Extrasensory Perception

Extrasensory perception (ESP) or psychic abilities are well-used words in society. Many people desire to learn or gain such abilities as clairvoyance. It is considered something supernatural, superhuman, and miraculous in the human world. Because in their reality, it is undoubtedly written that they are the physical bodies, and physical human senses cannot acquire information from large distances. It is also untrue since infrared and radar sensors can obtain information about objects from far away. For example, you can take an array of microbolometers and build a thermal picture of an image a few hundred meters away. Similarly, a Magus can sense the thermal energy of objects just with his body.

Magic contains knowledge about the structure and functions of energy Chakras and the physics of the subtle world.

Structure of Extrasensory Perception

Human beings have not only physical bodies but also energy bodies. And the physical body is like an outer shell, and the energy emissions come from the core. People are not aware of their energy bodies, so they cannot control them. Most people do not even have a proper awareness of their physical bodies. Eating toxic food, drinking alcohol, and smoking, would not be possible if the mind would read the signals of the physical body.

On other levels, the situation is not better but worse due to a lack of energy on the higher chakras and many energy blockages and traumas. When an Adept starts developing himself, power increases in the higher levels and a person gains sensitivity. Sensitivity and awareness of subtle energies are fundamental and necessary for development.

Energy bodies can move beyond the physical body. In the same way, a human being feels something with his physical body; he can handle things with his energy body. The developed astral body has a radius of 3.5-4 meters; in that radius, it is possible to track all movement. Anahata chakra can move through time into the past and future; people sometimes spontaneously have a bad or good feeling telling about the future before it occurs.

The same principles work in radars. A radar emits an electromagnetic wave radio or microwave frequency and detects an object if the wave is reflected from it.

There are several modes of perception. You can sense tactile information imprinted on your nervous system via the Anahata channel, or if you have Third Eye activated, you may directly see energy using Ajna. The modes of perception should not be confused. There's a third mode of perception called Insight, which is obtaining knowledge or information remotely. Insight is the rarest ability and usually works spontaneously.

The Role of Extrasensory Perception in Magic

Extrasensory perception

In Magic, these abilities can be called direct Vision, energy Vision, or true sight. It is a consequence of the developed Ajna Chakra or Third Eye Center. It requires Adept skills in absorbing and redirecting Qi. Adept uses excess energy to activate and develop Ajna through practice. Energy Perception is not the goal of development. It is an instrument that you have to obtain to be able to create. Abilities themselves are never a goal or a primary target in the Art of Magic. An Ego may want to gain magical abilities, but it might be easier to do it somewhere else if a person wants to gain some powers. Some people gain psychic abilities due to unfortunate accidents and traumas, imbalance of energy bodies, mediumship, and consumption of psychedelics. Those people are not Magi and have no connection to the Art.

Mages perceive the world directly through their consciousness. The consciousness of the Mage views the world differently, and this vision depends on attribution to a particular Element and personal inclinations.

Energy Perception in the Aspect of Elemental Magic

Being in contact and working with Elemental Magic, Magus develops qualities of the Element. These conditions are different for every Element.
Elemental Magic teaches to adjust perception based on given parameters. We are looking at an object not as a whole but in certain aspects. You can take a rock and define it by its temperature, structure, mass, and so on.

Energy vision in the aspect of Fire Element
Fire is free energy in the world. The quality of Fire Vision allows seeing the energy and its quantity in objects, living beings, and systems. Direct energy vision changes the whole image of the world. Fire Mages see people as energy cocoons and the world as a shining radiance of power. It's easier to distinguish higher energy objects from their background. A Sun will have a lot of radiation even if you just stand under it. However, a Magus can sense Sun's force when concentrated on it while away from its direct radiation.

Magus gains experience by scanning and comparing sensations from various objects. The experience will eventually increase sensitivity, and Magus could discern finer differences and details.

Energy vision in the aspect of Water Element
Water Elemental Vision gives the ability to move consciousness in the past and perceive history or past events. Such Magi can distinguish objects of the past and newly made replicas. They can gain experience through contact with past activities. For a subtle world, there is no difference between the past and future as they all exist with the present at the same time. Like in the physical world, you can go right and left, and developed consciousness can move in time.

