy, which helps to fight the processes of destruction and chaos in the body.


Some plants and mushrooms have a strong influence on human consciousness. The fact is that certain plants, more precisely, plant families - egregores, are capable of contact with human consciousness. Having accepted such a plant, a person encounters an egregore. All sorts of sensations and experiences arise, and sometimes astral projection happens. Infamous hippie culture considered it a path to spiritual liberation and enlightenment.

In reality, there is a fusion of human consciousness with the consciousness of the egregor of a plant or fungus. In the literal sense, the human consciousness becomes like a plant, and with prolonged use of such substances, the mind and nervous system are completely eroded, leading to death.
For some reason, many believe this is a fast way to magic, to get unusual sensations and altered states of mind via ingestion of substances. But the fact is that a person, having taken a psychedelic, becomes addicted to it in obtaining other experiences; there is no development here. Moreover, a person has no control over this experience.

Magic is a discipline of mind control, not the other way around. The example of Carlos Castaneda is known where he used magic mushrooms and all kinds of psychedelic stuff in some magical rituals. And this is an extreme measure for those talentless fools like Castaneda himself who cannot feel the energy at all or contact the spirit world.

Regularly using psychedelics does not lead a person to abilities and spiritual development. In contrast, it destroys human health and erodes the psyche, which already puts an end to all development prospects in the future. In the world, everyone is given freedom of choice, and people with weak minds tend to look for easier, cheaper, and faster paths to gain altered states of mind and magical experiences and even hope to get to enlightenment. Still, they waste their lives and time in vain.

Real self-development work takes place daily, is part of a wholesome lifestyle, it is a continuous effort (kung-fu) that people spend years on. But with time and proper teachings and guidance, you will get far beyond any experiences that psychedelics can offer, with no side effects. Except for the greatly increased energy levels, mental clarity and cognitive abilities, and a variety of abilities depending on your individual talents and application of effort.


Shamanism is another work specialization in Life Magic. It is a well-known type of ancient art. Many shamans still live in primeval nature somewhere in African tribes or Siberia. Unlike druids, shamans work with animal energies, spirits, and totems.



Most animals do not have an individual soul, a matrix. And they represent a kind of super consciousness, egregore. If a person develops individually, everyone starts from scratch and can grow at their own pace. At the same time, the soul reincarnates each time and continues its journey. In animals, development proceeds collectively; after death, the soul of an individual is not preserved but merges with the egregore of the species. It can be thought of as an octopus with many tentacles. Each consciousness is a separate tentacle, but in the end, the octopus itself develops. Shamans work with this super consciousness as with a kind of totem. That is, they come into contact, and in the process of magical practices and rituals, they gain some strength, knowledge, and qualities from the totem. And each totem is different in this regard. The jaguar totem is known for giving shamans martial powers and helping in the war between shamans and tribes. Working with other totems, the Shaman could develop different abilities and qualities in himself. Skilled shamans could also possess animals and control them from a distance.

In practices with the Life Magic, the perception of Shaman expands. Shamans work a lot with the spirit world. We have already mentioned Yesod's Dark world and Tiferet's Light world; Shamans use Life Energy as a medium and source of power and astral travel to those worlds. Shamans hunt and tame spirits, often with the help of special magical tools like a tambourine and entering a trance.

Shaman Ritual

Immortality of a Shaman

Shamans have an interesting tradition, as they try to live as long as possible and then, at death, do not want to lose the conditions created during life. Then some shamans take in and teach an apprentice. When the Shaman is ready, he kills himself (leaves the body permanently) while he leaves the body and clings to the student. This student conceives a child, and the Shaman incarnates in this child grows up in the family of his student. The disadvantage of this method is that a person goes through purgatory after death. This purifying procedure cleans a lot of debris and traumas accumulated throughout life. A shaman skips this kind of cleaning and defies the laws of nature; as a result, a shaman can live for a very long time, changing bodies, but this will manifest itself on his new body and strain him mentally.

Death Magic

Death Magic is the opposite of Life Magic. Death Magic studies an element of death, the afterlife of the deceased, the world of the dead, and contact with dead elementals and harnesses the pure energy of death.

indian book of death

Egyptian book of the Death

Humanity and civilization, over the centuries, treated death differently; in ancient Tibet and Egypt, a whole science of the afterlife existed, which is outlined in the Book of the Dead. People back in the day tried to study what happens to a person's soul after death.

As a result, they formed a set of rules and concepts that can help a person navigate the afterlife. For many people then, life was a preparation, a ritual for death. Practices and special procedures were used to support the deceased person, many of which have been preserved to this day. For example, a funeral ceremony in a church or the burning of the dead on a special fire in India. Death itself is a natural and integral part of life. Knowledge about the afterlife helps a person to live life meaningfully. If a person thinks that life is one and only chance, and once he dies, it all ends, there are no consequences afterlife for actions in life; this creates a dangerous deviation and is a boon for all kinds of malicious existence and lowly demons. Most vile criminals are certain they won't have to pay for their crimes and malicious actions in this life.
Knowledge about the afterlife was also integral to the well-being of society and was introduced in various religions and cultures.

