Other Worlds - Exploring Reality

Nature of the World - Multidimensional Realm

To understand what Magic, Other Worlds are and what kind of work we are doing, the reader must get a basic understanding of a Multidimensional World.

The world has dimensions in which we can measure and evaluate objects.
If we take a 2-dimensional space, it can be infinitely large, but when we add a 3rd dimension to it, the infinity gets multiplied. Take, for example, the surface of our planet, and it is a thin crust. Then add depth to it, and the number of objects and information contained will become immense. With each dimension uptake, there is a progressive increase in the difficulty and volume of data. Take a snapshot of a moment and check how much a picture is worth compared with a 24-hour movie. Now, think about many billions of years.

Time is the 4th dimension; take the 3rd-dimensional reality and multiply it by billions of years. If there is only one timeline, the world is infinitely massive, but what if there are myriads of timelines and parallel worlds? In reality, explored by Advanced Magi, the world we research has more than three, five, or seven dimensions. It does not mean anything if a common person or object in the universe cannot perceive, see or hear beyond small reality and gets lost in the three pines.

For example, we put an animal on the surface with four footprints. For the 2-dimensional surface space, four objects will be moving, appearing, and disappearing at different times and coordinates. It would not be easy to understand from 2D perception how those four objects are connected and why they move and work together. Those four objects "may call themselves" a dog, and none will truly be a dog as 2d space cannot fully describe a three-dimensional object.

A chair or a phone you got is an object; you can hold it, turn around, and throw it. It seems tangible enough. But if you move in 4D-Time, back a dozen years ago, that object does not exist yet. You move forward in time, and the object will cease existence.

You take a radio wave or a signal, which is real; it exists, but it only exists and is transmitted in a certain frequency and not elsewhere.
You cannot see radio waves with your eyes or touch them with your hands. But it is a critical part of our daily life in the modern world, to the point when an internet shutdown would cause a global collapse of all the markets and institutions.

A lower dimensional existence cannot grasp higher dimension reality like an NPC character inside a game cannot realize the game itself. If a primitive being cannot see above its existence, it cannot comprehend or truly sense the beings of the higher world.

It is also why many humans, throughout history, succeeded at presenting themselves as enlightened beings, spiritual deities, and god incarnations, as nobody has the tools to evaluate and verify spiritual reality. When unawakened being looks at another human, they see an outer shell, a physical body. It is like seeing a computer hard drive but being unable to peek at what is inside. What kind of information and spirit resides in the vessel?

In public spiritual traditions, there is a common excuse for their practitioners not having this third-eye ability to discern and see through the nature of reality itself. They tend to seek physical representations of spiritual advancements. Those can often be staged and orchestrated, leading to many cults' rise. In this setting, a depraved demonic being could play a role of a holy saint.

A higher being is not a being that is bigger or stronger in 3 dimensions; the higher being is the one whose existence spreads beyond three dimensions. Dinosaurs used to be big and strong, but they do not exist now. A higher being could have lived in the Dinosaurs era and still exist today.

Physical reality is only a tiny part of our universe. All modern science, physics, and technological advancement are relatively trivial compared to the complexity and difficulty of reality. Living in a physical body limited by five senses is a measly life experience, like living in prison.

Self-development path ties to an ability of an Adept to grow the knowledge and understanding of the world. Learning and understanding higher spiritual and subtle planes opens the way to freedom. If you want to travel and explore the world beyond physical limitations, there are two methods available to everyone with some training - Lucid Dreaming and Astral Travel. In both cases, the physical body takes rest, and many limitations of a bodily vessel become void.

Astral Travel

out of body experience

An out-of-body experience is characterized by the separation of energy bodies and energies, including consciousness, from the physical vessel. In some form, this practice is available to all people. Many people have spontaneous out-of-body experiences; some do not remember or confuse them with reality or a Lucid Dream. The mind tends to deny new experiences that do not fit an established paradigm and perception of the world. In the dedicated reality of ordinary people, it is considered impossible to go out of the body because "you are the body," and you cannot leave yourself. However, the truth is not that far from reach as it does not take long to learn and develop the skill of leaving your physical body behind.

This practice gives a clear and solid understanding that the world is not confined to a physical plane; there is more to it. It is one thing to read this somewhere or have faith. Another thing is to experience it personally; such experiences change the perception. Going outside of a body but still being able to see, move, and experience different realities and worlds more vividly and completely than in the commonly known reality.