Energy vision in the aspect of Air Element
Air Mages live with their mind in the future. They perceive a potential future that has many possible variations. Air mages can see the most likely outcome. Ordinary people base their predictions on the current situation and dynamics. In most cases, it is wrong as something happens and changes the current situation.

Air Mages can see the future, and they are the ones making forecasts and predictions. Air Vision can help detect how things should develop for a positive outcome. It has the most value when there is a choice, a binary outcome, and someone has to make an important decision. Suppose the decision is not important and changes nothing; for example, what you eat for breakfast does not alter anything in the world, so there is no sense in making such predictions.

Energy vision in the aspect of Earth Element
Earth Elemental vision is the most profound and in-depth. The earth element is information structures; this vision is like an X-Ray and directs knowledge or insight about objects of interest. If you can read energy structures, you can understand complex concepts instantly without needing to learn.

In the aspect of Earth Element, you can study material properties. The energy reflected from the material will be modulated in a certain way to tell you how the material responds to external stimuli. You will have different sensations for different materials. For example, for metals, it will be a cold, piercing sensation; for wood, it'll be a numb warm sensation. Even for metal, the structural differences are vast, and any Magus should be able to tell steel from copper.

Energy vision in the aspect of Life and Death Element
Life and Death are different parts of the Ether Element. Qualities here give the ability to see life or death energy and determine the amount and conditions of those energies.

Diagnostics and Scanning

When they meet or see someone, regular people cannot tell much about a person. In Magic, it is different. A personal photo gives a lot of information about a human being to the Magus from a single glance. It is possible to tell the overall level of development, energy level, state of health, past experiences, and even potential future. You can even tell some aspects of a person's character just by the type of energy emitted from them. Therefore, a Magus generally knows who to associate with and avoid.

In society, people use a mask to present themselves in a certain way. Mages see through this; in Magic, such things do not work and are pointless. You cannot hide what you are. Mages can sense other Mages, as being a Magus means having a strong aura and a unique configuration of energy bodies and souls.

Perception position

Perception Control

Consciousness control
Magic is a very broad topic of study, but it gets down to one thing - to control one's consciousness. The human thinking process is erratic and incoherent, and the consciousness is not concentrated on one thing at a time. Consciousness growth is seen in humans mostly during the early stages of life; a grown adult preserves his/her character and almost doesn't change. A person lives in a world of other people and does so by their laws, as accepted in society. Any attempts to practice Magic do not fit the norms of society and are met with resistance. Magi treat their sea of consciousness as an object and learn to handle it as children learn to use their arms and legs. Initially, human consciousness is a formless cloud of chaos,

Conditional reality
Consensus reality or conditioned reality is the reality most people perceive. This reality is dependent on the average human perception of the real world. All mass prejudices and beliefs are products of this conditioned reality and may or may not be real. People may think aliens do not exist and that practicing Magic is useless. Still, these viewpoints are some subjective experiences of individuals, and those experiences were accepted by society. If a person only reads religious texts and has not met the aliens, then they may not exist in his picture of the world. Any doubt about one's worldview is the first step to spiritual growth. People, too tied to their beliefs, cannot change as their consciousness always returns to those beliefs.

Magus learns to be unentangled from previous knowledge and experience. The experiment comes first, and then comes experience, which is structured into knowledge and expertise.

Perception position
The world exists as a large spectrum of emanations; the human consciousness may perceive and experience only part of that spectrum. Just like human senses are very limited, eyes, for example, see radiation in a small amount of the wavelength spectrum, human consciousness is also very limited.

For every person, there exists a basic position of the perception window or frequency. It's the so-called "normal state of mind," where reality is routinely perceived in the same way every day. Personal experiences and an individual's worldview determine the perception's basic position. When practicing Magic and working with energies, the perception changes, and the ability to perceive different energies and frequencies also changes. When there's a permanent change in perception, it could be a sign of spiritual development occurring.