Death is not something good or bad; it is a systemical function, just like reproduction; in this case, for the new to be born, the old must die and make space. If people did not die, there would be no place for newborns. An ordinary person is afraid of death, and this reaction is natural and hardwired in most living organisms. There is a natural barrier between the world of the living and the world of the dead. When a person dies, he walks through the gates of death into a different quality of existence. Water, when it evaporates, turns from liquid into gas, and the gas eventually comes back into the water purified from all the impurities. All that had a meaning and purpose during life with death becomes meaningless and void. The body is abandoned, the path ends, and the personality gets deleted or archived.

This can be described in the example of a chessboard, we put a piece on the field, a certain life/game takes place, the piece gets removed from the board, and this is death. For a player, the chess piece is just a pawn for a bigger purpose. For a pawn, however, an end is the end. There is nothing more. Becoming an Awakened Magus is a question of whether you are a mortal human who will die and cease his existence. Or a chess player who can switch between chess pieces while considering the bigger strategy through multiple lifetimes. You can spend a life attaining a certain quality and skill. Another life acquiring another quality and skill, the eventual build-up through centuries leads to profound soul development, something that no regular cultivator can do.

Necromancy as an Ancient Art

Necromancy is a career specialization in magic, studying and harnessing the power of the Death Element. We do not teach this particular path of magic in our school due to associated risks, difficulties, and basic inabilities to integrate with society while practicing Necromancy.

But we have all the general knowledge and practices of the path known and available to us. We will briefly overview Necromancers and Order of Death function.

Ossuary Prague

Prague Mages who work with death and the Element of death are commonly referred to as necromancers. Necrotic energy is another name for the energies of death. A death mage's state is a complete halt, where nothing happens. Such adherents live far from society. The necromancer's main field of work and research is the world of the dead, not the world of the living. Various sources of death energy, such as bones and corpses, are used to enter the world of the dead. The energy of death is the opposite of the energies of life and all living things. The energies of death are alien to the living, and they accelerate the processes of decay and decomposition. If the Magus does not have perfect foundation training and conducts the energies of death, he may follow the energy with his body and go into the world of the dead.

Practitioners can contact and communicate with the dead. Contacts with the dead and spirits of the dead are not safe. Since the dead have less energy than the living, to living people, they are strong energy vampires. The feeling of tingling cold and itching grave cold in the cemetery is connected not so much with weather conditions but with energy and vitality loss due to vampirism of energy by the dead. Despite the great risks, the Element of death has strengths.

Death Energy Healing

One can engage in healing, as destruction and disease are often associated with the accumulation of the energies of death in the body. If the Magus has developed a vision of the powers of death and the ability to move the necrotic energy, then he can slow down or even completely halt the development of the disease. Antibiotics are used in society for many conditions, an example of the work of the energies of death. Antibiotics do not heal or rejuvenate, they kill and destroy, but because they kill pathogens, they can allow a body to heal itself and recover. The difference between a strong Death Mage and antibiotics is that the Death Mage can selectively influence and program what needs to be killed with his sea of consciousness. You can find some knowledge about the Magic of Death in ancient manuscripts and texts.

Ancient Necromancers

In ancient times, powerful Adepts of Death and Necromancers were credited with reviving the dead, hence all these legends about walking corpses and zombies everywhere, from books to movies and games. However, such manipulations upset the natural balance in the world. From a certain level, death magicians begin to break with their consciousness around them the barrier between the world of the living and the world of the dead.

The situation with Necromancy and Death Magic has always been controversial on the planet, much like with Life Magic. An Egregore of the Planet is a living organism that can only exist when the Elements are within certain limits. If the balance of Elements is disrupted, the egregore transforms into a different form or dies completely.

For example, if we hit an ice age or the planet's surface becomes boiling magma again, humanity, civilization, and all living things will not survive. The egregores will cease to exist or go through dramatic changes.
Processes are constantly happening on the Earth's egregore to maintain a balance of Elements. When one Element is strengthened, processes arise that reinforce the opposing Element. Looking back at history shows many unprecedented interventions and events balancing each other.

For example, we completely do not understand why the church, led by the Pope, suddenly rebelled against the Order of the Templars and destroyed it. All the arguments of historians and economic explanations seem very strained and untenable. And how many illogical actions of rulers do we see, suddenly and without any reason declaring wars? Here, processes in the egregore regulating its life processes are at work. They cannot be understood since the egregore is an organism above the human level, and individual people play a minor role in the general process. But a Mage is able to see the ongoing and only impending operations in the egregore.

Necromancy Prohibition

For a fairly long period, Necromancy was prohibited, and Necromancers did not manifest themselves on Earth. Revenge of the Life Element over the Death Element was necessary. But now the situation is reversed - the Life Element has created a dangerous imbalance.

There are certain signs of reverse processes now :

  • Degradation of masses - most modern people do not reach the average level of mental and physical development and cannot be considered fully functional (the underdeveloped and useless part of the egregore's brain has grown);
  • Overpopulation of the planet - and there are almost no untouched places left due to greedy human activity (the dispersion of the egregore's brain across all parts of the body);
  • Environment pollution - humans, rivers, and lakes pollute the surrounding nature are contaminated, and entire species of plants and animals are dying out (the egregore's body is dying due to the overgrown but useless part of nervous tissue);
  • The rapid growth of homosexuality and queer culture - mass homosexuality is becoming a norm in human society (an attempt by the egregore to reduce fertility among people).

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