Lords of Illusions

Lords of Illusions are the Mages able to create and sustain multidimensional space illusions indistinguishable from reality to an observer. Mage's consciousness can modulate the world in n-dimensions, and a person who perceives only in 3D cannot tell an illusion from reality.

illusion lord

Mages can create large landscape illusions, for example, mirages, oases in the desert, or ships in the sea. Unlike optical illusions, though, these are three-dimensional, have mass and inertia, and can be touched and felt. A Mage able to create such an illusion is a mighty creature with vast amounts of energy in the Third Eye.

Mages can create a separate realm where one can dwell not just as a spirit but also as a physical body. With manipulations of the kundalini energy, it is possible to transcend to the created world. It could be any world with any governing laws. However, the power needed to make this world is usually from planetary forces, so the world will be somewhat similar. The Mage, who created the realm, will have the undivided power there. The only problem is that he'll live alone, as the world does not self-populate. One way to solve this is to bring people and other creatures "aboard." When researching the subtle planes, it is possible to find such worlds built by Mages. Once you get in there, a Mage will be reluctant to let you go because he'll be bored alone.

All Mages are lords of illusions because thoughts of a Mage change reality. Someone's illusion or thought might be a reality for another. For example, a person has the idea of an outstanding corporation in mind. He thought about it his whole life and worked on it, and finally materialized the company. The idea was at the source, and so the company exists not only on the physical plane but also on the mental plane. The company's creator invested his mental energy into the idea, and the idea became self-sustainable as it grew and became real. Now people work in this corporation; those people live in that picture, the illusion made by the creator; they exist there by the creator's policies.

Mages constantly change the world with their thoughts; they "think the world." People live in the world and react to changes according to their abilities and desires. The power of Mages is unimaginable because they don't change the people; they change the laws and conditions in which people live. For example, a Magus can change circumstances around a person so that he becomes miserable because of a chain of adverse events. On the contrary, the person may be given unlimited boons because of a chain of manufactured positive events.

Lengthy and rigorous meditation on a single object or an idea leads to the creation of an illusion. The creation process of such illusions is described in the book "Magic and Mystery in Tibet" by Alexandra David-Neel. It's possible to create an image of a person that will look like a real one. However, the quality of illusions depends on an ability to concentrate thought, to possess enough spiritual power, and the time it takes to do the work. The thought forms that are created as a result of meditation continue to exist on their own; they try to sustain themselves by drawing energy from their surroundings, including people. There are plenty of those illusions as relics of magical work.

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