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In Magic, the most work of changing reality is done by using spells. For the mental substance to affect reality, it has to have some form, be precise and clearly expressed. In other words, the spell must be rigorously formulated to manifest in reality. Spells might be of a different kind of encryption, they might be text spells or visualizations, or incantations or drawing like mandalas. The most important is the presence of energy in a spell that is enough to make it work. The most important factor of a spell is its creator. Only a Magus can create a strong spell that manifests in the world. If the spell formula is handed to a non-Magus, then reading it will not cause any effect.

At the core of each spell, there's an idea. A person usually thinks about an action that should lead to the desired result. The most important part is to describe the result correctly and accurately. One can say "I want money now", and then finds a nickel. It's impossible to say that nickel is not money. The main idea is to be careful what you wish for, as it is expected to come true.

Yin and Yang spells

There are two types of spells distinguished by action type: Yin (passive) and Yang (active). Yin spells are desires; desire is a vacuum of energy that the world must fill because the world has certain energy pressure that tends to fill the vacuum. Yang spells contain excess energy compared to the world space average value, and it pushes certain events, causes them to happen. So the energy sources chosen for a spell must also be either Yin or Yang.

There are Yin Mages that work with Yin energy, and they build their spells around the Yin sources they have. When an action needs to be done, Yin Mages reverse the spell, i.e. they wish for the opposite and destroy the opposite situation with Yin so that the needed result is achieved. Yang Mages are those who use Yang sources of energy such as the Fire Element. Their spells are directed commands that dictate actions to happen, and the energy of a spell fuels the events.

Spell categories

It's possible to categorize spells by the type of results they achieve. There are also protection spells that may also specialize in a single problem, such as protection from intrusion, protection from death from a certain type of accident and so on. There exist spells for every need, so it would be impossible and pointless to list every category. Magic teaches that anything is possible, and imagination is the limit. The two big categories worth mentioning are the spells for Mages and the spells for the general public. Mages create spells for themselves and use them as an instrument of self-development. They are usually more complex and have higher energy frequency.

Energy sources

Spells are usually based on a single Elemental source of energy depending on a type of action. If the work of the spell requires manipulation of future events, the Air Element is chosen, if there's a modification of the past, it's the Water Element. If an energy push is required, Fire is used, if there's work with materials and information, Earth is used. Sometimes there are complex spells used for an array of situations. A Mage can create an artificial mind, a genie or an ifrit, which is essentially a complex control program that activates an individual spell. Complex spells require more energy and are used for longer periods. The level of a spell is the average frequency of the energies used in it. The higher the vibrations, the more energy and power a spell has. Some spells use Elementals as a source of energy. Those spells are very powerful and may cause effects seen to the naked eye, such as balls of fire.

Spell lifespan

Any spell has an expiration date. Most spells expire after use; the energy has done its work, and the spell cannot be used again, it must be recreated. There are continuously working spells, such as energy field protection, and tracking systems. However, those spells also have limited energy and must be recharged. Some spells have auto-recharge systems that may find nearby energy sources and use them. That will prolong the life of a spell somewhat. Sometimes one can stumble upon a spell left by an ancient Mage, and that spell exists for hundreds and thousands of years.

The purpose of spells

It is possible to use Magic without spells. Any thought is a mental construct and, therefore, when said by a Mage can materialize. The main problem is the most people cannot control their thoughts. Essentially, the creation of spells is the practice of meditation and controlled thought.

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