Out-of-body experiences or Astral Projections are essential for spiritual development and magical practices. Magi use this method to obtain knowledge and experience, training that can not be found on the physical plane.
Astral projections carry risks, which many New Age teachers are unaware of, as they had never passed training in the tradition of Magic. Common astral projections are primarily safe. People see and get in contact with their illusions and mind forms and may experience different feelings.
However, moving into one of the spirit worlds is also possible. There exist planes that are inhabited by creatures that are not human. When a human resides in the physical body, his energy body has limited interaction with these worlds and is naturally shielded from them. Once you leave the physical body and move there, you are entirely exposed to the powers and creatures you come across in spirit worlds. It is possible to come across a powerful demon or predator. All this may end badly for a practitioner; at the least, it can damage energy bodies. People who lack third-eye ability and perception may get injured without knowing what happened.

Some people lose energy during out-of-body experiences and feel weakened. In the best case, traveling to a spirit world will be like spending a night in the wild jungles; you will have a thrill. A human can return to his body as he is connected with it by the Silver Cord. However, if that silver cord gets cut, the spirit will detach from the vessel and experience death. He will not be able to return to his physical body anymore, and the physical body disconnected from energy bodies will start to rot and decompose. Even slight damage to the silver cord can cause a coma state.

Magi do these practices with a clear purpose and preparation training. A Magus is nothing like an ordinary human, a specially trained and prepared entity armed to the teeth with offensive and defensive spell systems. Magi have developed energy vision and perception to recognize all interactions in subtle worlds. They can heal and restore their energy bodies from traumas if those are received. In Demonology, Magi hunt evil spirits and demons and research and tame some of those. They use this to gain experience and rare qualities.

Learning astral projections requires the development of a set of foundation skills. Energy vision and sensitivity are also essential, with instructions about spirit worlds and how to apply yourself there. In Magic, self-development goes steadily, step by step. A person starts a particular practice when tested and ready for it.

Lucid Dreaming

In the process of sleep, a person loses a conscious state; the regular mind turns off and loses its conscious state. At this moment, the subconsciousness becomes active. Normal dreams are a byproduct of the digestion process that happens when the subconscious mind goes through acquired information during the day. You may have thought, experienced, or seen something during the day, and it will find reflection in dreams. Dream interpretation and dream telling (trying to find a deep purpose and sense in dreams) are quackery arts; it is not much different from finding value in processing already-digested food.

When you are awake, the subconscious is sleeping; when you sleep, the subconscious takes over. While it is possible that the subconscious mind would try to send signals to the conscious mind, it could happen within a dream. It will be quite a lot different from any regular dream experience.

A lucid dream differs from a simple dream in that the human mind can realize itself sleeping and turn the switch on, becoming aware of the dream without destroying the dream state and waking up. In lucid dreaming, the realism of reality is much higher due to more intense consciousness energy. Consciousness can interact with the powers of the subtle world on a deeper level.

The world in which living beings shift during sleep is called Netzah. It is a "World of Madness," dreams, and illusions. This world exists in the future; when the mind of an Adept goes deep into the Dream World, the mind accelerates. It means you could spend hours and days inside a Dream, only to wake up and realize that five minutes have passed in physical reality. The faster time and event density factor lead to massive strain and pressure on the mind. If you experience a whole life from birth to death within a 20 mins dream, when you wake up and process the information acquired, your brain will start frying up, which is exactly why it is called the "World of Madness."

Dream World is a subtle world and more malleable; it can be influenced by thought. A collective subconscious of billions of living beings can generate a landscape in the dream world. The mind often builds scenarios based on well-known landscapes and places. From the point of view of development, the Lucid Dream state is interesting because it is a powerful link between the subconscious and consciousness. The perception of a person at this moment is very mobile, and for Adept, this is a chance to develop unusual experiences and train in various Ancient Arts. The dream state becomes a tool for moving perception into a specific position.

At the moment of acquiring self-awareness in a dream, one can also do astral travel, leave the body, and explore the various worlds inhabited by beings of inorganic nature. After arriving at location X with a train, you don't have to sit there; you can load into a different vehicle and go elsewhere in the spiritual plane. What is important is that you have already disconnected from the physical body; the rest depends on a practitioner's qualifications and experiences.

Why do some people often have Lucid Dreams while others do not have them at all? This is primarily due to the energy at the level of consciousness; the higher the energy level, the higher the awareness. Untrained people are little conscious even during wakefulness and even more so in sleep.

