Self-development requires time. It is a process that does not accept rush but thrives on daily vigilance. Self-development is not possible in 5 "secret steps", one "magic initiation"; it is a lifestyle. There is no secret method to become developed tomorrow; the lifestyle is what you are, and changing yourself is the most challenging work. A lifestyle focused on self-development forms a specific Path, which an adept walks. For the path to be fruitful, it is vital to have a healthy and long life. Some very talented people often do not have enough life force to bring their potential to the peak.

While walking on the Path or following your own Dao, adept changes himself; he is developing. However, besides Dao, there are many other actions, activities, and attractions in the world, which consume time, and energy and capture attention but do not give anything valuable in return. An average person is consumed by such mundane concerns and activities to gain earthly pleasures. He deems these things necessary. In this case, it does not matter how long will be the life. If life is all about mundane concerns and trivial activities, humans will make no progress even if it is a thousand years long. Human beings, who have dominant animal consciousness, are mainly focused on satisfying their needs: food, sex, entertainment, and money. There is always a place in society with better food, more money, better living conditions, and more exclusive entertainment. Such motivation creates a "horizontal life movement" or, in other words, a "search for happiness." But it does not matter how tasty the food was today or how beautiful the women are, as tomorrow it will be required again to satisfy the need. These needs are the body's hunger, and they are insatiable by their nature. If a human lets them dominate and makes those needs his true goal in life, his magic potential is being eaten away.

Some humans have the desire to live on and on and obtain immortality. This desire is an ego's instinct for self-preservation. From Magus's point of view, this intent has no basis, as the life that generates no merit and brings no benefit to anyone, including spirit, should not be prolonged.

There are several known traditions where masters have achieved a high level of the art of living and longevity. One of the keys here lies in Daoism. Some Daoist sages not only lived longer but also prevented aging and had superhuman strength, a clear mind, and abilities the age above ninety or a hundred years old. People rush through life in stress and damage their physical and energy bodies. This leads to premature aging and degradation.

Lu Zijian

The question of longevity comes into daily practices with life-energy and conscious holistic lifestyle, free of stress and conflict, which pollute energy and mental bodies. It is also essential to work with existing energy pathologies and clear stagnant Qi.

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