Sexual Energy in Magic

Sexual energy has been an object of interest and research from the beginning of time. Sexual energy is one of the most powerful energies in the human body and is directly linked to human life force and longevity; it is tremendous inner potential. However, not many people know and have abilities to unlock this inner potential properly and use sexual energy for good. If used correctly, sexual energy may give a significant boost and support spiritual development.

Sexual energy refers to Svadhishthana Chakra, a gate to the ethereal world, and is related to sexual organs. A developed sacral chakra aids in the ability to feel and cultivate Qi and to connect with the astral world. It also helps in communication ability and establishing bonds between people. This is a level where most people have a significant amount of energy concentrated, so more "presence" of your Qi here will make others perceive you as a more important person.

In various traditions of spiritual development, there are different approaches to handling sexual energy. On the one hand, there are monasteries with strict sexual conduct, suppressing sexual energy, and monks practicing asceticism; on the other hand, Western occultists are practicing sexual orgies, like Aleister Crowley. Those orgies aimed to empower sexual energy and understand its principles, to take control and use it for various purposes. However, a lack of knowledge and wisdom led Crowley to self-destruction. Sexual energy is so important for development because, very often, it is a major stone on the way blocking the path. Everybody will stop by it, and unless one gains all the qualities and perfection of sexual energy, one will not be able to move forward.

The ascetic practice is not for everyone. Many monks fell victim to it, unable to eliminate suppressed desires from the mind and continuing to have obsessive thoughts and desires around sexual content. As a result, after returning from monasteries to daily life, they often relapse and fall into unhealthy sexual behavior, such as sex addiction, deviations, use of alcohol and substance, escorts services, etc. This behavior results from a build-up of desire, where the mind continues to reproduce fantasies when the body is unable to fulfill them. It shows that those monks did not understand the practice and shouldn't have done it in the first place. Sexual energy is very powerful, and harnessing "the dragon" is tricky, to say the least. Magi have achieved this by balancing out the energies and controlling them not by restraint but by other means.

There's a pursuit of sexual energy from the other side; the likes of Aleister Crowley's path of indulgence and Hedonism are also flawed. It's the path of a junkie, leaving a person always drained of Qi and wanting to do another sensory dose. No matter what forces they try to relate with or what rituals they do, they end up using their own life force and diminishing it.

In Magic, sexual energies are associated with the Devil, the fertility cults, and the image of the Horned Goat, Baphomet. It is said that The Devil has an absolute power above this world; he is the Prince of this world. Ordinary people cannot defy the Devil, cannot control their sexual energies, and cannot resist material and body temptations. Devil is a force that makes humans have sex and binds souls to the physical world, the Malkuth. Perfect human, who has reached enlightenment and Buddhahood, has an ideal balance of yin and yang energies in their body. Thus he gets out of the Devil's grip.

Only a Magus or high-level adept of other traditions can eliminate Devil's influence. It has to do with the refinement of your Qi and the spirit; the more flaws you have, the more attached you are to this world and to the Devil. The practice is related more to eliminating ego and working with internal darkness.

Sexual energy can be used to give growth to creativity, strengthen and regenerate health, promote longevity, and enhance energy perception and perception of the subtle world. In many traditions, sublimation for 30-60-100 days is considered necessary before serious practices. Some monks completely abstain from any sexual activity for their whole lifetime.

Sex is an instrument that can be used with benefit or bring harm. Usually, it brings harm, as with every sexual act, there is a significant energy and lifeforce potential that is lost. People living chaotic sexual lives are getting burned down, age faster, and are prone to acquiring diseases.

Working with Sexual Energy

On the most basic level, this topic is shown in Taoism. Taoist masters worked mostly on developing and controlling their sexual energy. They have cultivated and enhanced this energy. Taoist masters may have sex for a long time but not lose their life force while doing it, but rather cultivate and spread the energy. Sexual energy, when not controlled, is leaking from the body; the major loss of energy for men comes with ejaculation and for women with periods. If one can maintain this energy, he will prevent this loss. Then sexual energy can be cultivated, refined, and transformed. A Magus can use this refined sexual energy for magical practice and spiritual development.