There are altered states of mind, in which human consciousness may be on some conditions, and the assemblage point of a person is moved from its original basic position. In Magic, these states are used to gain new experiences and knowledge about different parts of the world or realms. The notion of the existence of other worlds comes from one who might have experienced different emanations than those perceived normally. When a practice ensues, the perception changes, and the practitioner perceives a different part of reality previously unaware of. The experiences in that altered state will lead to engagement with that part of reality. For example, when working with the Water element, there's a perception of time dilation due to synchronizing the internal body clock with past times rather than the present time.

Therefore, an adept of Magic may receive energy and knowledge from a new place and time, contributing to spiritual growth. Spiritual growth is not achieved by reading mantras thousands of times a day or repeating the same exercise for ten years; it's achieved by subjecting consciousness to new experiences and energies. The repetitive exercises are different; they have the goal of strengthening already-known skills to perfection.

Meditation is the main instrument for changing perception. In the state of a normal human, the thought process is active, logical thinking. With this, the stability of perception is achieved, as the human consciousness is isolated from the external energies and is not forced out of the equilibrium position. In the meditative state, the thought process is reduced or completely turned off, and then the conscious can perceive the true reality as is and not through the thick glass of one's worldview. With meditation, a person can expand his consciousness and change perception by focusing on the objects or ideas outside his worldview.

Accumulation of energy in the sea of consciousness as a consequence of personal magical experiences gives direct spiritual development. Some people learn a lot of theories about Magic, read many books about it, and understand symbolism but have no personal experiences. Or some people strive for experience without proper knowledge, so the experiences are negligible. Sometimes a person practices far above his level, and there's no net energy gain. Therefore, it's possible to waste many years achieving no results.

Opening Of The Third Eye

Many people come to us saying that they have Third Eye already opened. Many misconceptions, delusions, wishful thinking, and ignorance spread on the internet on the topic of the Third Eye. In this article, We will shed some light on Third Eye development based on Magus Tradition and more than a decade of practical experience working with it.

Third Eye

False Signs
Statements on the internet of "I have opened a Third Eye and here is how" are extremely common. Upon closer inspection, the logic is often like, "I have opened Third Eye, and I know it because one day I watched Third Eye opening the video on Youtube and then felt something."

Short overview of what Third Eye is not:

  • Sensations of a hole in a forehead.
  • Feeling pressure in a forehead.
  • Sensing Qi.
  • Feeling that something is different. Feeling special, different from others.
  • Emotional Garbage
  • Inner Voices
  • Seeing colors with closed eyes
  • Being able to imagine and visualize things

You don't open the Third Eye by meditating on it and visualizing it opening. False attainments are dangerous, not only as they lead to mental illness, but they will prevent a person from seeking the truth and genuine development in life. Why bother spending time, effort, and money training and developing Third Eye for years when you can watch a free Youtube video and convince yourself that it is already open?

Third Eye Development
Beyond that, the opening process can be excruciating, and migraines last for months, making any random "Third Eye" internet achievement sound like a joke.

Simply opening Third Eye does not guarantee anything as its function is highly tied to both levels of meditation skill and level of energy.
Opening Third Eye without energy work and preparation exercises is foolish, as you are draining yourself when it functions.

Running Third Eye requires a meditation skill; if you have random thoughts, you can forget about having TE. Developing Third Eye potential is done via a particular set of Visualization training. If you never did proper visualization, you may struggle here.

Third Eye is a part of Magic tradition training. We don't train in Magic to develop Third Eye, we train in Magic, and Third Eye develops on the way. Most people who think they have the Third Eye open don't know what they are talking about. Usually, I am not concerned about shedding light on ignorance and delusion as it is not very practical knowledge to have. Those seeking proper development will find the teacher and eventually get to this practice.

Third Eye Levels
There are multiple levels in Third Eye Vision ability.
Some of the Third Eye levels are shown below.

1. Fog - the most accessible and easiest level, you start seeing a dense fog; if you make a ball of energy between your hands, you see it; if you make an energy beam between your fingers, you see it. This Vision is similar to Kirlian photography, although the shape of the fog is not the same. The fog is more pronounced at specific times of day and is stronger in particular seasons. The fog's strength also depends on your physical body state and state of health. If you are sick or in poor health, you may experience a fog to go away for some time and come back when you are healthy again.