The Magus has the capacity to construct a residence in spiritual world, which is a sizable and fortified space where he can operate while his physical body sleeps. This area is intended for personal growth and development, while safeguarded against incursion by malevolent entities. It is common for individuals to awaken feeling drained and depleted after a period of sleep, owing to interactions with parasitic entities during their dreams. For instance, an individual might dream of engaging in a sexual encounter, while a desire attracts parasite that takes on the guise of a sexual partner and siphons off human energy.

Alternatively, an individual might encounter a deceased relative in a dream. In contrast, New Age doctrines seek to elucidate the reasons for such occurrences and the messages and wisdom that the deceased might impart. In the dream realm, there exist highly shrewd and adaptable parasites that are capable of assuming the physical body and vocalizations of any being from an individual's memory, particularly those with whom an unsuspecting victim had deep connections and attachments. While you are sending your love and best wishes to deceased relative, they happily drain your energy from the level of the Anahata chakra and beyond. From their perspective, individuals are nothing more than a source of nourishment.

Lucid Dreaming vs Astral Projection

It is important to add a notion that beginners when they practice Lucid Dreaming or Astral Travel - Out of Body Experiences, are most commonly stuck within their own imaginary world. This world is malleable, and it is easy to change. It happens because the practitioner lacks energy development and skill, so a beginner cannot interact with powerful forces or enter a proper energy realm. It would be like trying to touch and lift physical objects while being a subtle cloud or a thought. To genuinely explore and advance in Other Worlds, an Adept has to build a proper energy body, a vessel, that can be used for traveling.

If we compare it to computer servers, it is a server where you are alone and thus have much power. While you may think you have a lot of power and attainments in astral travel/lucid dreaming and can do whatever you want inside, in reality, it is the opposite. You are so weak and pathetic you cannot even enter the real world, where real "adepts" and beings from other worlds go. There is a kindergarten sandbox where anyone can go, and there is an adult world filled with powerful individuals and ancient monsters.

Practices inside a simulation have little value for spiritual and energetic development but have their place for gaining initial experience and basic movement skills. To gain experience, advance, and improve your capabilities, you must challenge yourself, take risks, and conduct serious research projects in groups of advanced practitioners cross-verifying obtained information. A skill level required to participate in this work is not commonly found in any public school, more so within self-initiates.

As we discussed higher-level Other Worlds explorations, it is sensible to say a few words about professionals Magi who train there.


Other Worlds Specialization - Demonologist

Demonology is an Ancient Art of studying beings from other worlds. It is a specialization inside the Magus Tradition, a mix of biology and anthropology. Instead of researching animals or humans, Demonologists study creatures found in different worlds and dimensions.

Demonology is associated with work on subtle planes and implies that the Adept has the skills to exit the body. Before studying beings on the subtle planes, or the subtle bodies of beings with a physical body, the Adept must learn to be out of the body for some considerable time.
It is a practical art and cannot be studied from theory texts. Demonologists are creating classifications and exploring habitats of various planets and dimensions.

Adepts of this Ancient Art spend a lot of time leaving their physical body in a sleeping chamber while their massive energy body and mind travel through worlds and dimensions. They are obtaining knowledge, experience, and powers necessary for personal evolution.
Other worlds are densely populated by beings who do not have a physical body and those who either leave the physical body temporarily or permanently. More high-level Adepts live on subtle planes than on Earth, reincarnating in the physical vessel.

There are traces of Demonology in history. Many things you can read about in folklore, in traditional tales and stories passed through centuries, are remnants, bits, and pieces of ancient knowledge brought by Magi Adepts.

For example, you might think that Incubi or Succubi are fantasy stories created by humanity's vivid imagination. Still, those are real species that people with high energy potential can encounter on astral planes and higher worlds. A normal person with weak energy would not be visible or appetizing to those creatures. Magic is a study of the world similar to science, but we study the world from a much broader perspective, including the multidimensional Realm and other planes.

We have selected a few reports that will go well to illustrate the work of a Magus.

Travel to the Core of the Earth - Neirong - Report XXXX

earth core

Preliminary research.

As we all know, we are living on the planet's surface; in fact, we live on an extremely thin crust. While we see the world full of high mountains and deep oceans/trenches, if you take Earth and scale it to the size of a billiard ball, it will be a perfectly smooth surface.

While humanity may think a lot about themselves in a vacuum of human society, the closest comparison we can make between human civilization and the real world is that of microscopic bacteria living on the skin's surface. Is the skin the real body, the brain, and the heart of an organism? No.