Mastering polarities is an important aspect of practice for a Magus. A Magus needs to be able to gauge the level of Yang and Yin and to be able to channel both if needed to balance the energy system. Experience with both Yang and Yin is required, irrespective of the practitioner's sex. A Magus learns to identify chi from large and small external objects, such as celestial bodies, natural terrain, and so on. Various spells and energy formations depend on the use of different energy types. The nature of a spell dictates the energy a Magus needs to use.

Sex in the energy aspect

Sex is an act of energy exchange between a man and a woman. In sexual intercourse, there is an energy contact between two polarities, Yin and yang; it is like a battery, where two different polarities create an energy current. The problem is that Men generate yang polarity in excess but lack Yin energy. On the other hand, women generate excessive yin energy but lack yang energy. It creates a feeling of imbalance and incompletion, people's desire for relationships and sex is natural and happens because the system tries to balance itself.

Sex as an act and relationships between men and women are available for all people of all casts. However, this process is different in different castes and levels of development. People who have abilities to sense and move energy will perceive and feel it on the other level.

There's a lot of research on compatibility, where Magus can look at a couple from a sexual energy standpoint and evaluate whether the sexual aspect of a relationship will be harmonious or not. Generally, men are less sexually developed due to the volatile nature of Yang energy that cannot be controlled or matched with a woman's cold and quiet Yin energy. Many factors, such as temperament, overall energy level, vitality, spirituality, and quality of Chakra connections, can affect compatibility.

Sex and Incarnation

Sex is the main instrument of impregnation and reproduction, the continuation of the species. In the sexual act, a special energy hook is formed, which is capable of catching a human soul and binding it to the earth. This hook or lasso is made of yin and yang energies and binds the soul to the material object - the human body. This connection between soul and body in Magic is called a silver cord or thread. Once the silver cord is broken, the soul and energy bodies will detach from the physical world; this event is called death, simply a detachment of the soul from the body.

Using sexual energy could help to give birth to healthier and more energetic kids, as parents can, on purpose, put more energy into the silver cord. Various rituals are related to work on the silver cord; some primitive ones may involve immolation or animal sacrifice. They are done by those who cannot channel the Devil's energy. The goal is to replenish and strengthen the silver cord to improve health and general survivability.

Reincarnation of the soul

In tantra and yoga traditions, there exist certain sexual practices to reincarnate a special or more developed soul. As the body is Yin, and the spirit is yang, it depends on the man, which soul will reincarnate, and its level of development, and from a woman, it depends on how healthy the future body will be. On the opposite, if parents are having sex under the influence of alcohol or drugs, their consciousness goes on lower vibrations, and it may attract a lower-vibration soul. Children growing up in a different "caste" than their parents will soon have misunderstandings about core values and vision in life.

Communication with the soul

Sometimes, pregnant women can tell who will be born, what that person is, and what he will do on this planet. It is related to the fact that while a fetus grows inside the mother's body, the soul connected to it is close to the mother. Women can enter mental contact with the child's soul and get advice and recommendations on how to help the growth and future life. All this, of course, depends on the overall level of development.

Sexual practice in other worlds

There can be many sexual encounters in the astral plane and sexually themed dreams. The higher degree of "lucidity" of the dream, the more experience and sensations can be had. Among regular dream interactions, demons, such as Incubi and Succubi, feed on sexual energy on the astral plane. They are vultures that can shapeshift into a beautiful and lustful partner, only to take your sexual energy away. Behind the mask hides an ugly and scary beast with which no one would ever have sex. After such an encounter, one feels drained several times more compared with regular sex, and the recovery process can take some time. As you gain experience from other worlds, you can see behind the mask immediately to avoid such encounters.