2. Vibration - you see more than just fog. You see vibrations coming from above and below. You can see lifeforce glowing in objects. The fog is pulsating and changing intensity. You can see other people as vibrating energy fields. You may also see colors in the energy fog. You may also see spirits and other non-physical objects.

3. Deep Ocean - a state of a high level Magus. Spiritual reality becomes denser than physical. You will not only see energy moving and rotating, but all the things moving around, energy creatures, parasites, and microorganisms.

There are higher levels as well. But even level 2 is extremely rare, and level 3 is enjoyed by less than a handful of high-level cultivators on a planet.

Tarot Divination

Tarot divination is a well-known practice in society and the occult. Divination itself aims to find an answer or get a hint from the world on different questions. Fortuneteller should not make things up and interpret the meaning of cards in anyone's favor but use psychic abilities and a particular stage of consciousness to get an answer from the world directly.

Origins of the Tarot
Since ancient times, Magi had an issue of preserving and passing hermetic knowledge and magical secrets. Mages themselves reincarnate, and effectiveness in the future life may depend on access to esoteric knowledge. One option for preserving knowledge was the book. But civilization goes through wars and cataclysms, where books and even vast, valuable libraries may get destroyed. Books do not last long, and there could be falsification and corruption through the rewriting process.

Languages come and go, there are many languages on Earth, and a Magus could be born next life in a completely different country with a foreign language. Many ancient languages are already nonexistent.
Mages required a stable method of conservation and transmission. They found the solution by creating a gambling game for ordinary people. Human vice is the most lasting factor in life. The hermetic and secret knowledge was encrypted and released as playing cards. These cards contained encoded knowledge about magical qualities and principles of the universe.

Nitwits, who have no experience in Magic tradition and know nothing about this, started to rewrite and redraw Tarot cards to their liking and Ego. This original esoteric meaning is completely distorted and nonexistent in most decks of Tarot cards as the image and name of the card have encrypted meaning, similar to the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. Only a few decks, like Raider-Waite Golden Tarot, are somewhat close to reality. These decks are an attempt of magicians to recreate the original, but even every real Tarot deck has limits based on its creator's level of development and perception of the world.

Only a person who has passed several stages of training in Magic tradition can grasp the real meaning of Tarot. Fools who do not have much experience but work with the subject are creating profanation. Mostly all the widespread knowledge is contaminated by human imperfection. There is a significant growth in the accessibility for the mass public "esoteric knowledge" and books on Magic, most of which are worth less than junk. Sometimes it can be complicated to find even an ounce of truth in all this pile of garbage.

Methods of Divination
To do Tarot Reading, a person has to enter the observer's mode. Psychic does not think and make up anything; they just read the world and energy in the situation; cards are only the instrument of support that help to interpret the signal from the world. Using a consecrated deck of cards is important, where each card possesses appropriate energy and quality projection and is not just a piece of paper. Such a Tarot deck will potentially be a magical artifact by itself. Psychic using it enters a particular state of mind, then focuses on the problem or question; drawing the cards is based purely on intuition and energy sensitivity. Every illustrated card has a special quality, and a set of conditions together may offer a hint or guide to the right action. –°orrect assessment of a situation and proper judgment often gives an upper hand.

Sometimes people stand at a crossroads and cannot decide where to go or which path to take. Tarot divination could be used to clarify the situation and make the right choice. Sometimes this saves a lot of futile efforts. Even if it was not the best or most accurate choice, it could still be better than no choice. Adepts may use Tarot divination to peek or gain insights into the future. It is also used as an instrument to develop energy sensitivity and reading abilities.

Tarot Reading
We don't believe in the accuracy of Tarot divinations and readings. They are vague, trying to fit a narrative, and usually wrong in hindsight. Fantasy-style cards will operate on the energies of a fantasy world and give no accurate reading. The tarot deck has no upright or downright positions. Usually, the first drawn cards have the key meaning; the following cards add details and specify the existing situation. Theoretically, this could be a part of working with the Air Element as an interface.

Fire Element

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