The matter and energy concentration goes from extremely dense at the core to the least concentrated in the atmosphere. The atmosphere is like a subtle energy field of the planet.

Nuclear war may be deadly for organisms living on the surface, but it will not impact any deep into the Earth. Being 30-50 meters below the ground will shield you from radiation or nuclear attack.

Humans can swim in the water, but water pressure, at just 100 meters deep, is so strong that it will turn a human into a bloody mess, and the lungs will burst like a balloon. If you go deeper, like 1km in water or below, the water pressure is so immense it will feel like bullets piercing the body. The deepest humans have ever gone below is about 12km, and the Earth's core is 6000km from the surface.


I was moving out of the body using Order's Methods. I have gone to the ocean and started submerging inside it and traveling to the deepest parts of the ocean until I hit the sea bottom. I have seen and felt multiple organisms, but those were animals and beasts. The practice aimed to search and locate any sentient beings with massive energy. Once I hit the sea bottom, I started phasing through it, going into the Earth's mantle. The speed accelerated, and I rushed down into the core. Seemingly around 1/3 way through, my magic location spell sensed the presence of multiple absurdly powerful beings. The energy pressure also increased on a geometric scale with each step made toward the core. I was stopped, just getting a little further than that. I could not see the beings; what I felt meeting them was - instant death. Once I died, I died again and again. I had full sensations of each death happening and full experience. The process was repeating, over and over, and each time I saw various scenes of deaths, happening as if my past incarnations were dying one by one under different circumstances. After the repeated process of death, I was transferred to some place, like a prison/therapy room, where I was seemingly trying to end my life.

After that, I woke up in a different dimension and started sorting out my experience and my findings.

Exploration of the Cosmos - Neirong - Report XXXX

Brief preface
Humanity is fascinated by Cosmos. Modern science can tell that we are tiny bugs living on a remote planet in the middle of a small galaxy inside a small cosmic cluster of billions of other galaxies. There are gazillions of such galaxies collections, and the whole observable Cosmos is just an insignificant part of the real world we cannot see.
Rich people and billionaires are paying hundreds of millions of dollars to have a short trip toward an upper layer of the atmosphere to have a better view of our planet, which is not even a Cosmos.

Magus, Adepts, and Ancient Arts are thousands of years ahead in the development of modern civilization. We are practically moving at insane speeds and exploring Cosmos and Other Worlds. We interact with beings and various species found in the Cosmos.

In our school and tradition, we have and are developing through training a vehicle that allows traveling in outer space. While you cannot bring your physical body to Sun or Other planets as it is not suitable for any other environment but ours, for which it has been adapting for hundreds of millions of years in the difficult process of evolution. This is not the same for the Energy Bodies developed through cultivation.


During the next exit from the body, I flew at speed around the planet. Landscapes quickly changed, mountains, rivers, seas, and beautiful views.

I felt massive energy and decided to accelerate further; I flew into the planet's orbit and saw the globe, a fantastic sight.

But then it was more interesting, pushed off from the field of the Earth and flew into space.

The speed was many times higher than the speed of light; moving at a supraluminal speed, I saw stars, galaxies, and nebulae replaced at a high pace.

At the same time, I felt a great distance from the planet Earth, which caused some excitement. I wondered if I could make it back if I flew too far off the planet.

Uncertainty beckons, but I still decided not to risk this practice, and return to the body, made several teleportations, and soon woke up in good health.

deep cosmos

Searching for Other Planets - Neirong - Report XXXX

I started practice from running in the lucid dream. The speed needed to be higher. So, I accelerated further and started flying. I have done space jumps and teleportations to accelerate further and went out of the boundaries of our planet. I have gained tremendous speed again and saw the view of systems, galaxies, and nebulas changing quickly. I had been moving for an extremely long distance until I stumbled upon a huge world.

A huge grim world was inhabited by massive creatures reaching many kilometers in size. They were swarming the planet and consuming each other. Instead of solid land, they moved up and down as well, and it was more like a very dense gas field; I would not be able to describe what it looked like using human language and terms but imagine the creatures from worst nightmares. It was many times worse than that.

That is when I thought that our planet is not so bad for living and development despite all negatives and shortcomings on Earth, such as wars and crises.

I realize it is time to escape and try to sense my home planet's location. I was accelerating further, seeing the galaxies and nebulas passing by. It took several minutes. Once I felt the signal from my body on Earth, I started doing teleportations, and after a few long-range teleportations, I woke up in my body in good health.

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